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Political Corruption Dusted Under The Carpet...Again

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 08:07 PM
This time, it couldn't have been more clearly in the view of the public. A couple months ago, I did a few ATSNN article following up on the Jefferson Raid. This raid on Jeffersons office in congress sparked a major political debate. This debate was about whether or not the congress had protection while doing their duty as the constitution says. A federal judge ruled that this constitutional amendment does NOT apply to Jefferson who was caught red handed in a political corruption scandal. No more then a week later a panel of three judges overruled Federal Judge Hogans ruling. Jefferson has yet to be charged for a crime, and is running for office in 2006.

my proposed questions, what happened to the 100,000 dollars in evidence they found in his freezer?

Where is the video tape of him taking the bribes the FBI had which allowed them to Raid in the first place?

Are these crimes just going to go unnoticed because the people of america dont have a long enough attention span?

(by the way Im very sorry I didn't make this more extensive but im working on a big research paper, and I wanted to post this before I forgot.)

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