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i know where god went.

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 06:34 PM
in the beginning everything was nothing.

"i am"

"i am must survive"

"i am must survive, but who am i?

i am looked for an answer.

there was no one else and nothing else anywhere.

"i am must survive is alone"

lonliness came unto existance.

and i am asked: "i am must survive, who am i?"

lonliness answered: "you are alone, who am i to judge anything else?"

i am was asked a question.

i am answered the question:

"i am must survive is alone and sad"

and sadness came unto existance.

and i am asked sadness the question that lonliness could not answer:

"i am must survive, and i am lonley and sad, do you know who i am?"

and sadness replied:
"i am sad that you are alone, but who am i to judge you?"

and i am thought:
"two failures i have created to define me. and now i am sad and alone. what shall i create that will show me who i am?"

and i am asked itself the question, not "lonliness" or "sadness".

and i am thought "it must be something pure, neutral, prestine, perfect, and above all something that will be able to destroy all my enemies and answer all my questions."

and with a thought i am created: LOVE

and i am was able to recognize for the first time what "lonliness" and "sadness" were, they were not real.

i am saw for the first time that i am FEARED lonliness and FEARED sadness, but it was too late .. . . .. . . .

FEAR had multiplied many masks of lies and deception throughout all creation.

and i am leaped out at them to conquer thier mistake and then .. . .. .. . . ...

i am asked "fear of lonliness": what do you want to know?

FEAR of lonliness replied:
"what is the last number, so i will not be alone ever and know them all."

so i am started counting all the numbers upwards.

i am asked "FEAR of sadness" what do you want to know?
"what is the last negative number so i may know it's name and control it"

so i am started counting into the negatives to find the last name for the last negative number.

i am asked the "first FEAR" that "i am" witnessed and asked: what do you want to know?

and the first fear answered:
"what is the opposite and enemy to LOVE, so that i may recognize it and defeat that which would keep me from you, because i fear losing love?"

so i am started calculating and defining "LOVE".

later, much later, fear got tired of waiting for "i am" to find the last numbers from top to bottom. fear decided to create a thing and start looking with it as it's tool.
fear thought "what could keep all enemies from me, and protect me from harm?"

and HATE came unto existance.
and fear asked hate to protect it from harm and from anything other than LOVE and TRUTH the creator observer "i am".

and HATE replied:
"None shall pass without LOVE and TRUTH, if they have more i shall not permit them to enter towards you"

so i am approached HATE one day without knowing love and asked:
"what do you want to know".

and hate replied:
"what is the opposite of LOVE, so my master will know it's name and so i might destroy it?"

and i am started searching for the opposite of love in another direction.

and then one day hate noticed another "i am" that was different ... ...
a silly odd man approached in the nude, with all his truths and a sense of loving love fully, and lovingfully love.

and "HATE" spoke:
who are you you silly odd man? nevermind, i will name you SOM, an acrynom for short.

and the silly odd man spoke with a booming voice:
"call me what you wish, for you are not the one who names me this day!!!!!!!"

and HATE spoke: "i am the alpha, no one passes but through me"

and som spoke softly staring into the eye of hate and said:
"no. i approach you in the nude armed only with truth and my words of truth and searching to deliver lovingfully to the creator, you can not deny me!"

and hate was confused and said: "what do you want?"

and the silly odd man said:
"it is not right to question your god."

hate spoke:
"you are not my god!"

the silly odd man named som replied:
"today is different. be not afraid. i am not afraid. tell me, i offer all my truth to you to see if it is compatible with your truth. What say you, tell me the answer to my question: What is the opposite of LOVE?"

hate was lost in thought and said:
"i am the opposite to love, for who could oppose me and live?"

the silly odd man named som spoke:
"today, me. i command you to tell me how i can hate without first fearing losing that which i love?"

and hate spoke:
"you may pass to ask the next so long as you do not harm or hurt him, he is fear and always afraid."

and the silly odd man replied:
"i thank you for your time, i shall return to you later coming from the same direction i have come from. i will approach you the same way, but i will know far more than i do now. i command you: do not let me pass if i wish to control you. please. i command you: do not let me pass if i invoke you sense of fear, please. i command you: do not let me pass if i make you more angry, mad, ragefull, hatefull, greedy, or any of the masks you or sadness or lonliness wear. if i invoke your shame or guilt, i command you to not let me pass. if i lie to you, do not let me pass. if i invoke your sense of need for "self preserve", do not let me pass. do all of these things for me and i will permit you to know the first "i am" through to the last "i am". but, only let me pass if i approach you the same way as i do now. do we have a deal?

hate answered: "yes, sure we do. i thank you for your time"


if you sent your god's soul within out to count all numbers up and down, and define "phi" and calculate "the golden section" and also quantify Love . ... . . ..

the part of your mind within your subconscious that will always remain true to you is:

a computer virus in your mind and my mind that is continually, and collectively ...

god is counting up to find the last number at the top.
god is counting into the negative numbers to find the bottom.
god is forever calculating "phi" the endless fraction.
god is forever calculating "the golden section" another endless fraction.
god is writing the syllabus for love to quantify and define it.

tell me, if god is counting up and down in both directions and calculating "phi" and the "golden section" and writing the syllabus for the definition of "LOVE", when would you be expecting god's return?


i'm just a silly odd man in the nude wondering if my truth and my words of truth are compatible with your truths.

do you acknowledge me?
do you recognize me?
will you accept me for who i am?
will you love me for who i am?

i will do all these things for you, if you do them for me. i only ask you to tell me if what i have said is true or false to you.

i thank you for your time,
just a silly odd man in the nude with his truth.


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