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Increased Threat of Terrorism Worldwide

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 09:53 AM
I'm sitting here in Australia, and just to put everyone's mind at rest, while I don't necessarily agree with everything that comes out of the USA, I am...

a) not intrinsically anti USA,
b) not a terrorist
c) not Islamic
d) sick and tired of being lied to by every politician in the universe
e) infuriated by the fact that people believe what these LIARS continue to heap upon us.

But, I've just been reading the following news release on the wires, as follows....

"A report in The New York Times says an American intelligence report has concluded that the Iraq war helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and increased the overall threat of terrorism.

It quotes the report by the National Intelligence Council, a think-tank for 16 different US spy agencies, as saying Islamic radicalism has mushroomed worldwide."

.... Now, I would have thought that this was a self-evident truth if you look at the progress of the 'WOT'.

When the Iraq war started, we were told that the Iraqi people would rise up against Saddam in the name of freedom, blah, blah, blah.....

Well that didn't happen, and the people of Iraq, generally speaking and much of the Islamic world still don't appear to agree with the USA about how things should be done in their countries.

Has it not dawned on the people of the good ol' USA that they really are not liked in some places - well lots of places apparently. The report above goes on to say......

"In a series of recent speeches, US President George W Bush has been portraying the war on Iraq as the central front in the war on terrorism.

This report implies while that may be true, that it is a front of the United States's own making.

In the past, President Bush has dismissed such reasoning by arguing that Islamic militants had hated the US long before it invaded Iraq, or even Afghanistan."

Is this to say that anyone who hates the USA is an Islamic militant? I don't think so. I'm sure there are Hindus and Athiests and dare I say Christians who hate the USA and all that it stands for.

When will the penny drop that perhaps some people don't like the USA for it's behaviour and policies toward the rest of the world. Now what can the USA do about that.... Well, I guess there could be some soul-searching for the reasons why the USA (as a nation) is not well loved and perhaps, just perhaps adjust some of those policies and behaviours. Or alternatively just wipe out anyone who doesn't agree with those policies - oh right, that would be terrorism, wouldn't it.

But perhaps the most striking point of this report is the fact that America has 16 separate SPY AGENCIES !!!!!

As I grew up in the cold war era, there was much made of the KGB and the various secret spy and police organisations within the Soviet Union and how these organisations were the intruments of oppression and the means of retaining power.

But really... 16 DIFFERENT SPY AGENCIES???? And they still couldn't work out that there were no WMDs in Iraq???? That's right - they didn't describe those agencies as 'INTELLIGENCE' agencies, did they?

Is it that the USA is the most paranoid nation ever to exist ? How many of these organisations have sprung up since 9/11, or were they always in existance? If these types of organisation - following cold war rhetoric - are there to preserve someone's power, then just what are they trying to maintain ? Are they defensive or offensive ?

Did I hear the other day that George Bush told Pakistan that they had a choice - co-operate with the USA or be bombed back into the stone age - Man, is that wonderful diplomacy, or what - that will increase the love that the world feels for the USA. Or do you, the American public, think this really is diplomacy? What would be your reaction if those words came out of Hitler's mouth - no, not even Hitler would have said such a thing, would he.

In short - What are you thinking, people ????

Would anyone who has some real knowledge of these organisations, their aims and purpose PLEASE explain to me why a country that enshrines (at least on paper) freedom of speech, thought, religion and expression needs 16 SPY AGENCIES!!!!

When, if ever, will the American public begin to realise that every action that they carry out on the world stage will have consequences (not always what was expected) that may actually make the world situation worse. For example, in the cause and effect category.... The US supported the opponants of the Soviet government (occupation - whatever you wish) in Afghanistan through the CIA by supplying weapons, expertise and supplies. The people that you, the American public, through your government supported then came to power in Afghanistan. They were and are the Taliban (or didn't you know that?). So the war in Afghanistan (The War on Terror, that is) could well be seen as the USA cleaning up the mess that they started! And that war is far from won, by the way - probably one quarter to one third of Afghanistan has still not been won from Taliban influence. Cause and effect, people.

What has happened in the USA over the last few years? I seem to recall there was talk of impeachment of Bill Clinton because he lied about where he was putting his dick, but there seems to be little reaction to the almost daily revelations of lies coming from the White House now.

And finally for the people in that think-tank..... If you bomb the crap out of everyone you don't like, then it's bloody obvious that you are going to increase the number of people around the world that don't like you. Are people that stupid that the government has to pay other people vast sums of money to state the bleeding obvious! Even the name of the organisation is a lie.... be real, call yourself the National Bleeding Obvious Council.

[edit on 24/9/06 by The Winged Wombat]

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 02:30 PM
Just to be clear on this, it is not every American that believes in the propoganda that our own government puts out there. So, you do have at least some people in the USA who knows about all the points you mentioned. Second, those who do understand these things are simply powerless to do anything about it, because our government runs according to its own agendas and rules, not the say of the people. It is only a matter of confusing, dumbing down, and making people complacent that they actually say anything to its citizens about its policies or stance so that we all remain divided on issues and therefore do not have the ability to take a common stand to reform or change our own system.

With this, I can only see a few possibilites where our government can change. One would be a civil war, but that would only come about through further arrogance of the rulers to the point where people have no choice but to do something about it. I figure this probably won't happen as long as US citizens eat cake!
Two, would be a military coup, but the way I see this is that our military leadership is in on the whole affair anyway and there would be no reason for this unless someone actually tried to reform our system internally and the military stepped in to overthrow them.
Three, external powers - who have the benefit of not being subjects under the US government directly - for whatever reasons use various types of warfare to drain the US resources to the point where foreign alliances can be made that can actually challenge the will of the US government.

With these, the only one I see that is currently set in motion is number three. If the US government does not listen to it's own people grievances, then they certainly are not going to listen to foreigners.


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