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Did NASA Secretly Back the Film 'Mission To Mars’??

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 12:41 AM
The famous ‘Face on Mars’ has been continually been rubbished by NASA. But according to Hoagland…

This would explain the astonishing paradox of NASA's quiet backing (via the NASA-Johnston Space Center -- headquarters for Manned U. S. Mars Exploration) of De Palma's blockbuster, "Mission to Mars"!
This completely misunderstood (by most critics) yet highly revealing film, having as it's climax - after over twenty years of official obfuscation – the revelation of the reality of the intensely controversial "Face on Mars," seems contrasted with JPL's consistent rejection of this subject, the not-so-subtle beginnings of another major NASA reversal of position if not a deliberate "public conditioning process" leading ultimately to a coming NASA announcement of the reality of "alien ruins at Cydonia".

Excerpted from the Enterprise Mission

So firstly, it seems that NASA knows more than it’s willing to admit on the question concerning the ‘Face on Mars’.

Secondly, is NASA preparing for some sort of ‘disclosure’ on the ‘alien ruins at Cydonia’, and preparing the public for it?


All you ever wanted to now of Cydonia, but didn’t know where to find it!


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