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Two Experiences

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 12:54 PM
The accounts being told are as acurate as I can relay, as they both happened well over 10 years ago.

The first account is a background account told to me by my aunt and several independant witnesses. To my knowledge, this is the first time this account has been relayed to any type of community outside of the neighborhood they lived in. No investigations were made, no police were called. (Mostly because several of the people in question were people that distrusted the police for various reasons, including a vietnam veteran.)

To begin, it was the early 80's and it was in rural Mid-Michigan, USA. My aunt was sleeping and her husband was watching television. My aunt recalls waking up but not being able to move her body. From her position in the bedroom, she could see her husband watching television, and beyong him she could see her toddler son, my cousin about 2/3 years old, in the dining area toward the back of the house. He was not more than 25 feet away from my aunt, and she could see him very clearly, though she could barely see her husband, as if he was behind some sort of 'fog'. (Her word to describe it).

As mentioned, her son was sitting in the dining area but he was not alone. With him were 4 beings no more than 4 foot tall. She described them as one would expect the 'grays' to be described. They were bald, dark eyes, long fingers, naked, and they didn't talk. She tried to call out to her husband but couldn't. She couldn't understand why he was letting the beings around their. She cant give me any kind of indicitation as to how long this lasted, she feels it was a long time, but she couldn't be sure.

Almost as suddenly as it started, it was over. She remembers JUMPING out of bed, running into the dining room and grabbing my cousin. Her husband jumped out of his chair and followed her out the door as she ran into the road. She was met in the road by her neighbor who was looking at the sky over her backyard, and on turning, she saw the ending of what her neighbor called 'One hell of a light show'. Her husband has no recollection of anything that happened in front of him. He remembers the 20/20 program he watched, and has no idea why my aunt ran outside, and he was not quick enough to see the lights.

Second Account. This is my personal experience. It is up to the reader to believe me or not and I sincerely welcome all interpretations of my experience.

My cousin was 9 and I was 13. This happened in the early 1993 and was also in rural Mid-Michigan, USA. We were at my grandparents house. My cousin asked me if I had ever seen the show 'Highlander' and wanted to stay up late to watch it. (It was on about 12/1 in the morning in our area at the time. So our plan was to stay up and watch the show.

After watching the show, we both went to bed. At 3:03 (I know it was 3:03 because for a reason I cannot explain I wake up at 3:03 AM many nights during the week and I have since I was an infant.) I wake up and see my cousin standing in front of a wide window, sillhoetted (sp) by an orangish light coming from the field. I wake up and walk over to the window and see what looks like a massive fire being raked up by men in raditation suits. I think for a moment that I need to tell grandpa that the field is on fire, and as I am looking, the men stop raking, one of them turns to us and raises his hand, as if in greeting, and then they all step into the center of the 'fire' and the entire thing vanishes.

I look at my cousin and he looks at me and I tell him that the fire is out and we dont need to tell grandfather. Then we go to be and dont wake up until the next morning. I tell my cousin about the weird dream I had last night, and as I am telling him, he raises his hand to me in a similar fashion to what the man did and said, it wasn't a dream. He then tells me he sees it a lot, but no one ever believes him.

More to follow.

posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 01:00 PM
That afternoon, I went out into the field, and saw footprints in the dirt. It was evidence that someone was standing there, but as the kids often played in the field, it wasnt really evidence of anything else. I looked for rake marks, as I thought the were using big lawn rakes to rake out a fire, but there were none.

An interesting footnote to this story is that 2 years later I was at the library looking at a book called something like "Big Enclyclopedia of Monsters" or similar and there was a drawing by someone in Germany that described nearly EXACTLY what we saw. Although, that person's account had them using a type of 'sweeper' instead of a rake, as if they were sweeping for radiation or something.

However, my mind saw a rake, as i was not familiar with such concepts or gizmos.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my account.



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