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Rapid Response Help

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posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 07:17 PM
Hey ATS community, sorry that this isnt a conspiracy related topic but I need some help from you guys, and gals.

I know that the Hurricane Katrina Resuce and Rapid Response teams werent exactly top knotch speeds on the aftermath in New Orleans, though I know there where some people there to help, not near the proper forces were there.

I need some of you to post some infomation on other situations such as natural disaters were the rapid responce and resuce teams weren't exactly working at 110% and everyone just kinda sat back and watched for a few days. It's all for a lecture I have to start in class about why the world needs and international rapid response teams so that things like Hurricane Katrina don't happen again. Please leave links to websites with cited url's and such so I can read all the external information.

Thanks Community.


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