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Questions for SpaceGuy

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 10:39 PM
Hello SpaceGuy,

I'm inclined to beleive you are who you say you are, I just got done reading your replies on the Atlantis thread and you sound like a very credible guy, though a picture of you in Mission Control with a peice of paper with my username or UK-LIAR's username would be icing on the cake. I really hate liars like that guy, it really throws a wrench into credibillity of UFO stories and investigations.

I'm here as a mild skeptic, I find this kind of thing interesting, but I beleive nothing without hard proof, and if there are any way above top secret government alien conspiracys, we're not going to know about it, or be able to access the proof, so that's were my curiousity stays strong. Anyway, on to my questions for you, I'd like your answers or opinions, I ask you, because you have a more "inside view" on NASA

1.) I've heard talk, and even have a transcription of Neil Armstrong reporting to see UFO's on the moon. Have you heard this same story? If you are interested I'd be happy to find a link to the transcription for you. Do you think there could be any credibility? I've been on the lookout for a video of him saying this, or at least some audio. If I could find that kind of proof, I'd beleive the guy, I mean, he's been there

2.) Are you interested in the UFO subject, or at least done some reading, seen some History Channel specials on the subject? I personally think that "aliens" of some sort have been here, at least at one time. Do you think it impossible? Can every strange thing we've seen in NASA photos and amateur photos be explained in "down to earth" terms?

That was many questions in one, lol, sorry. But if you don't mind I'd like to hear your full take on this subject. This website is nice, and there are a lot of interesting threads, but I rarely see any hard proof here, and many people here don't want to accept explanations from people in higher places. NASA isn't the CIA, so I personally would find you credible.

Thanks much.

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