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Science of Poltergiest T.V. Fuzz.......

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posted on Oct, 3 2006 @ 01:32 AM
O.k. so I'm posting on here because I am currently writing material in the hopes of being published in the next 3-5 years and I would like to see if anyone here could direct me in the proper research fields/areas of what I'm about to say.

My material, as of right now, is scientific proof and new sciences in collaboration with spirituality, i.e new theories of everything, and other fill in the gaps.. One of these areas that is brand new and may be even the first time that it is being discussed, is the Fuzz that is on your T.V. on a non-working channel.

I have several witnesses and experiences of "certain kinds" of individuals being able to manipulate the Fuzz on the T.V. to take shapes, based on what-ever the manipulator desires.

Now all I have as of right now is that all the big universities, yale, m.i.t., cambridge, and others around the world have a network of random number generators hooked up together (about 80-100+ world-wide) and any person can manipulate this kind of generator just by ones thoughts.

However, the Fuzz phenomenon is a different beast all together, because it is visually provable but only to certain kinds of individuals.

I have yet to record this phenomenon digitally either to a PC, DVD, or VHS, but it is something that does take place or is possible.

Any thoughts, comments, ideas, links??????


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