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Dragon Skin Body Armor (without plates) passes the test!!!

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 11:53 AM

Panic is rampant today inside one sector of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) as word spreads that Pinnacle Armor's Dragon Skin flexible body armor passed the ballistic tests conducted Monday and Tuesday at United States Test Laboratory in Wichita, Kansas, on behalf of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Formal certification by NIJ of Dragon Skin for Level III protection is expected within the next few weeks.

Unlike the buggy-whip manufacturers who tried to ignore the foreseeable consequences the internal combustion engine would have on their products, the rigid ballistic-protective plate manufacturers fully comprehend the probable results of NIJ's certification. They will no doubt redouble their efforts to keep Congress from asking the tough questions about Army and Marine Corps fraudulent misrepresentations on this issue of life-or-death importance: What is the best-available body armor that our troops should be wearing?

A former President of Point Blank Body Armor, Inc., James Magee, Colonel, USMC (Ret.), had this to say when informed of the NIJ test results, "If Dragon Skin is NIJ certified for Level III protection, it will be the only body armor in the world that doesn't require augmentation with additional plates to achieve this level of ballistic protection."

The potential consequences of NIJ certifying Pinnacle Armor's Dragon Skin cannot be overstated. In an earlier interview, Magee said that if DOD were to ever decide to make Dragon Skin its standard-issue body armor, due to some event like NIJ certification, "... of 23 body armor companies in the US, 18 would go away and the remaining 5 largest would either buy Pinnacle Armor, or buy licenses to produce Dragon Skin."

In this same interview, Magee said, "Dragon Skin is hands down, the best body armor out there by two generations." His view has now gained crucial, independent confirmation as a result of this week's test results.

I KNEW IT. My money was on this new Dragon Skin body armor. All that trash talking was just to protect their market share. This body armor is far superior than the Interceptor. After all its only the soft armor part where its considered level 3 protection. Which can stop 7.62 rounds. And thats without the plates!!!

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 11:56 AM
I've also heard that they've managed to come up with a new Kevlar system that is force reactive. What that means is that when little force is being applied to the Kevlar, it's soft and flexible enough to wear in places not normally protected. When the force sharply increases, it toughens up in a millisecond providing nearly equal protection to that of a regular vest.

Just thought I'd share.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 12:06 PM
You talking about the shear thickening fluid. In hopes that it could protect all parts of the body without constricting.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 02:26 PM
Well, but Dragon Skin failed in most recent Army tests against Interceptor. To tell you truth I'm not surprised plate armoour was always superior to scale armour. Dragons skin may have better protected sides but when hit to the chest or back Interceptor ceramic plates are still the best.

The reason why some organisations like Secret Service or private contractors prefer it is because it's more flexible and has all around protection, and it's not so noticeable when you wear it, not because it offers better protection.

[edit on 22-9-2006 by longbow]

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 03:26 PM
Yes there is a fluid based armor that will be the next generation above Dragon Skin, based on the fact it is based on simple nano principals. How ever how it matches up will be left for time to tell. It is expected to resist multiple large caliber machinge gun fire though.

What bothers me the most, is that service members were forced to keep defective armor, over obvious better kinds, even previously developed.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 04:42 PM
So, soft Dragonskin is at least equal to Interceptor plated armor, correct?

Can Dragonskin be augmented with plates to stop armor-piercing threats?


posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 05:45 PM
No, interceptor with plates is level IV armour, this dragonskin is just lvl 3.

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 07:00 PM

This is a chart showing what level III protection provides.

I did notice something from the Dragon Skin official website however.

Level III

7.62 x 63 mm 180 GR, SP 2540 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54 mm 147 GR, FMJ 2786 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54 mm 180 GR, FMJ 2630 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 51 mm 148 GR, FMJ 2780 ft./sec. + 30-0
7.62 x 39 mm 150 GR, FMJ 2400 ft./sec. + 100-0
5.45 x 39 mm 54 GR, FMJ 3000 ft./sec. + 100-0
5.56 x 45 mm 55 GR, FMC 3000 ft./sec. + 100-0

Level IV

7.62 x 63 mm 166 GR, M2 AP 2880 ft./sec. + 30-0
7.92 x 57 mm GR, mild steel core (LPS) 2415 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54R mm 155 GR, steel case, armor piercing incendiary B32 2850 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54R mm 184 GR, steel case, armor piercing B30 2850 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54R mm 153 GR, steel case, armor piercing incendiary type 53 2675 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54R mm 148 GR, steel case, hardened steel core type 53 3000 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 54R mm 147 GR, steel case, mild steel core (LPS) 2723 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 51 mm 151 GR, M61 AP 2800 ft./sec. + 100-0
7.62 x 39 mm 120 GR, armor piercing incendiary BZ 2500 ft./sec. + 50-0
7.62 x 39 mm 118 GR, armor piercing incendiary type 56 2500 ft./sec. + 50-0
7.62 x 39 mm 122 GR, steel case mild steel core (PS) 2300 ft./sec. + 100-0
5.56 x 45 mm 62 GR, M855 (SS109 Green tip) 3200 ft./sec. + 100-0
5.45 x 39 mm 53 GR, 7N6 2920 ft./sec. + 100-0
5.45 x 39 mm 57 GR, 7N10 3051 ft./sec. + 100-0

Level V

7.62 x 54R mm 187 GR, steel case, armor piercing incendiary BS40 Classified
7.62 x 51 mm GR, M948 Classified
7.62 x 51 mm 126.5 GR, M993 Classified
5.56 x 45 mm 52.5 GR, M995 Classified

Never knew much about level V armor protection.

However, I notice something about Dragon Skin's development on such armor protection.

Pinnacle Armor Inc.'s most advanced ballistic hard armor, their Level IV "+" ceramic composite flexible body armor will defeat multiple hits of 7.62x51mm AP rounds, like the Winchester/Olin .308 SLAP (Saboted Light Armour-Penetrating) round, which utilizes a tungsten sabot bullet. This particular level of ballistic protection will only be available to military end-users, although it's not available quite yet. However, it's expected to be ready for U.S. military use in the first quarter of 2006. Understand, again, that we're talking about Pinnacle Armor's unique and superior version of level IV body armor/ballistic protection, not your conventional, run-of-the-mill NIJ level IV SAPI protection. Pinnacle Armor Inc's unique Level IV "+" flexible ceramic hard armor will successfully take many more hits than conventional/standard NIJ Level IV SAPI plates, and provides coverage over a much greater surface area. In other words, it provides for more complete torso coverage, all the way up to total coverage.

So they developed an armor vest that provides Level IV "+" which means level V protection and that means that the chart level V is real.

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 01:26 AM

Dragon Skin Body Armor (without plates) passes the test!!!

now that statement is borederline dishonest from the get go , " dragonskin " is comprised of overlocking plates - that is the back bone of the armour . the plates are permanant and integral .

further more , unlike interceptor and other " pouch n plate " systems you cannot tailor the protection , and most importantmass to the anticipated threat

dragon skin is an " all or nothing " protection scheme , you have two choices , put it on , or take it off

also it has limited upgrade potential [ that i can see ] interceptor , and other puch / plate augmented systems have various grages of plate , ALL user servicable .

can a soldier uprate dragonskin in the feild ?

the us military [ any military , for that matter ] cannot slavishly adopt every single new sniney toy , just because the manufactures hype says " its the best " ,

just assume they do adopt dragonskin , @ huge cost -- and suppose in 6 weeks time another manufacturer creates a newer armour system , which is claimed to be even better , lighter etc etc

what then - are people going to advocate throwing away the " junk " dragonskin ?????????

at least the intercetor is bought and paid for , and can benefit from any development in plate technology , instantly .

just a few thoughts to bear in mind

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 10:22 PM
I find it interesting how experts of the millitary buarcacy defend it. "its great to have gear a few years to months outdated". You think that crap works in real wars where one side is poised to take over the other in world war? They didn't do it then, when something good and new came they used it as fast as they could in the front lines.

Radio, U2 rockets, carriers, think people should have waited 6 months to couple year before using those?

Think the solviets when being invaded by germany in WW2 could wait, about the development of SMG's or tanks? They had enough to deal with stalins purges, and other mishaps of the regime, if they used the beuacracy, red-tape, and corruptive bias for a certain company, they would have lost the whole front.

Things in the modern day, move faster, way faster then 30-40's and we should acomidate that, instead of moving slower. Good tools that quickly are put to the front lines make the difference between winning a world war, and losing it.

Every now and then you see specials of prototype werid weapons of the germans and japanese of late WW2 that were olny in the test phases, were they put on mass production and used, they could have made a difference. The still testing prototype has never won anyone a single battle : )

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