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Education authorities - Is this some sort of joke?!

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 12:52 PM

Okay some background info -

When I was in year 7and 8 (First year and second year of highschool) I was going through some very bad stuff, so I left school. Went back a month or so later only to end up in hospital for being different.

After that i've sort of grown a 'school phobia'. Those who know me will know I am a agoraphobic, and I just can't stand being in big groups of people - especially ones I do not know.

Education authoritys did sweet F all, even though me and my mom were constantly asking for home education to be sorted out.

I went to a new school, and lasted about 4 days - thats how bad I find it.

Three years have now passed and only in the last about 3months have I started getting home education.

I went to a school the other week. A center for kids like me who are very anxious - They forgot to tell me it's also mixed with all the bullies that all the other schools refuse to have. What a great combination ey?! I went for my first day and spent the whole day getting bullied by everyone who saw me. Only good thing was I outsmarted them all
dumb little *grrs*

I refused to go back as they told me I would be put in a group of a few quiet girls and thats it... Not I would be in a class of horrible kids all day with teachers who dont care when the kids swear and smoke!!! Plus I am NOT going to school to be bullied! Ive had enough of that in the past.

My mom rang up on the first day I refused to go back and told them I wasnt coming in untill we had a meeting about the situation. The secutary said she would pass the message on... and guess what?!

She didn't...

Now we are in trouble with education authorities for 'not telling them' that I wasnt going to come in....

I AM SO ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three years Ive been begging them to sort my education out! and now when I dont go in for a week they have a go at us?!

It's beyond a joke!!!!!!



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