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Who Is It Conspiring To Keep The Media Quite On Iraq?

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 06:22 PM
Bush43 War of Choice in Iraq KIA Exceed Nine Eleven Event. Yet we hear not a word from the ABC CBS NBC CNN big 4 of the electronic media. The NYT has already sold out to the Neo Con Theory of War and Peace. The W-Post is worried it may lose circulation to the W-Times.

America pre-emptively struck Iraq on March 18, 2003. The tippling of the moribund Hussein regime proved to be a “cake walk” re-run of the First Gulf War under farther Bush41. In 2003 it was strongly suggested that Bush43 was exacting personal family revenge on Iraq for what our own intelligence sources said was a failed attempt on Bush41. Hey, if you can’t take care of your family, who can you take care of? I mean, what’s this being president all about anyway? Is it not the biggest opportunity in this land of big opportunities?

Then, on May 1, in a carefully orchestrated photo-op on the flight deck of the Abraham Lincoln “parked” just off the California coast, wanna-be pilot Bush43 jumped around on the in a ‘borrowed?’ air crew jump suit and boastfully proclaimed, “Mission Accomplished” before staged television cameras. Spin with a vengeance! And then we slept. Lacking a plan for post Saddam, we slept. Meanwhile, all those we had insulted and denied the opportunity to “turn” to help their newly freed country, we relied on the same advice from Ahmad Chalabi, the single source of ‘WMD yes’ data and who admitted on 60 Minutes he was being paid $250,000 a month by the CIA. Hey, you get what you pay for!

Then we had to endure the victory-is-around-the-corner claims when Saddam was given up by his distant relatives for $25 million in gold - 3,500 pounds - US citizenship and US Marshal identities. Within weeks that was forlorn hope was found wanting as the violence in Iraq increased, not decreased.

Never said to be a quick learner, Bush43 again showed up on daytime tv to announce that al Zarqawi had been killed. Not captured, but killed. In fact, that episode is so murkey, it seems more likely Zarqawi was captured alive but the White House, deeply disappointed over the lack of our kind of progress in the Hussein trial, decided it could not afford a second ‘Judge Judy Show’ in Iraq. The WH ordered the coup de grace for Zarqawi. Not that he did not deserve it, but hey, we are supposed to be the good guys, the law and order guys, the guys who are decent, and honorable. Hmm?

Who said honor was the first casualty of war?

Today is a watershed event in the Bush43 War on Terror. Popularly referred to as the ‘WOT.’ Today it was reported that the KIA toll of American GIs - we don’t count any others - in Iraq and Afghan was 2,474, the GI being in Iraq. Americans are not told how many Iraqi and Afghans we have killed in the process of restoring our sense of manhood. We have succeeded in trashing the Middle East - our junior partner Israel - just bombed Lebanon back into the stone age, a project we seem unusually good at. A technique we learned at Dresden. OTOH, nation building is not our forte, but blowing up things, heck, we’re as good as any suicide bomber you’ll likely encounter! And heck, when we miss the target? That’s collateral damage. The fortunes of war. Or misfortune, depending on which end of the bomb you are situated.

So how’s it going in Afghan? Bad! The Taliban is back. Our hand picked democratic government has gone full bore into the heroin business. The Taliban don’t allow such stuff. Hmm? Progress? Iraq? Even worse than Afghan. We keep bragging how much progress we are making in Iraq. Just last week, in the run-up for the November 7 election, as instructed, the General in Charge in Iraq said we’d be standing down by Christmas! Hey that’s votes in the bank! The public’s memory is so short they’ll forget the missing WMDs.

But oops! Barely a week later, the General in Charge in Iraq had to change his tune. Now, he admits we can’t find the tunnel yet! Was he lying the week before? Or just dumb? Is it any wonder we can’t do anything right except pay Halliburton’s phoney bills?

So where are our journalists? Where are the rich and famous who rely on the First Amendment to sell their papers all the while pandering to the Gang of Four, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.

posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 06:55 PM
is this a joke ?

who is paying the media to ignore

darfur and the entire African continent

all of asia

all of south america

all of central america

the media is constantly bombarding us with all things Iraq, on a daily basis.


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