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Alien?, Government?, Chupacbre

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 01:16 PM
So last night I was watching this thing on chupacabre and i remembered one time about 10 years ago.
I have posted this on a few threadfs...I used to live in a small town in south eastern New Mexico. Anout an hour from Roswell, well any way I used to go fishing up and down this river(rio ruidoso) the river moves down through some farm land and migrant workers live down there sometimes year around..point is not alot of white people go down in this area.why i dont know cause there stupid.Anyway one afternoon i was way down the river, probably a good two hour walk, i had caught alot of fish so i kept on going, further than i ever had.

I stopped to eat some lunch and i smelt something really bad. I saw a dead beaver, figured it was that, but aftewr lunch I walked around a been and there it was....

A dead cow, but what was odd is that it looked freash dead like a few hours except from the shoulders up it was completely stripped, First a perfect line had been cut around the neck(perfect) and all that was left from that point up was bone, no meat, no skin, no brain, no anything looked as though the skull had been boiled or something(completely bare), any ways I have often wondered if it was because of .....Aliens?, the Government?, or maybe thew Chupacabre

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