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Long Time Question Needs Answering...

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 06:23 PM
Hi there, this is my first post and first topic!

I have joined on the reccomendation of a friend who said that there may be some people here who are able to answer my questions.

I have never told anyone but this friend what I'm about to post and it encompasses a number of years so PLEASE bare with me. Last nights experience was definately the clincher, and perhaps, the conclusion. The following is a prelude of what occured yesterday.

I am a 22 year old male.

I have always had strange 'experiences' as a child, one in particular that startles me even to this day but thats not for here. When I was 14 I started noticing a ringing in my ears, not the high-pitched sound you get in a moments silence, but a long, dull ringing like someone had left a microphone next to a speaker.

Anyway, this used to happen before I went to bed like clockwork and there were dreams that accompanied them... but im not so sure if they were dreams because they were always, so vivid that I would sware I was awake. I would be taken by 'things' to 'other places'.

In a series of 3 dreams (that are relevant to my latest experience) I was being shown what the world looked like when it was first 'created': it was all ocean except for an island, say, the size of Australia. I was looking down on it and I could rotate it but even from wherever the hell I was I could tell that there was no life and it was dreadfully silent - not even the sea moved and I had an overwhelming sense of how *OLD* the world was that followed me around the next day. In the next dream 'they' showed me that there was another layer on top that was all ocean again except it was roughly the size of Eurasia...and featured life. The third dream showed another layer, which was present day, but I could also see the moon, which I hadnt been able to previously.

Anyhow, the dreams were varied and I came to accept that I was being silly and that they were ONLY DREAMS. It continued until I was 16 at which time I moved overseas to live with my fatehr and complete my last two years of highschool. For two years while I was overseas I never had a dream or experience, absolutely nothing.

Fast forward 3 years, I am back home and working/studying etc. The ear-ringing and dreams begin again only theyre much more bizarre and violent.

This time around EVERY TIME I WENT TO BED I would see a huge eye staring at me, no colour, no pupil just black - similar to that seen in Ancient Egyption imagery.

Slowly the dreams turned into nightmares and I dreaded going to sleep. I would be shown men gutting women and children though the women and children seemed to enjoy it and would stuff it back in and do it all over again. My mind was consumed with images of bloodlust and violence. At one stage I was given a few "tours" of the place by something I could only describe as a 'pig-with-wings'...the irony. Another night yet always the same place. Sometimes it got so bad I would go and buy some pot to smoke so I didnt have to see it because I began to like it.

These dreams ended rather strangely just after my 20th birthday. I was in bed one night tossing and turning when in mid-turn I was pushed down into the bed and basically 'paralysed'... I couldnt move, speak, all i could do was blink sweat and panic. The next part is so vivid I took the next day off to process it: I felt myself floating up through the atmosphere, into was so peaceful and beautiful yet so overwhelming. I brushed past Neptune and talked with its "soul".

Continued next post :

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 06:24 PM

The next thing I know im being surrounded only by what can be explained as "gold thatch" but it was thick, sturdy, glimmering and so beautiful. i felt safe in my golden cage. The next thing I know There is someone with me. It was a man, quite formidable who looked pretty much like a golden Egyptian sarcophagus (spelling, sorry) but was very handsome, tall and friendly. He talked to me and asked me if I feared death and I said not anymore because I had seen it every night for the past year. He then gave me a sword and told me never to fear death or "the end". We were then joined by a woman who did nothing but smile at me.

I was then asked if I'd like to see him again and I said no because I was scared. Please bare in mind that while this was happening I was fully aware that I was lying in a bed somewhere with a contorted body not able to move. After I said no the thatch started unravelling and he asked me if I'd like to see the rest of his "Space Ship" which was long but circular like a cylander but was HUGE. There were no rooms so to speak, they just materialised to those who wanted to see or enter them. Of course, I saw none, but I understood what was going on. The "ship" started dissapearing and I knew it was hometime. I told the man that I was sad to leave so he said he would come with me. The next thing I remember Im sitting upright on the floor and its 8 am the next morning.

Like I said earlier I took the next day off work wondering if I was going mad or if that had actually happened and that it wasnt just my imagination running away like a bullet train. I'd like to add that the violent dreams never happened again, nor did my seeing of 'the eye', that is until yesterday.

Fast forward to last night, ive left home once more to spend two years in London and do some travelling and have fun. I am once again back home finishing off my degree. In this time I have NOT had any strange dreams though I often thought about the man, the woman, the old, old earth and "talking" with Neptune.

I went to bed as usual, nothing strange but the moment I closed my eyes I saw the eye staring blankly again. I panicked a little and turned my cell phone on for some light, scouring the room fo anything strange - I am 22, LOL. I thought i was just being utterly ridiculous and went back to bed. The eye came again but I dropped off to sleep very quickly. Some time after I awoke to a knock on my bedroom door - II checked, nobody there...rightyo, I go to get back into bed and just a leg shy of laying down that paralysis hits me again and im "frozen" in the most uncomfortable position imaginable, though this time there was nothing pushing down on me.

In this position I felt myself falling asleep but it was unnatural and I felt like throwing up...the next thing I remember Im sitting on the edge of my bed but there is a light source seemingly coming from nowhere. I am joined (and scared) by a very visable old man, a tiny old man with very thin limbs but a little pot belly. He is not wearing anything as far as I know except for a white turban and a long beard. His skin is copper and his face looks as though its carved out of wood but I could tell he was old, not like 80 or 90 or even 100, im talking hundereds of thousands if not more - but his huge, blue eyes look young, virile and excited.

He shoves a green book in my hand made of leather and its rather small. He sits next to me and begins to turn the pages, never saying a word to me but I know what he wants me to do through his eyes that seemed to talk to me. So im turning the pages and I can see head and shoulder portraits of people ive never seen before, their names are shown beneath. While the book was small the images were huge in my "minds eye". He "said" to me which one I wanted to be, I said I didnt know any of them or who he was or what he wanted but the pages kept flicking. He "explained" to me that these were people of exception throughout time and I realised the book was going backwards through time from about the time of the Ancients Egyptians and Assyrians to GOD knows.

He stopped at a page of a woman looking up with red hair and thin, pink skin and I had the feeling that "she" was from the time that what we called "Atlantis" was in existence. He "explained" that the earth went in cycles that werent destroyed but taken into another existance under the ground. Now if you recall I said previously that when I was shown the beginning of earth I was also shown that layers were placed upon eachother. He said they werent physical but spiritual and as we grow as people we will become "old" and make way for a new physical existance on the planet. He said we never die out, but at one point our reality ends and we live on a different plane of existance. It is up to us how long we stay *here* for.

I'd like to point out here that I know nothing of "planes" and im not a very spiritual person so i wouldnt usually discuss such things... untill now so it seems.

He shut our "conversation" down and "said" he was going to take me to the very beginning and that I had to choose a person from that book and take their form as two of me couldnt exist at the same time on different planes. I randomly chose some tall thin guy with long wavy black hair and pale blue skin. We suddenly turn up at the most beutiful sight I have ever seen. The earth just FELT so YOUNG and the grass was short and soft. Everything looked manicured. We were on the bank of a small group of shallow, intertwining streams and we sat on the grass. The sky was grey and overcast but mist hung thick in the air and it was so fresh and clean. Like I noticed last time it was deathly silent and it seemed as if Earth wasnt populated by anything.

To my immediate left, in the distance I saw monolithic colbolt blue crystals that shot out of the ground and looked like a giant city. The mist hung around and on them like you would see the mist on mountains in Chinese paintings. It was so beautiful but the silence made me feel uneasy and I asked what the point of this was. He then "said" that I have seen the beginning so now I must see the end.

He took me into the future, about ONE YEAR into the future to be exact but I was still in my bizarre foreign body. We were at what looked like a concert and we sat perched on the roof of the auditorium. I wondered what the HELL was going on up on the "stage" he never said anything, he just said to watch.

So there is some guy in a suit looking like he is making a demonstration like an informercial, but the crowd was whipped up in an unsettling frenzy. The man then made an introduction though there was nobody next to him. Then suddenly two big rings appeared at the front of the 'stage', big like the size of truck wheels but made of metal, sitting one on top of the other on their sides. They began to open and light shone through and there was indeed someone emerging. He didnt look very friendly and appeared to look like he was covered in a thin layer of what can only be secribed as blood clots. The crowd at this stage were going bezerk and I was truley disturbed. I started remembering the violent dreams I used to have and asked to leave.

We're back sitting on the edge of my bed, he looks every excited and his eyes are the size of tea saucers but he is SO old. He finally speaks to me, a booming voice in my head "when the one is born unaturally you will know what to do" and hands me the sword the man had once given me in 'space'.

I then wake up tucked into my bed with my cell phone in my hand. I look at the time and about ONE minute had passed.

Now, I dont know what any of this is which is why my friend referred me to you bunch of friendly folk, but after a glance at the first page of this board I take it such experiences arent that uncommon ?

Please tell me im not going insane.

i dont know what to think. That feeling of immense AGE is still with me 14 hours later and I feel nothing but peace and tranquility as If all my worries have dissapeared. I cannot stress enough how old the earth feels and how REAL these experiences are.

Thanks for your time.

posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 07:38 PM
u are....very

to tell u what happens to us(what i and mostly evryone else believes) us, our soul come and goes from this planet 52 times in a souls life. as we die our soul goes to the"other side" and comes back when its ready. most people, when there soul is reaching its final lives it becomes stronger then ever. and what u might be seeing... is your own souls past lives in egypt.

when we sleep own minds are closer to our souls then ever. u might be reliving the lives u already have been through...thats why u feel so confurtible where u are when you visit them.

(sorry for the sloppy typing)

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posted on Oct, 1 2006 @ 10:50 PM

Ok. the gold guy from Neptune represents the God of the sea or a god from underwater. He taught you not to fear death with all the dreams he gave you. Then he taught you that he has a woman with him and a ship where people see what they want to see.

Later he appeared in different form and showed you a book and stopped at the page with an Atlantis woman and told you she was still alive on a different plane. (He's trying to explain that there are very spiritual females alive on another level.) Then he says you must choose a form and you choose the blue body. This is the type of body each person has at a deep spiritual level. He then takes you to a world where lots of blue things are. Then he says you have seen the beginning and this means you have seen the original spiritual body people get. Then he takes you to see the end and you see a man with blood clots arriving on a stage through metal rings from which light emanates. This is to say that the light or god sends the soul from the original blue spiritual level where people have spiritual bodies into this world of humanity where people have bodies filled with blood.

So in summary: You were taught not to fear death and taken to see that God has a mate and a creation that allows people to see what they expect to see. This is God explaining to you that sex between male and female is at the godly levels also and in gods creation people see what they expect to see even though to God there is nothing there. So he's explaining that his creation (Earth) is a place which is primarily in our minds and we are seeing a reality we have been taught to believe is real even though it isn't. He also gives you a sword to make you feel safe and trusted.

Then he appears as an ancient elf-sized person and explains that changing bodies is natural and spiritual people continue to exist at a deeper level. He then helps you choose the deepest spiritual body and takes you to the blue world and explains that that is the beginning. Then he takes you to the blood world to show you that that is the end. Basically he's showing you a non-linear beginning and end where souls begin in a blue spiritual body and end up in a blood filled body on the stage show called earth. (Also on a stage everything is pretend and fake and that is what people would see in the God's creation you saw earlier; pretend things that they only believed existed even though they didn't. So the stage where the blood covered man appeared from the light is the earth stage where man sees illusion that is not actually there to the gods.)

Then you were brought back to your blood body and given the sword and told "You would know what to do when one is born unnaturally". This is to again stress the fact that God has a female mate with him, that there are females alive on the spiritual level, that sexual interaction between male and female are the natural order of life from God on down. He's giving you the sword to say that you must fight for the natural order of life and not accept the new ideas sprouting forth about cloning and the creation of life without sex. He wants you to understand that sex is Godly and a spiritual thing as well, and not just a temporary thing of this stage-show-world of flesh and blood. He wants you to know that spiritual beings have sexual partners also and you must fight to defend your right to enjoy sex with your partner even though so many people are preaching that sex is non-spiritual and that God doesn't have sex.

I hope that makes some sense to you. I spend a lot of time with those beings and I am one of the only people in the world that can understand them.

Basically he's just teaching you that sex is perfectly natural and stems from God and Goddess themselves. And also that you have different bodies on different levels beginning with the blue spiritual body and ending with the flesh and blood body on the illusory stageshow of earth.

ps. One other thing I forgot to mention. He made it appear he was the soul of Neptune because Neptune represents a god from underwater. Then he showed you a female from Atlantis which we all know is covered in water and told you she is still alive. These water references are alluding to the fact that these beings come from a liquid dimension which is all around us. If you've seen Stargate SG1 and how the gate opens into a liquid substance which is in mid-air, well that's what is actually all around us in real life too. It's on a deeper dimension of course and it's where these beings originate. That's why the water references were there in your experiences.

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posted on Oct, 2 2006 @ 12:40 AM
All I can say is that your writing is really good and you should try and publish a short story on this whenever you get free time. I felt as I was reading a book, a very immersive book. As for the meaning, I think you know it much better than anyone on this board. I believe otherwise it wouldn’t progress till the end if you gradually didn't understand every point presented to you.

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