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Assassin. (Please add on.)

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 10:40 PM
The sky is a thunderous black and white, the air hard to breathe, the smell is un-nerving. The eyes can warp into the distance; there are steep edges all around, like mountainous scars disfiguring the cold landscape.

A baron landscape, literally like no other that has been seen before.

Suddenly there is a flash of bright light, not like lightning, and a thunderous noise, not like thunder. A figure appears on the horizon lit brilliantly by the thundering sky.

It is a man, well built and tall, with short jet black hair and piercing dark brown eyes. He is armed to the teeth with various varieties of weaponary and he wears a long black leather jacket.

"Wh..What the hell! Where am I? What is this place? why can't i remember anything?"

The man has lost his memory, perhaps amnesia? or is it intentional? the man seems confused and agitated, but he just sits there thinking silently.

'What the hell is going on'

The man stands up quickly, he then starts rummaging through his pockets. He finds something, it looks like a small piece of paper, and he quickly unravels the piece of paper to expose two words: Six Objectives.

"Six objectives! what on earth does that mean?"

Problem is this doesn't look like earth, but instead of being confused by his current situation, the man remains calm. He reaches into the vest he's wearing under his long black jacket, and reveals a pencil. He scribbles something down on the paper and then speaks.

"Huh... same hand writing I did write this! Why can't I remember anything?"

The man starts to look around, but... there is nothing; he is tired and stressed so decides to make camp for the night. No fire could be lit as everything is so damp, so the man retires to his tent. The tent is flagging from the strong wind and it is cold but the man exhausted manages to sleep.

The man dreams and then awakes all of a sudden. He lets out a loud shrill of a noise as if in pain. He clutches his head and rolls around on the stony base of the tent. He then stands up and says:

"My memory... I can remember something!!.... Um..... Objective 1! thats it"

The man starts moving with purpose....

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 08:29 PM
It was as if his memory had been selectively erased and had things added in that he was pretty sure he had not known before. There were small shrubs on the ground that he knew by simply picking up and sticking his finger through the roots he could get an honest sum of water from it. Other things he was not so lucky to retrieve from his memory, like his name for instance, it took quite a while just to remember that at one point he even had a name. It was easy to tell where a memory had been erased; when he tried to recall something, there was a dark hazy blackness where there should have been information.

The first objective that came to his mind so painfully caused a slight nose bleed. After wiping the blood away and trying to make out what the first objective could’ve been from his muddled memory he walked on in the direction of the rising sun. Though everything else in his memory was hard to make out there was an odd rock formation in the forefront of his mind that seemingly had a label under it as “objective one”.

The rolling dunes quickly gave way to thicker sand and rocky landscape with much larger shrubs dotting the ground and further on the horizon. These shrubs resembled the ones in his memory, but not entirely as these had large orange and red spines sticking out of them at odd angles. Best to stay away from them until there purpose is revealed.

He hardly realized it until he nearly stumbled on the rock formation labeled “objective one” in his memory, like déjà vu he eyed it looking for any peculiarities. They looked like any other rock on the ground except larger. They ranged in size from fists to the size of a man and jutted out of the landscape as though placed there by someone imitating a crystal formation. He touched one and noticed something peculiar. The texture of the rock was smooth with a powder coating on it. This powder coating, likely sand blown from the wind, came off with his touch and revealed a perfectly formed crystal, clear with a blue tinge to it. All of the rocks in this formation as it turned out were crystals with the exception of one. In the middle of the formation, this rock was heavier than the others and had a small rocky shaped hole in it as if it were a keyhole for something. He picked up one of the smaller crystals intuitively and jammed it in and slowly the rock started sliding downward into the sands revealing a tunnel perfectly formed for a man to fit inside.

The tunnel was nearly seven feet tall and three feet wide, large enough for him, but still enough to crowd a man this tunnel could get tight real fast. He withdrew a pistol grip stockless shotgun that was attached to his leg. Thankfully whoever erased his memory left the information of weaponry intact, he flicked off the safety and pumped once hearing the sound of a cartridge enter the breach. He was deadly now.

Slowly the ground started sloping downward and widening as it did so. There were no other side passages and there was no visible source of light, it was as if there was some form of ambient hidden lighting showing the way down the tunnel. He nearly tripped on a rock but was quick enough to stop himself form doing so. After bending over to take a look at this rock he realized it wasn’t a rock at all, but a perfectly preserved skull with an unusual looking helmet covering it. The helmet was very light and had what looked like a light built into the side. On the back of it was written the name: Riaz. The name didn’t sound familiar, but he took the helmet anyway and did a shock test against the wall. Part of the rock wall crumbled away to the floor. This was surprisingly strong material, it could serve well so he put it on and found a visor flip down providing him with a heads up display that provided an unusual form of night vision. Thankfully he put the helmet on at that time, for what he saw in the chamber before him made his heart skip a beat.

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 11:27 PM
Standing further up the tunnel, the infrared visor revealed a creature, and it wasn't human! It moved towards the man slowly, as if it was scared, but he was taking no chances and raised his shotgun aiming it at the creatures head. The creature stopped and then shouted.

"Not shoot!! Not shoot!!! I Kelmar"

The man becomes dazed for a second. He’s remembering something. The name is familiar but he's not sure why, he lowers the shotgun.

"Come... come have waiting for you"

The creature beckons in front of him, but the man beckons the creature to go first, pointing the shotgun towards it. The creature complies. Whilst walking down the tunnel that seems to be going on forever, the man observes the creature.

It is a tall beast with a thin head and three horn like structures petruding off the front of its large bald head. It wore a dark cloak that looked leathery, and a strange looking belt with what seemed to be a sword attached to it. Along with some other instruments the man didn’t recognise.

Finally the tunnel filled out into a large cavern, in the rock face up ahead was a black door with no hinges or lever to open it. Kelmar lifted his long scaly arm; on his wrist is some sort of device. He taps the device several times and the door opens.

posted on Oct, 8 2006 @ 10:44 PM
From the darkness of a hellish excuse for a landscape stood a figure, cold eyes gleaming out into the night, slowly watching for movement, as checking for life was a significant part of survival.

As he surveyed the landscape around him he was caught within a large gale, and as the wind whipped his face, so too did bullets of rain, scattering across the earth.

He waited for a short time, then raised his hood and began to move, as it became harder and harder to see he stood still and clasped his eyes shut, perhaps for a moment- but maybe longer- they remained closed until he opened them, and as he did a faint blue glow escaped from them, and the land became a magnificent haven of all azure.

Although the rain still continued to fall at an alarming rate, he was able to see clean details of the land around him, still as depressing as ever- if not more because of his vision.

Except, with the rain falling around him and the queer shade that the world had suddenly taken, everything became extraordinarily beautiful- Too him, anyway.

After admiring how amazing everything appeared to him for some time, he shook off the feeling of awe, then remembered what he had to do.

He was an assassin, the best, perhaps, sent to kill another, one- whom by his own desires had his memory erased so that he could carry out his next task with precision skill, no soul, no pain, no thought. But this Assassin's duty was to kill him- not out of his own wishes, no, part because he was required to do so else his life, part because of the large commission he was getting paid to do so.

Either way, the other would fall.

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