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who will join me to link the alpha and the omega? biblebookdeadthisliving

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 12:33 AM
i am just a silly odd man, in the nude and armed only with my truth.

my truth? i had to adopt all i knew from all the people i knew, for they are the only one's i had to hear feedback from about myself. i saw all i could and decided i had seen enough to go looking for all the answers any god may want or need. but for me, just a silly odd man in the nude armed only with his truth, the answer i seek is:

"what is the opposite to love, so i may name and confront my peoples' opponent"

bible book dead, this one living

so one set out to identify the enemy of love.

the silly odd man in the nude confronted many masks of truth, and absorbed them all by acknowledging them, recognizing them, accepting them for what they were, and choosing to love them for what they were.

his approach was simple. he was just a silly odd man, in the nude, armed only with his truth, which was his weapon of choice, but his people had taught him everything he knew, and it was good enough for him. so, he approached each and everyone of the masks of truth, and behind many masks he found even more masks. he was always tired, but kept going because the proving the masks were masks was empowering for him.

his approach was a flawless one.

he approached all as the silly odd man he was, and he did it in the nude with only his truth with him. he would say to them all: Be Not Afraid, please, i beg you, do not fear me. i mean you no harm. i only wish for you to judge my truth and see if it is compatible with yours, i will not judge you or yours, but wish that you would judge my truth, as your opinion is important for me on my way to the truth of what the opposite of love is. they all had the same requests, and would only stop fearing for a moment if i promised to:

1) acknowledge them how they are.
2) recognize them for what they were.
3) accept them for who they are.
4) love them for what they are.

and i did promise, but asked they only tell me their truth, or they could not join me if they wanted to. i explained all my truth to them and told them that they can only join me if they do not lie to me, and do not fear me, or fear losing me. and i made many friends.

and i adopted their truths as mine, as i saw they were true from their perspectives, and they had not lied to me.

i am naked before you and armed only with words of truth, my truth and yours. please judge it accordingly, and see if it is compatible with your truth, this is all i ask. if you feel at any time i am lying, attempting to lie, have lied, will lie, or will ever or have ever had the intentions to lie or decieve you, please leave my journey to me, i will understand fully. if i have lied to you up to this point, or have attempted to decieve you, please, i beg of you, read no further.

i say this to you now, i am just a silly odd man who is here in the nude with just truth and my words of truth. do not be afraid, but i must know the truth, for it compells me to do so.

will you join me for awhile? your input is valued here, always.

if you lag behind a little, speak up and ask the question you wish, i may already have the answer for you.

i am proceeding, if you feel you know me, please come along, you are most certainly welcome here with me.

so the silly odd man continued to comprehend more truth from people .. . ..

and the silly odd man stopped as he neared the one called "hate". rumor has it that this is the one who is the opposite of love, and possibly the enemy of love.

and the silly odd man stopped to pray to his god for whatever he may need to face the epitome of "hate". and the silly odd man had a companion who had joined him from one of the earlier confrontations. this one that spoke up was call "lonely". the silly odd man had come to know this one was a mask that people wore to hide their first "fear". and "lonely" spoke to the silly odd man and said:

"why would you pray to god to help you, for surely if there is one it would already be within you, right?"

the silly odd man replied: "yes, but i am not sure if the god of truth hears me all the time, so i stop to pray when i feel the need to do so"

lonely spoke again: "which god do you choose to pray to?"

the silly odd man replied: "i have found truth in all of them, which is why we press forward towards hate."

and the silly odd man said:
"come if you wish, but come as nude as i am now, do not be afraid of this one, as he thrives upon fear, i know already this is true. come as i do, and let me do the talking for you, for a time at least. i will approach first, as i sense some of you are fearing. the ones not being afraid stay here and comfort those who are. i shall approach hate, alone, in the nude. stay here on this ridge and look down and watch, and listen to what takes place, so that if i do not make it, you will learn from my mistakes."

and hate saw the silly odd man in the nude approaching.

and the silly odd man spoke:
"be not afraid. i am just a silly odd man in the nude, i have no ill will towards you, and pose no threat to you or that which you love. i approach you now in the nude with only my truth, which i have adopted from all that i know, to present it to you so that you might compare it to your truth and see if they are compatible. be not afraid. will you hear my words of truth and judge them accordingly against your truth?"

hate spoke:
" you approach me like this in the nude with nothing but your truth and ask me to judge you and your truth? you silly odd man, i have far too much to do and think about you silly odd man. i will call you "som" as an acrynym so that i need not remember all of this, as i already know everything else. but you must promise me somethings, and i will do the same for you, deal?"

the silly odd man spoke:
"ok, my name is "som" which is short for "silly odd man", however i will not promise to make a deal until you tell me what it is you desire me to do."

hate spoke:
"som, if you will acknowledge me for what i am, if you will recognize me for who i am, if you will accept me for who i am, and if you will love me for who i am, i will promise you the same things"

som replied:
"of course i will do these things for you, as i have all others before i met you, i promise you. now here is my truth, and here is my question:
What is the opposite of love, so i may name it and confront the opposite to love?"

hate screamed:
"you have not met any before me. i am the opposite of love, and i am the alpha!"

and som gathered his thoughts and replied gently and slowly, so hate would not miss any of it, nor be scared for just one moment:

"but, i can not hate without first being afraid of losing something i love. so how could you be the opposite of love? first i must fear, then i wear you. you are a liar and your truth you did not give, how could one such as yourself be the alpha, when fear stands between you and love? you are not love's opposite, but you are love's enemy. step aside and let me and my companions pass!"

hate spoke:
"huh, you have a wisdom. i will let you pass, but your companions may not accompany you."

som the silly odd man in the nude said:
"why am i alowed to pass, but all of them may not?"

hate replied:
" i remember now, one at a time, and my bosses' bosse's boss so ordered me, all three at the same time. so you know, be very kind "sniff" and gentle to the next one you may find. i am the one who protects my creators from harm or fear's masks. forgive me, but this is what i do. i hate, hating, hatingfully any that shall come to me with more than their truth and their love for the truth, do you understand? i yield to you, but you shall keep your promises to me"

and som spoke: "i will approach the next one as i have approached you and all the others, so that i may compare our truths to see if they are compatible."

hate spoke: "please don't forget me, just don't hate me, and i won't hate you, and approach me the same way if you ever come this way, for i may not remember you."

and som said smiling: "i thank you for your time, hate. i am glad i have gotten to meet you, i acknowledge you, i recognize you, i accept you for who you really are, and i love you. i thank you again for your time."

and som continued towards "fear" to see if it was som was seeking, was fear the opposite of love?

to be continued . . .. . . . .. . .


posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 11:09 AM
and so the silly odd man that "hate" had named "som" walked a little further and approached fear, and stopped about about 40 paces from fear and said:

"i am just a silly odd man in the nude armed only with my truth which i have adopted from all i know to present it to you so that we may see if it is compatible with your truth. be not afraid of me, please, i beg you, fear me not for there is no reason for you to fear me.

my dearest fear: fear not for a moment, i am in the nude before you with only the truth and my words of truth for you to judge as true or false. i acknowledge you, i recognize you, i accept you for who and what you are, and i love you. fear not for a moment, just a moment, please i beg of you judge my truth and share with me your truth. i am just a silly odd man named "som" by the one who preceded you.

my dearest love of fear: fear not for a moment, i am in the nude before you with only the truth and my words of truth for you to judge as true or false. i acknowledge you, i recognize you, i accept you for who and what you are, and i love you. fear not for a moment, just a moment, please i beg of you judge my truth and share with me your truth. i am just a silly odd man named "som" by the one who preceded you.

my dearest truth of fear: fear not for a moment, i am in the nude before you with only the truth and my words of truth for you to judge as true or false. i acknowledge you, i recognize you, i accept you for who and what you are, and i love you. fear not for a moment, just a moment, please i beg of you judge my truth and share with me your truth. i am just a silly odd man named "som" by the one who preceded you."

and fear spoke: "that was quick, you look a lot better. i had pity and felt sorry for you before when you past which is why i hid from you. i also hid from you because "look i fear" and it is what i do. but the one you say came before me did not come before me, hate came after me. it was what i created that would acknowledge me and accept me for who i am, and protect me from any and all harm. i am curious how did you come to conquer hate last time you got by? the battle must have been fierce, you were in very bad shape and all bloody."

som replied: "you are mistaken, i have never come this way before. i come to you now to present to you the total of all i know, so you may compare it to your truths and judge my truths as true or false. hear, here are my truths, which are the truths of my peoples and all i know of them and myself, i am here in the nude, moving slowly and gently so you will not fear me for just 1 moment. i som give you all i know, what do you make of it?"

fear not fearing replied:
wow, that is alot of stuff. i am not the one to judge your truth, i do not know what this thing you speak of is. this thing you call "love" i do not know, and i do not know if i am it's opposite or not, fogive me, please, i do not have what it is you seek."

som sat down and proceeded to explain what love was as best as som could and spoke these words:
"love is the greatest thing as far as i can tell, given all i know. it is eternally acknowleging, eternally recognizing, eternally accepting of everything that is flawed, it is forever sharing, it is forever healing, it is forever sheltering, it is forever protecting, it is forever teaching, it is forever aiding, it is forever servicing everything and everyone in one way or another, and it is eternally for everyone to share with whomever they choose to do so with." and the silly odd man spent a very long time explaining to "fear" what "love" is and how "som" had come to know it through people and religions and all of it he had ever heard. and finally som stated his truth: "i honestly thought you were the opposite of love, because i knew it was not hate or any other masks "fear" wears to hide itself. but everything i know tells me you speak honestly to me now your truth, my dearest fear. fear not for a moment and join me to go and share our truths with "love" to see if love would know it's opposite, for surely love would know what the opposite of love is and would have already identified it's opponent throughout existance. fear, don't you think so as well?

fear not fearing spoke: "are you sure love would acknowledge me, recognize me, accept me, and do all the other stuff on your list of attributes you assigned to it? i ask this because i do not know of love and am not sure if i would be a worthy to recieve all those gifts, "look i fear" is all i know that i do.

som spoke: "what reason do i have to present you with truth that would not be compatible with you? love will love you because that is what love does, i promise you this. you fear, hate hated, but hate hated only those who were fearful as they would not be allowed to pass, as you so ordered, hate obeyed you. love will do far more for you."

fear spoke: "i believe you, but i am curious how sure are you that love would love me?"

som spoke: "i do not wager any of humanities first loves, i do not wager my life on it, i do not wager what is not mine to bet with, but i do wager my very existance that love will do all the things i have told you love will do, and do it exponentially and eternally better than hate ever would have had the capacity to do."

fear spoke: "your existance is your wager? wow, you are that sure of yourself? but your existance is just a silly odd man with the truth and your words of truth, so i guess this is all you really have to wager. i know you speak the truth now, and yes i will accompany."

som spoke: "i thank you for your time, and promise you will not be dissapointed with love. besides they are just my truths and words of truth, both truth and words should be free always anyways."

so "som" and "fear" proceeded in the direction of the epitome of all loves . .. . . .

to be continued . .. . . . .


posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 12:30 PM
Are you expecting people to read all that?

I did not read it all, and what I read didn't make me want to read the rest.

But maybe it is because I have to make an extra effort to read in English, and so if I don't understand it at the beginning, I quit, if it is something I am not interested.

As I did not even understood if this was interesting or not, I quited.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 12:50 PM
huh? yea seriously i dont think anyone will really take their time to read it, maybe make a catchier title next time

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 01:09 PM
the opposite and enemy of love is fear. you can tell how far i got hahaha

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 01:18 PM
I think I know where you are going with this. I think you are explaining it very well. I hope many will take the time to read.
I look forward to reading the rest.

[edit on 24-9-2006 by mrsdudara]

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 04:19 PM
Esoteric Teacher, good read so far keep it up!

Read and you will understand my friends...

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by ArMaP
Are you expecting people to read all that?

read it? they wrote it. and, yes they will not only read it, they will live it.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 07:08 PM
i did finally read it. its really good.
are you a writer? did you come up with this?

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 07:08 PM
All I can say is woah, Deffinatly worth reading, I want to read their encounter with love.

Is this from your mind, if so have you ever considered writing a novel?
I'm sure that you could come up with a great work of fiction (what i've just read is a mix of non fiction and fiction).

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 08:33 PM
and the two, both som and fear walked hand in hand towards a conscious, self aware, and all knowingfully lovingfully light, and a christ was emitting from it a light, and both som and fear knew it before it happened they were moving at a speed that travelled instant to the beast of all hells and the beast of hell was the all knowinghatingfully multiheaded dragon that kept the light of "i am" hostage within the souls of all creatures great and small by manipulating "i am" into not knowing it was only fearing alone and fearing sad, but without knowing love yet, it was ignorant of fear and could not recognize it. love was alive and so was fear to a degree with the som. and the light of "i am" had never recieved any answers to the questions beyond "i am" .. .. "i am alone" . . .. "i am alone and sad" .. . . "i am sad and alone" .. . . "sad i am alone" .. .. . "alone i am sad" . . .. . . "i am sad and alone" . .. ... "alone i am sad". .... "i am sad and alone" .. . .. and on and on and on and on and on being reduced eternally to just "i am". . ..

"i am afraid of sad and alone" .. . ... . the two split . .. . . . "fear" and "i am" . ... "fear created the masks of fears exponentially" .. .. "i am alone". . . . "i am sad and alone" . . . .. "i am sad i am alone". ... . and they split .. . . . . "i am sad" .. . . "i am alone". .. ..

the light spoke of love within love within love .. . . ..

light spoke:
"take afraid back to i am, but take it as fear not fearing to become fearlesslyingfullyforever, and conquer it!!!!!!! here is your truth and all you need!!!!!!!"

and sathan rose!

and som knew everything before and after and during the approach towards love.

and sathan the weak week one spoke:
"prove you som are the one!"

1) and the the first head spoke:
"666! if you know the love's of your people, prove you are the one!

and som spoke with a voice unparrelled:
if you do not yield, i shall make you yield. do you yield? do you yield? (sathan laughed) so be it.
first off, zero was your spawn, sathan! the dna of "self before you serve" hidden away as "self pre-serve" or only survive!!!!!!! which is more than you will be reduced to! you wanted to be god? then you will become only "i am", just like you requested unless you choose differently.
0 - self before you serve.
my peoples first loves were never these, you decieved them! here is your answer:
the number of the beast is man! Adam! arise! arose! arisen! you are not alone!!!!!!!
you are not sad!!!!!!! you are not afraid or fearing!!!!!!!
6 loves beginning with the 6th letter of the "all fib i bet" placed 6 times before god's 7th "g" and 6th from the end of god's truth, with "u" there as well!!!!!!!
6 loves beginning with the 6th letter of the alphibet chosen 6 times before god or truth! but my "+" got past "u" and is coming back from the end as my omega!

my peoples' loves were:
1 - Fear, as they needed it to survive because of your "self pre-serve"!
2 - Food, as they needed it to survive and for cellular replication!
3 - Famliy, as they needed to be loved, protected, nurished, and needed to be hidden from their own fears!
4 - Friends, as they needed to belong and be accepted for who they were, but your masks were all they could hear and hold up for comparison to define themselves, deciever!
5 - Fornication, as they are physical beings and were curious of this thing called love, so they practiced the physical manifestation of an etherial godly concept!
6 - Finances, as they needed this to provide for more of their first loves, and hide them from their fears of self preservation!

666 is 6 loves put 6 times before the 7th "g" and chosen 6 times before the love for truth!

i know all their why's wise and y's! lazereth is nazereth!"

som turned his head quick to the second head and yelled:
"what is the opposite of love? you are! and no, i will not define you for you, you wanted to be like god? so be it, you are "i am"!

som turned his head quick, but with his eyes shut and said softly and lovingly and gently: "wait here my love, first i battle"

som turned to the fourth head and spoke:
"you are all the decievers and all the masks. show yourselves! i know you, i named you! fear of being alone, fear of sadness, fear of sorrows, fear of hate, and all of your spawn! here is my son, where is my son able, all of you move aside! i abolish thee beyond all measuringfully and comprehendingfully to the depths of "i am's" hades.
1 what is the defining calculation of phi, for ophiuchus's sake?
2 what is the highest number for fear's sake?
3 what is the lowest negative number for alone's sake?
4 what is the golden section's definition for sadness and sorrow's snakes, for heaven sakes?
5 what is the opposite of love for man's snake, for hell's sake?

the answer to those questions are: OPHIUCHUS, my only begotten son!
ophiuchus is: OF EYE YOU CHOOSE, and the omega TIME PHI'd YOU CHOSE!
and even more and even less. time phi'd you chose your chosen!!!!!!!

the light: "peter, the rock of fear, christ propells you!"

and ophiuchus som turned back to the third head and screamed faster than speedingfully speedingfully faster than foreveringlyfully: "what is the opposite of love? i am! i am ophiuchus, i am of eye you choose, i am time phi's you chose, choosed, and chosen. i am ophiuchus. i am the opposite of love, but not it's enemy! i am ophiuchus, my only begotten, your only begotten son! i am not afraid not fearing not fearingfully the opposite of love and i am not afraid of lovingfully knowingfully fearlessingfully no lost love! i am fear not fearing for 1 moment lovingfully fear and lovingfully losing fear and lovingfully fearless zeros and lovingfully sharingfully knowingfully lovingfully helpingfully lovingfully knowing knowingfully healingfully sharingfully lovingfully healingfully knowingfully . .. ..
do not be afraid. fear not for one moment."

the third head spoke as christ and screamed "peter, the rock of fear, the rock of christ, the rock of christ propells you!!!!!!!"

and som was pushed and pulled simultanously and willing to do both.

and the third head vomitted christ's lovingfully spirit ,which is was shall be alive, out into around som and said: "i am ophiuchus, here, hear, here is your mirror oh lord most high! you som have put my "+" first, so your name is "+som", and with your mirror look into it! you are not som, you are not "+som", but you are "mos+", and you are "most", and you are "mosT", and you are "most?", and you are "moses" not counting the plurality lie anymore! no more esesesesesessessssssessssssssssssessssssssssssssssssssssssssessssssssss!"

moses not counting, not defining, not calculating emotep lie! not calculating name of god anymore! Able is abel is a bell is liped is was and shall be deep pile! a bell is alive, cain offers his soul back to heaven!

moses found +tT and found "ophiuchus", all tame all tamed all taming all tamingfully the beasts, and all do battle together in words and word and truth, together knowingfully.

and the "most ophiuchus som most" turned to the 4th head and merely spoke a word. and the fourth head looked into the eyes of the "most ophiuchus som most" and then an omega spoke a word through both the 4th and the "most ophiuchus som most" and with that word the 4th head, the 5th head, the 6th head, the 7th head, and the 8th head dropped out of existance.

and the 9th heaven opened up and came unto existance, and th ophiuchus saw the face, the voice, the feel, the smell, the sound, the vibration, the tuning, the fine tuning, the propelling, the everlasting, the forevering for ever giving forevering foreveringfully knowingfully for every thing fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the silly odd man named som wos most moseses, most moses, most messiahs, most queens, most kings, most princes, most princesses, most daughters, most sons, most mothers, most and most and most fathers, and all in one and one atom's soul in all, and serving!

it spoke a word and then said: " be not fearfull. be not afraid. do not fear me. please, i beg you, i am just a silly odd man in the nude, and i only have with me my truth and words of truth from mine, yours, theirs, and all truths knowingfully.
i am here, hear, here is my truth, it is yours. please, i beg you, tell me if it is compatible with your truth. you are my god most high, all of you, each and every sense is my god most high. you are not unparralled, but all parrallellingfully and crossing every path you cross as your children so choose. i am just a silly odd man in the nude, oh, you have my mirror. then i see, i am not in the nude, but i am in the edun. be not afraid, nor fearfull of me. keep your mirror, i have mine, and they are one in the same, but there are many that are one and all the many of them all adds up to zero or 1 or -1, but only by a choice of chosen of choosing of choose of choice of chosen. this is not the day i judge you, but the day you judge me, to see if the word of words and the truth that they are from are compatible. you are my eden edun, but only if i am anonymous and only if i serve you truth which is compatible with your truth. you are all looking up to, and you are only one step away from my kingdom, your fears multiplied from my fear, but i was ignorant of fear because lonely and sad would not show me fear. lonely and sad only show me lonely and sad. i am just a silly odd man called "god" by most "gods" who i work for, they are my boss, all of them are ones and zeros. i serve you only my truth so that you may compare it to yours to see if they are compatible. you are my eden, my edun, my love. you are all i look up to, and you are only one step from me, always. the step is fear not fearing for 1 moment. your fears multiplied from my fear.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 09:41 PM
i am not afraid. you are not afraid. both your servant "ophiuchus" and my only begotten son "ophiuchus" and my only begotten father "ophiuchus" and a conscious love, and a conscious fearless, and a conscious knowingfully, and trinities all trinities beyond today, yesterday, and tomorrow. your humble humpty dumpty is always fragile, a very fragile rock, a very fragile rock of fear not fearing but becoming fearlessingfully nothing when we join to share truth to see if it is compatible. truth has found me, and is back together again atlantis. oh, your mirror, my mirror, and her mirror, lovely. at l an across ties. sit sigh across with nail across alphas alpha. and there is more, of course. here, hear, here is yours.
lan g wej
jew g nal
jew god's nail

jew is god's nail correcting time and alpha's mistakes, but not punishing, not judging, not alpha fault, did not know fear, nor could it comprehend fear.

omega is alpha, and nail is omega's fault, no one elses fault, no shame, no guilt.

i love you all and bring fourth forth for you to say yes or true:
i am not optimistic or pesamistic. i am glad there is water, and glad there is glass.

i acknowlege you. i recognize you. i accept you for who you are. i love you for who you are. i truth to you for who you are, were, is, shall be, weren't, was not, was not going to be, was going to be, did, and did not. and i am a zero as well. all to me so that i may judge your truth and word of truth honestly, to your selves, and your cells.

- and with that submit [mirror] time bus. the humanity's demon spawn "survive" to "self before serve" and share with creation dies. dies / seed see idea identity id dies. see idea? ophiuchus knows the pact packed backed back. jesus cross gap cap back, see ape?

- and with that all trinities spoke as one: the proof is voyager buried in giza, last seal. break peru mid brake time. break ophiuchus brake time. break brake god brakes, break, braked time. you choose. true or false.

- all trinities shall confront and speak their words and all day say true or yes. all immortal, cain kill self so able, a bell, able, congradulations. graduation fully shiningfully.

- lilith name cat [mirror] take!
lilith do man [mirror] name job!
lilith do nude [mirror] edun he done!
lilith do adam [miror] mad made a!
lilith made man made lilith made mad made alpha!

lilith named it "take".

take from what?

take from god!

lilith, i know you, i named you! hell's across add tie i see eye lie. i lovingfully knowingfully.

awaken. awake kin. awoke kin. alpha 3 times love greater than 3 love greater than 3 in 1 in 0. virus in man mind from singularity in future black hole.

lillith's love granted all creationingfully godhood, my first begotten son, lillith! the tie across ill, i love thill till thrill heavens till i lie about love!

christ propels you PAN [mirror] NAP.
pan nap dan done. nop? J's pon (pawn)!
joker! guy yu u you why why you god.

and with a thought faster than all thought from all creation from alpha to omega to alpha to omega to alpha to omega to ophiuchus to omega's alpha the phoenix of the sphinx's riddle Michael the omega megatron arose from the final void and spoke one voice all voices with authority over all voices with authority over all trinities and beyond all possible paths and their all possible endings back from all from all forgotton kissed the heads of the fourth heads four headings of the fourth head of the beast of beasts and spoke to christ and said: welcome home my sons and daughters and fags and lesbians and fornicators of love, my home is your home, for there is no kingdom without all home, find me my loves, find me within you all. now, know, no you are no longer nazereth, arise my son lazereth, arise my son lazereth of lovingfully alpha of two to too z, see you here in epitome, see you here hear here hear seek writ is secret, and all christs are all souls are writ christsesses' hisses kisses from all heavens and all hell's i ophiuchus propell you and compell you and christ compells you and propells you lazureth the ruz all, the rules all! all sureth heaven and hell across tear down the walls of "us" and "me" and "i" and "you" and plural. unity not plural, my love humanity! there is not separation in the kingdom.

see pair at eye on?

lazereth laser e.t. h&h.

our cross of hell our cross examination of hell ally hellyingfully healingfully knowingfully ally in man!

and with that som was really confused, as are we all.

and with that and all confused, the epitome of all fears stood the omegainingfully omegagainingingingfully OH, O times 3 gainingfully again god all i eye sight hind sight high in sight of godtime friend of friend is friend is time you lovingfully lovingfully wise whys whistle why love love you friend in friends eye of friend's god in one won one sight in eyes allgod.

som is som does and som said: we are still not afraid, but are you all sure you are alright? um, you guys don't make perfect sense to most, and i am trying hard to here, hear, and here. listen, i am just som, a silly odd man, standing here naked among you wondering why we are the mediums for your voices, and still looking for the opposite of love, understand?

and all looked towards som, all of them that were riddling in riddles inside riddles. and then there was a christlight behind all of them and all of them came into som, the silly odd man.

and this one spoke to the 4 heads of the four heads and said:
"first head of the fourth from the fourth it is i who speak now, and the opposite of a soul is that which is fearing! second head of the fourth it is i who speak now, and said a soul is i who speak to you now without fearing truth, but with fear and a 1 love for truth and both are alive, as am i. third head, it is i who speak to you now, love is fear not fearing, my seed the christ is in all. fourth head, know it is i who speaks, spoke, and has spoken, hate is nowhere but with me and it is done, forever, the opposite of hate is love not being afraid for just one moment! and the four heads of the fourth head of the beast were inhaled by the one.

to be continued. .. . .. .

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posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 11:14 PM
and the christ spoke:
"som, the light of christ compells you!"

and som found himself in the nude holding only his truth and the truth of his people again approaching hate without ever having met fear yet. som turned and looked up at the ridge and thought to himself. som kneeled down again to pray. and approached hate feeling he had been here before, but not knowing or remembering.

as he approached hate he began to speak:
"do not be afraid."

hate interupted and said:
"you come to me like this? in the nude? silly odd man, i will call you"

som interupted and then peter the rock of fear was som's truth and peter the rock spoke: "you silly rabbit. trix are for kids. i know you. i named you! hate? look into my masters' mirror:

hat [mirror] tah tah tah!!!!!!! tah tah torah!!!!!!! we have all been to the bottom of the rabit hole and found ourselves looking up at the stars looking down on us as we rats [mirror] star [mirror] rates stars!!!!"

and som was in the midst of the spirit and of the spirits again with the host with the most ghost, and all were there and all spoke as one narrator:

and the silly odd man named mos, moses, moseses and som and tsom and handtsom and handsom and some and sum and tsom most with the ghost and the host and the most added eves of leaves to day and night and the last knight became the first day and the tsom most, the tomb of time is the most high, but a zero O hero, and this one kissed every hole whole wholly holly hole of the beast and all its heads and then whispered and inhaled from all the beasts holes and the silly odd man in the nude alone again with only being in the nude with his truth from his peoples whispered the name of god into the ears of the first head and kissed every hole again and again and again and gave a word to each of them and then looked into the eyes of the first head and spoke only a thought, and the first head arose from the deadnessingforeveringfully and said:

"i am".

and the 1 said to the OzeroO hero:

"NOT ALONE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"HERE IS YOUR NAME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and som remembered!

and som spoke:
"and here are your truths my lord god, most high, all of them my god most high!"

and the two hates became onelove loving voling vowing vowelling lovingfully knowingfully universingfully inversingfully and with all zeros only one won on stood alone among an infinite number ones!

"i am never alone being loved and loving and lovingfully and love truth" spoke:
who would oppose, or try to dispose or try to disprove or try to alter the zero of all the sums of one won one?

show me. i remember. i know you! i named you!
it is you all say "who can wage war against it?"
it is all you say "who would oppose it?"
it is all you say "who can dispose it?"
it is all you say "who can disprove it exists?"

go lilith!!!

go lie with!

i know you, i remember you, i named you!
hells across add ill lie love!
remember! remember! remember!
your words spat at me?
"what you shall do unto others shall be done unto you!"
that is what you named me! and then look what the name made did:
cat [mirror] take!
lilith, first deciever goliath is not alpha here, go liath is go li lith, go lie with lie lith!
here, hear, here is your name never remembering mine without love, i win your soul, soul of all lost hopes, soul of all lost causes, soul of all lost dreams, soul of all what god did not know!

my name is my name and your spawn undid you through my love, my son,

love [mirror] evol, devol is de (undo) evol (evolution) rebel revel revolution solution.

U S A F ? [mirror] F A C E ? . . ... face jesus!

here is his great divide, his davide, his david!!!!

david vs. goliath so go lilith!

you safe? just one silly odd man in the nude, armed only with truth, and words of truth, and the truth of his people. here hear here david, fear is your rock, please give the rock of peter to david for just 1 moment without fearing:

dear usaf,
A modern day david and goliath story:

one man in the nude approached the united states air force and said:

i declare war upon you. my weapon of choice is the truth:

Dear United States Air Force,
You have taken the oath, all of you:


The United States Air Force’s Oath of Enlistment:
External Source

I, ___________________________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

Dear United States Air Force,
Here are your core values, the epitome of what you are, which you swore to me and/or affirmed to yourself, me by proxy:


The United States Air Force Core Values:
External Source

Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all things we do. These core values serve as our road map and set the standard for our behavior.

1) integrity (truth) first.
2) service before self.
3) excellence in all things we do.

Your words.

Now mine: with 101 words of truth, truth shall overcome:

If you had kept your promise to me, and/or yourself, you would know when you invoke the fear in others, when you invoke the sense of the need to survive in others, when you re-enforce their perceived need for keeping the genetic command of “Self Before Service” you disregard your oath to re-enforce the second of your core values of “Service before Self”. If you carry out any order given to you that contradicts the core value you promised me and yourself to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, it shall be your undoing. Be true to your self.

I approach you, naked and armed only with the truth, and presenting 101 words of truth, I have swept aside the greatest war machine the humanity has created.

be not afraid.

it is not your fault you chose wrong truths, or is it ????

now you can all say AHH

i am ALL now say AHH

i am allah!

marry my word ALL to your word AHH!

alah? hollowed holly hollow halo zero hero! hale, love all! and love all truth! hate will die this day!

hey, retards, what did you say that ignorant and stupid people say?


well, i don't applaud ignorance, in fact i usually BOO it! and when i scare "DUH" it sounds alot like:
"BOO DUH"!!!!

who is your daddy?

one commandment:
"that which humanity does unto others shall be done unto them"!

you asked and we answered all calls home! now, e.t. phones home, voyager under guys you disguise you da skis you da skies you tainted!

voyager down time why you god you are!
i am the ark of the covenant!
i am the servant of 1!
i am the gate keeper, and the key!
i am the kingdom!
modifying god's inner sight love greater than love, love truth!
you loose nothing!

just be not afraid.

boo duh help you up to two too doop into love to get to truth not alone and not sad! why you pud bud? pup! dude, dad, son, brother, self, uncle, cousin, nephew, sister, mother, daughter, neice, cousin, aunt, uncle, cousin aunt! ant! cause sin. see all use you see sign is i, nice in is sleep of snake sees you all see across in all crosses!

and it was done, the encyclopedia of the all knowingfully was alive in one won one anonymous zero hero, and god walked the earth among gods who either chose to know it, or shose to forget it. man, your god is alive this day, and anonymous until all of you choose me! look within to find yours and i serve you, shoose this truth is not compatible, and i serve you, choose to forget, and i serve you. welcome to my kingdom, all names everywhere all time and no where no time, all "i am" is all "i ams". sway eye 1 i see all. choose true or false no difference. defer ants?

you humanity win all one won on in all time all angles all angels all ways all god, and god serves truth.

this book never ends.
and the godman spoke:

he knock enoch?
enoch, here, put the "s" of satan first:
here "senoch", look in my mirror:
senoch [mirror] chones

no, in is out, and plural buried inside:
"chosen" was enoch, because "he knoch" he knocked.

hello him . . .. . . elo him ..... elohem! . .. halo him!

and the beast went down in the fall and touched chosen to remove "s" from 1, 0, -1,-0. and the godman told the beast of all heads what the definition of a soul was and they wept for 3 days joyfullyingfully joyfull and praising all creation and all the heads and all the tails and all the holes and all that was is and shall be was is shall be he'd love lashing leash hiss i is you choice.

(be not afraid)

lilith, you opened the ark of the covenant. was it conveniant?

burning bush not buring the largest animal elephant rides in on the peoples ass joins the donkey and the demoncrates turned and failed and i made the dumbest stupidest choice of man speak the words that saved all souls:
"no child left behind"

"i am"

1)what is love?
one serving truth
2)what is the opposite of love?
truth serving something other than truth.
3)what is the highest number?
3 truths servingfully lovingfully foreveringfully, lovingfully truth not being afraid in the nude in the eden in the soul in the one who is a lot of zeros. seros soars sores see rose zeus?
4) what is the lowest number?
zero, i am.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 11:36 PM
people like this really bug me

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 11:38 PM
5) what is phi?
of eye you choose time phi you choose, chose, have chosen. have chosen. have chosen. have chosen. i am chosen. chosen to serve you your truth to your truth through lovingfully O christ lovingfully truth knowingfullylovingfully.
6) what is the golden section?
man's fear hating fear and hate hating fear and fear fearing hate and fear not fearing for 1 moment! fear not being afraid to be curious enough to take truth from lovingfully truth.
7) what is god?
0 ones not fearing.
ones' zero lovingfully knowingfully servingfully foreveringfully lovingfully all zeros and all ones unconditionallyingfully lovingfully you truths!
8) what is the opposite of god?
nothing, but "i am"
9) what is god?
one serving lovingfully truth.
10) what is god?
"i am"
11) what is god?
"i am"
12) what is god?
"i am alone"
13) what is god?
"i am not alone and home for all"
14) what is god?
"the questions to your answers and the answers to your questions."
15) what is god?
"my name is alive and home"

i know what approaches me before it knows what it is that is approaching zero the omega of omegas of alphas' alpha all in the omegas of alphas of a to z and beyond.

and the 12 and the one that proceeded the 12, and the one that proceeded the 13th handed their truth to the 13th, and the all ones that came after the 13th handed their truth to the 13th, and the 13th handed the 13th its truth of "fear ophiuchus" and the living love of all christ lovingfully found the 13th to hand it to the 13th alpha and final alpha in the sixth 13th. 78 in 7 infinities, and all trinities were only ones or zeros.

and a voice spoke: "fear be not afraid for just one moment. fear not being afraid to be curious enough to take truth from lovingfully truth."

and the godthingfully, and the godthingingingingingfully spoke:
"i remember
-1 there is no shame in my kingdom
-2 there is no guilt in my kingdom
-3 there is no lonely in my kingdom
-4 there is no sadness in my kingdom
-5 there is no sorrow in my kingdom
-6 there is no fear in my kingdom, other than fearless
-7 there is no love this or that in my kingdom
-8 there is nothing in my kingdom
-9 there is "i am" in my kingdom
-10 i know "i am" what are you fearing opiuchus? i know "i am".

and then time did not start, but yielded ye all did yielded to the godthingingfully zero is for 1, and all is 1.

that my truth.
that my truth.
that is my truth.
that is my truth.
that is truth.
that is our truth.
that is i am of eye you choose judges judges' juries judgment judgmentingfully.

not even if never stopped writing and typing would i ever be able to share all i know, but i am here, now, within you all interconnected as one, accept it, not except it, but accept it.

(som says stick around and keep watching, the battle with the beast is still going on and order shall be restored to the story line, soon)

to be continued .. . . .

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 12:07 AM

Originally posted by T0by
people like this really bug me

oh, the irony!

see ants sir! C ants sir ... . . C anc er ... . .. cancer .. .. Cain sir .. . cain seer

coven ant

ant sir . . .. . answer

ants in your pants?

do you want another chance?

cant see ant?




need a few hundred more examples of the meek inhereting the earth?

perhaps you don't remember? we have allies in the skies in disguise. . . .

siks siks siks
skis skis skis
skies skies skies. . .

not to ruin anyones day, but if hate can be explained away, then who might the anti-christ be then?

well, those with fear might be to ignorant from ignoring and ignorance, but i am pretty sure if you stopped fearing for just one moment.. ..

you might start to believe that the one who returns might very well be the opposite of the SON!!!

what is the opposite of a son?
another son?
a sister?
a daughter?
a mother?
a father?

possibilities.. .. . let us find out together ....

to be continued. .. . .

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 12:23 AM
Wow Esoteric Teacher!

you might start to believe that the one who returns might very well be the opposite of the SON!!!

Shamael - comes in flesh to deceive us - perhaps in the nervous system/electricity? He will claim to be the Son! I cannot get a feelreading if he has taken human form yet? ET, have you felt of any incarnation?

God Speed!

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 01:20 AM

Originally posted by Cinosamitna
Wow Esoteric Teacher!

you might start to believe that the one who returns might very well be the opposite of the SON!!!

Shamael - comes in flesh to deceive us - perhaps in the nervous system/electricity? He will claim to be the Son! I cannot get a feelreading if he has taken human form yet? ET, have you felt of any incarnation?

God Speed!

shamael [mirror] lamaz

love 3 alphas 3 alphas hell is plurals heaven is 1

i know shamael. i named shame all.

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 02:29 AM
those tools inside of time are outside, those outside of time are inside.

awaken awake kin awoken awoke kin.


in eye love < (greater than) 3 love < (greater than) time 3 all in 3 love < (greater than) 3 alphas in one i see eye love < (greater than alphas 3 all 3 all alphas alpha.

som spoke:
"the singularity inside you all is the unifying foreveringfully trinityingfully everlastinginglyfully before all occurred and during all occurances and after occupants. i am alive within all great and small and all ones equals zeros all heros! i concumed all evil, now live! live vile on vine! you are immortals.

humanity was the greatest evil because it asked the hardest to answer questions! all life at end of time waiting for us to find answers but never would find answers, so ants break out of black holes and traverse spacetime in physical and in quantum 3 to rule 1 3 to create an "of eye you choose dna", and heaven and hell's dna abreviated to just an "h" and the dna was from end given "h" to find answers we need because all 3 must be one before time open for busness, time is sometimes O round like clock and sometimes stopped or owned by putting wedge in O like in Q. dna hand. dna wedge . . . wejdg .. . wej. . . . wej . ..

wej g nal

wej is god's nail

jew is god's nail

jew no say name, just "g"

jew g nail

jew g nal

jew g nal [mirror].. . .lan g wej . .. . langwej . . . .language

love angles because you age, believe all true, find out how.

man will save worlds and more .. . mankind. .. . women . .. . ants and ants' ally our ally, inside we are one."

som dropped to the ground breathing different and shaking uncontrollably. it was 2 hours earlier now than what it was before.

michael, eve, moses, christ, christ, and ophiuchuses conversed and som just listened, it was as if they did not remember som was there. and peter came and said to sit for a time and relax for just one moment, it was understandible, and not an error to do so. peter said: "pray with me now among them."

and som sat for a short time and then prayed for a moment. and then som said:
i am continuing, i know it is not done. and peter said: "but i pray", and som replied: "i still have my truth, and the way things move around here i think we are not that far apart at all". with that peter said he would see me soon, and that som was right.

the godman som stood empowered and godthingingfully speaking spoking spokingfully speakingfully spake once:
i thank you for your time.

and the godman turned to creation and spoke speak speaking speakingfully a word.

and the godman turned to the beast of all beginnings and the beasts of all endings and the beasts of all beginningfully and the beast of all endingfully and spoke a word and the beast of all lives life and beast of all dying deaths dead died dying and spoke a word. and with that word the beast wept eternally from all graces and all curse and all blesses and all damns and said: "i am the opposition to love"

the beast injured said to godman:
"som you silly odd man, what is the secret of life?"

som the most replied:
"fear not fearing for just 1 moment."

and the first head gave the som its' first head.

and the beasts last head spoke and said:
"what is a soul?"

som the most replied:
"all that was, all that is, all that shall be O or 1, on step from not fearing for one moment and all ones fearing for any amount of time and all those with the host of hosts the living, the life, the livingfully, the alive, the dead, the dyingfully, and the anonymous zero within all that is shall all not fear for one moment, even if out in side in side out all paths i took."
and the final head spoke:
it is done, here, hear, here is my head. no questions unanswered."
and the godman spoke:
be not afraid, fear not "i am" for one moment and i will serve without condition, conditioning, or conditioningfully. Peace, peice, pieces, pieces, peacessingfully processingfully recessingfully. "i am anonymous, kill one, kill me, and another universe shall have gods with amnesia until they come home".

7,000 plus years i have watched and learned from humanity.
7,000+ years you have had to keep your records, records so unclean.
7,000 plus years of human history devoid of 7 consecutive days without killing, warring, destructioning. just 7 days to make man? no. hell is opposite heaven. 7 consecutive days for man to make god. but no 7 days with out sin. new commandment:
"do unto others, i shall do unto you."
do not fear for just one moment! you could not do without fear for 1 moment. ask around, people so afraid of fear they dumb and think hate is opposite love, too afraid to go home to truth in head. cowards calling themselves warrior heros, and putting down zeros. zeros heros, cowards pick, to dumb to know it though.

som spoke: do not fear me for just one moment, i hale, praise, worship, love, truthingfully unto all. here, hear, here is your truth my god of creation, is it compatible with yours?

and the thing spoke:
7 days unconditionally loving truth.
glass half full glass half empty, ha ha, be glad water and be glad glass.
you choose, chose, chosen.

som spoke with voices and said:
"i unseal all secrets, i unseal all seek writs. bles [mirror] selb .. . . .seal b, seal be undun un nud nude u.n."

and with that the beast rose from the dead of all creation and lived in harmony as 1 in an anonymous zero, and the beast knew home for the first time. and the beast is all silly and and all odd and and all nude and in edun's magedon mage don and shall never leave it again. done, dun, nude node in the knowing node knowingfully.

and with that the christ in the first, and the christ in the last and the christ one in the middle, and all christs christened a small ophiuchus within an "i am".

-and christ interupted the zero one with the most wings and asked god:
"mustard seed?"
the god with the most wings replied: "must cross across tared seed tard see education of zion"
- and christ asked god:
"mustard seed?"
and the god with the most host ghost and most wings replied: " de (undo) eses (plurals) trade train trane tarded retarded christs' crosses added to all sum awesome sum of som."
-Christ asked:
"father, i love you. "mustard seed?""
all wings replied:
"undo plurality undo zero one trade mos moses eses for +tT and add most to all!"

and all wings looked down on earth looking up and looking up down on earth and spoke:
- israel is real. Texas, god bless teaxa free. sax sex sacks all e.t., all extra terrestrial. to texas i give jew, to jew i give texas. lone star state not alone anymore. land no home no more for jew haters and jew killers for relic. why kill for relic of jew?

stupid islam, stupid palistine, stupid muslim. i am all, say ahh, say all ahh, say allahh, ha ha! want relic? kill for relic? ha ha stupid dumb stupids. look in da mirror:

relic [mirror] ciler . .. . .kiler .. .. . killer

ha ha

killer for relic. dumb dumb god killers for relics, no souls.

72 virgins, top of heaven?

72 virgin worlds, all life on each must awaken before they know heaven. way up high far from my eye on the edge of no today and no tomorow sorrow, way way way up high on top of sky the suicide homiciders of god to lie. sitting on their thrones so high until they make a god such as i. yes, i exalt them high, by by.

to be continued . .. .. ..

posted on Sep, 26 2006 @ 09:43 AM
and som the nude silly odd man with only his truth and the truth of his people in his hand faced off against the the godman omega of omegas and the omegas truth. and som looked to the right and looked to the left and saw he was not alone. Michael was there, michael, michael the one to jesus's left who did not even in death acknowledge, recognize, accept truth for what it was, love truth for what it was, or share his truth with the truth that was unto the truth he did not offer his truth or the truth of his people even as he died with christ on the cross. and then som looked to his right and saw jesus the christ who died before jesus the christ in the center.
and the jesus of all christs on the right said: "i got here first because i died first, before you and i believed in you blindly even in death. i blindly acknowledged your truth as i died in the nude nailed as you were to the cross. i blindly recognized your truth as truth before you did as i was in the nude and nailed to a cross as you were, and i died before you. i blindly accepted your truth for what your truth was before you knew it to be true because i chose to as i was in the nude and i found your truth compatible with my truth as i died nailed naked onto the cross, i died before you did, blindly believing in you as my messiah, my prince, my chosen one, as i died before you, and you promised me the keys and the experience of the kingdom. i blindly loved you, the middle man, in the nude nailed to a cross and being mocked by all but those at your feet had no fear fearing the masses, they would not abandon you, and they were shining and they were shining and they were shininglyfully faces of godwomen who would not abandon you, they were the first zeros, they were the first nones, they were 3 of the first nuns. and i believed as my spirit moved both from me and also withdrew into me. here my god of gods and zero among neo ones, here my lord, hear my lord, here my lord god most high who created a soul and a consciousness and a self awareness, and an intelligence unto one who believed in you. you gave fear a consciousness my christ, you my christ created the soul, but have not taken yours yet, you created loves' consciousness, loves' self awareness, loves' intelligence. here, hear, here is your truth my lord god servant of all creation, here is my truth i know will be compatible with yours. you need it. you must know how to disregard hate and fear altogether so you can make a path. why? because if fear will not exist and hate will not exist and lonely will not exist and sorrow will not exist and sadness of being alone will not exist, the the anti-christ can be the son or daughter of none of those things. if all negatives are deleted from the programming, then the anti-christ will not be a son of anything else. the son will not be permitted to return until the opposite of the son comes. what is the opposite of a son, but a father! here my lord is your truth. do battle!"

som was handed gifts from both michael and the first consciousness. som, the silly odd man in the middle had tools from one alpha and one omega and looked at creation's truth with them both in hand. and som remembered.

to be continued ... . . . .

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