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The end of least the discussion therof

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 04:38 AM
What does anyone hope in discussing conspiracies such as aliens, JFK, etc?

Is it conceivable that it may be because deep inside we hope there will be a secret insider who will finally surface and tell us a deep truth that we didnt already know?

And what then...what if someone did disclose U.F.O.s, would people be happy then or look for the next "hidden" thrill. (i.e. we dont even exist.)

It seems that inherit to us is the desire to be, to find out, that which is beyond us now at this moment. That is neither here nor there, nor is it necessarily good or bad. (That, is basically a matter of perspective.)

My main point is this.
Everyone here, including myself, has spent time trying to uncover the answerst to things that we feel are hidden from us or that we dont clearly understand.

But to what end?
At a certain point, you either know, or you dont know.
Where we are now, there is no concrete fact for the following:

- souls, U.F.O.s (unless you personally have experience, but dont expect people to believe you without solid verifiable facts.), what really happened to J.F.K., etc.

How do we expect to get the information. Is it like a crime scene where clues are left behind and we can piece it together. Perhaps, but consider this, if there is a global conspiracy, you are only tipping the ice berg, and what facts you have are not pertinent, because your missing the whole point altogether of what really matters.

Lets take Alex Jones.
He rambles and raves against the system. But awhile back it was said he reported someone who actually wanted to go against the system to protect himself.
I saw a video where he was talking about vaccines how they are to give you cancer...but thats not enough...he went on to say that you can get the cancer from just being around people with the vaccine. (Fear factor, fear creates cancer, forget the vaccine, you are only as strong as you believe.)
And the grandest of all, his bohemian grove unveiling.
He snuck in because he said he was part of the "hillbillies" which is a code name for one of the groups there. First of all, this is so secret, how the heck did he find our something like the hillbillies. This is all a joke to polarize people. Think about this, all duality. If there werent an Alex JOnes, it wouldnt be fun, or the system wouldnt stick together. There is a thread of truth in all of the things said, but you have to take out the "leaven" to get the point.

CAse and point, David Icke...his whole spill on "all is O.K." then he sends out a rant email about not having money and no one will give him money for a newsletter, etc.
So much for the speeches he has on creating your own reality. I guess his reality is to continue to willfully live in fear of finances.

So to summarize a point...good & bad, black and white, its like Eckhart said, "its as if people are pocessed and dont even realize it."

If there is a conspiracy, I bet someone is playing a video game and we actually believe we are real. :-)

But in the long run, back to the title of the you want to know whats happening?
Then talk to the illumanati, talk to Bush or someone high up.
The question is, you would never know whether to believe them.

So can you find the truth? Perhaps. But have fun and lighten up while you do it, try not to get poloarized and gripped by any one side...if a fear factor pops up...then you are being polarized.

Life is fun. Enjoy the game while it last, and you may find something.



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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 07:48 AM
there is only one truth behind just about every conpiracy therory on here. it all connects. aliens, the all seeing eye, evolution theory, 911, masons, reptiles, all has one root. its very easy to see and once you do, the world you live in becomes a new place. centuries of planning is now unfolding. look thru the ages, its all there.

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