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Michael Jackson Subject to Arrest in USA??

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posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 07:11 AM

It seems that there is something going on with Michael Jackson - again (or still). MJ's lawyer made some rather strange statements. The statements hint strongly at more lawsuits and/or more legal trouble for Michael Jackson if he were to return to the Untied States.

Quote from the news article referenced above- by -
Roger Friedman
Fox News
September 25, 2006

In one set of papers, titled "Opposition to Motion to Compel Michael Jackson’s Deposition," Jackson’s attorney Thomas Hall makes a curious statement to the court about why Jackson should not have to return to the United States.

"Even though he is absolutely innocent of any such charges," Hall writes on page 4. "Michael may be subject to arrest, prosecution or an investigatory detention if he was to return to the United States."

Later, on page 7, Hall reiterates Jackson’s legal vulnerability: "[Returning to the United States] might expose Michael to criminal detention and investigation."

I'm sure many of ya'll don't care. However, there are some who would really like to see this (alleged) pedophile behind bars and away from the children that he can harm. I don't understand why the law can't go get him from oveseas. He bops around to different countries and I'm sure that at least a few have agreements with the United States to send suspects back.

Or perhaps this is just posturing on the part of the lawyer for some reason.

I'm posting this for those who are interested ... for those who think he got away with pedophilia.

The story is here -

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posted on Nov, 6 2006 @ 04:06 PM
He is the scariest looking creature on the planet. What is with his voice too?

He is a sick individual who began tampering with monkeys and elephant man skeletons and has now moved onto children.

His kids wear those masks in public to hide their chaffed lips......


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