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Help Design My Tattoo

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 08:52 PM
I'm planning to get inked again very soon and I'm looking for an image that represents the possibility of our society being controlled by the NWO (Omega Agency, Illuminati, etc.). I want it to be a real "conversation-starter" image that grabs attention and makes people want to know more about the topic.

I felt that people here would have a better idea of the best images and symbols to get my point across.

Keep in mind that I am female and I don't want the image(s) to be too large. I could do multiple tats in different places if I get some really great ideas. The body placement will be important as well.

Some ideas that I currently have:
My birthdate as a barcode on my lower arm.
My name in binary format (zeros and ones).
A red "Property of the NWO" stamp.
Other types of secret government symbols.

I've included some pictures.

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