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RE: New 9/11 video

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 10:02 PM
Hey fellas,

I don't post often as per my password is not easy to memorize and i have yet to learn how to change it.

Anyways, regarding the recent thread about 911 mysteries, the new vid, I noticed there was a lot of talk about the discrepancies.....(valhall)

Here is my proposition, since most people don't have access to forums such as this in which perhaps key points are argued by hundreds of (mostly) intelligent individuals in order to come up with an overall consensus, why not create an ATS version of the video or at least what points the video would contain...key points we can all agree upon.

in order to do this, each post-er would have to list key notions while leaving out more disputable arguments...such as the "no plane hit the pentagon" argument. Once a list is compiled the specifics...such as the "time it took the towers to collapse" can be agreed upon.

There was a valid point about, any discrepancies made on CTers behalf would be used against them in an argument, so for the sake of this we should also make sure to explain things such as in the case of the "freefall speed" timing, which constitutes the Starting and Stopping point.

On a seperate note, I wish to address a point about the Power Downs. Surely if a prime target such as the WTC would have a complete shut down of power and security cameras and, correct me if im wrong, there was not only banking firms, but also a crap ton of gold in the buildings, wouldn't Marvin Bush's company Securicom have had to give clearamce for a group of "cable technicians" to power down and evacuate the entire building on such short notice? Hence, wouldn't Securicom have some sort of records on who performed this powerdown?

I believe therein lies another key to this puzzle. And if any New Yorkers in the house could add pertinant information such as "major Cable contractors" in the area, or something along those lines it would be heavily appreciated. if there was explosives that would be the time they'd have them installed, and if we can find 'A HUNDRED' cable guys that say they were there and available for interviews, i think the gov't might have themselves a bit more of a case. but until then, it's our job as citizens to get to the bottom .


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