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Flight sims (not software) being watched !?

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 06:52 AM
a bit of background for a start

the company i work for owns it's own flight sim (747-400)
if slots are free , any employee can apply to go and spend some time on it.

a few years ago (3-4) , a coleague was lucky enough to get some time on the sim and well ....chose a flight path that wasn't really a "standard" one , to say the least.
As far as i remember it included a "sightseeing" of the capital and a dive under the biggest bridge.

Now to the interesting part, a bit less than two weeks later, 4 (or so) dark suits showed up , 2 of the local secret service + 2 of a foreign service (US obviously, but which one ?).
The record of the flight had been forwarded to Boeing, who after having analysed the flight path urgently forwarded it to the service in charge.
His wife gave him the rest after they left i suppose

anyway we now know every flight is forwarded and analysed, so no more fooling around on the sim .
At least tey watch the sims now . Wonder if anything is done in flight schools though .

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