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Electronic Book - Not an E-Book

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 10:50 AM

Quote from Sony: Books have been the orphan in the digital world. Music has the iPod. Video has YouTube. Books have, well,, where you can buy them printed on paper.

Of course, there are electronic books available for download at Amazon and elsewhere, but they haven't really caught on.

Sony Corp. however is now tackling part of the problem with the U.S. launch of the first e-book reader that imitates the look of paper by using innovative screen technology.

Is this the iPod for books? Not quite. But it is a step forward.

The Sony Reader is a handsome affair the size of a paperback book, but only a third of an inch thick. It went on sale this week for $350 (£190) on Sony's Web site, and is available in Borders stores in October.

Aside from the initial cost, it looks like it could be very good for students.

I wonder if it will bring the cost of textbooks down?
Probably not, but the nice part would be having all your textbooks in one small package.

'Course, it would be interesting to show up in class and find your batteries dead.

That may not happen, I understand it doesn't take power to display text, only to turn the page.
Battery life is rated about 7500 page turns.

More information here:


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