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Trying to make sense of it all

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posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 11:28 AM
Hello all,

I apologize if any of these topics have been covered but I am just seriously beginning my own studies into these issues.

1. There are conflicting reports about the gold. Alex Jones states that a large portion of the gold was not recovered, However all news media sources State that every ounce was recovered. I was wandering if there is any hard proof to prove either one of these viewpoints. I would think that if gold was actually missing there would be insurance reports to this effect. I also was wandering if there are any reports on who all the gold belonged too. I would think that if there was actually gold Missing we definitely would have heard from the owners.

2. Lets just assume I lived in New York during 9/11 and I had someone I wanted to get rid of. Wouldn't that be an ideal opportunity to do so? i.e. "oh my business partner or my wife had an appointment that day with so and so company. There would be no proof of this and no way of disputing my word. Just curious if anyone has heard of any strange stories such as this.

3. In our age of super computers we use these systems to model everything from complex nuclear reactions to stress tests on buildings, bridges etc. My thoughts are that it would be entirely possible to create a computer model of the WTC utilizing the original drawings as well as the structural properties of the materials used in the WTC. We know the type of steel used as well as the molecular make up of that steel; we also know the physical properties of the planes, the type and approx. quantity of fuel on board. A model such as this could go a long way in proving or disproving some of the theories out there.

4. If we all believe that 9/11 was one event amongst many to purport the “NWO” and to eradicate our freedoms why is there so much energy devoted to this when we should possibly be addressing the root of the problem which I believe is the following
The federal debt approaching 9 trillion dollars
The Federal Reserve System and all interest payments we make to such.
Our current tax system being out of control to support this debt.

5. I have read a few snippets of Warren Buffett but I was wandering how some of americas other billionaires fall into the realm of things. Since Bill Gates is the richest public figure has he been approached by the NWO? If for instance I was Bill gates and I wanted to get involved in the NWO how would I go about it or would I be approached simply because of the wealth I had created.

I’ll stop there before I begin to write book. I appreciate your time and input.


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