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De Pfeffel; another anti-Scot tory hypocrite

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 07:59 AM
Gaffe-prone tory MP Boris Johnson, or Alexander Boris de Pfeffel(!) Johnson to give him his full name, is at it again.

Despite a ridiculous public image (bolstered enormously by his couple of appearances on BBC's 'Have I Got News for You' show and his absurd and offensive comments aimed at Liverpool & recently New Guinea) he still insists on making outrageously dumb public comments.

The xenophobic anti-Scot tory rhetoric (aimed at next PM Gordon Brown) is in full flow, here is
de Pfeffel Johnson's recent contribution to it.

"As a Scot Gordon Brown will find it hard to convince people in England he should be prime minister."

Of course anyone seeing or hearing this buffoon might take him to be the epitome of bumbling harmless eccentric 'English-ness' .

So long as they knew nothing about him and his non-English background.

He'd have us all scared, worried, concerned and generally reluctant (and all the rest of the terms racists use to pretend they're not) to have a Scottish PM, no matter that the man has been the most successful Chancellor in decades, just because he is a Scot.

Strange, cos if that's really how he imagines the English are then with a mentality like that perhaps it's maybe a good thing Boris keeps quiet about his own family background.
3rd generation Turkish immigrant.

So; 3rd generation Turkish, repeatedly offensive but plummy voiced English = good and vote-worthy;
British Scot with excellent record in government = bad.
The weird prejudice of the upper-class twit tory MP strikes again.
(clearly Monty Python were just observing, not making it up)

The reason he and his father and all his brothers and sisters sounded like characters in a P G Wodehouse novel was because the Johnson family was originally Turkish and had been forced to reinvent itself as more British than the British when the patriarch of the clan, a successful politician, had had to flee the Ottoman Empire where he'd served as the last interior minister of the Grand Vizier.

Boris might sound as if he was to the manner born, but in fact he was a third generation Turkish immigrant.

- Yet another ambitious tory who is yet another immigrant's son trying to 'out English the English'. Hypocrite.
(actually checking out their full name is sometimes a good 'give-away' for their non-English roots)

No doubt he'll soon follow his blinkered leader's lead and start sanctimoniously 'worrying' about the rise of English nationalism (that he himself is trying to foster, add to and grow).

Topping it all today are his cretinous comments about healthy eating; as tragically callous as they are stupid;
bearing in mind he is current tory front bench spokesman on education! (one can only wonder for how much longer).

I am reminded of those tory Ministers from the Thatcher era who for over a decade stood in the way of effective anti-tobacco they sat as non-exec directors and advisers on the boards of various tobacco companies.

I wonder if De Pfeffel is on the board of one of the pie-making companies or an adiser to one of the flavoured 'slurry' manufacturers (the real life version of 'mashed triffid' today, huh?).
Turkey twizzlers anyone? Mmmmm, food fit only for the lower classes, eh? -

But Mr Johnson criticised the (Jamie Oliver healthy eating in schools) campaign and stood up for mothers who helped their children avoid healthier options.

"I say let people eat what they like. Why shouldn't they push pies through the railings?," said Mr Johnson.

- One can only wonder what is holding him back.
Why doesn't he just come out with it and say the working and middle classes should be encouraged to eat, drink and smoke themselves to incapacity and an early death without any state 'interference'?

- Latest editions show he's chickened out and denied saying it, genius at work, obviously another taking to that standard tactic 'deny everything' (no matter how ridiculous he ends up looking......see link below, it's a habit of his)

But Mr Johnson now claims he was misquoted, telling reporters that Jamie Oliver is "a national saint".

His latest comments came as he was besieged by journalists after a fringe meeting in Bournemouth, forcing him to take refuge in the party press office.

Perhaps he'll be back next to lecture the rest of us about family values and good morals?

[edit on 3-10-2006 by sminkeypinkey]

posted on Oct, 5 2006 @ 08:22 AM
Oh deary me! What can we say about this prat? For me, he sort of resembles Norman Tebbit on a bike. Going nowhere fast.

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