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911 and The Coming Cancer Plague

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 11:47 AM
I was wondering about what will happen to the masses of people that were exposed to asbestos fibers during the collapse of the building. Most of us will know that the NY authorities did not want to give permission for the deconstruction of the buildings as they were heavily reinforced with asbestos.

The US government and the EPA have grossly downplayed the risk of respiratory ailment and cancer deaths stemming from the 911 incident. And now, so-called tort reform legislation aims to limit the possibility of litigation for asbestos cancer sufferers.

According to recent reports, some 15,000 people have been hospitalized with more or less severe respiratory ailments that appear to have originated in the World Trade center collapse and its cloud of concrete dust and particulate fiber asbestos. Cancer rates will take years to reveal themselves, but due to the unprecedented level of exposure to asbestos fibers, I expect that the figures will be dire, and I believe they're going to start emerging soon.

Asbestos cleanup in New York is effectively impossible due to prohibitive cost. If held to nationwide asbestos standards, many areas blanketed by the plume would be condemned and closed off. But that includes some of the most valuable land in the world, including Wall Street and much of larger manhattan. Expect asbestos cancer rates among stockbrokers to increase dramatically.

And what kind of cancer? Cancer from asbestos exposure is one of the deadliest diseases known to man. Also known as mesothelioma, once this cancer is diagnosed, death is almost assured. Mesothelioma can come from a single, small exposure to asbestos. That's the reason why it's is considered such a terrible hazmat.

The Bush Administration's solution? Why, make it impossible to sue, of course. Bush initiatives to limit class action lawsuits have already made the situation far more
difficult, but new programs to clamp down on health care litigation will directly affect sufferers of asbestos cancer. Litigation may prove to be impossible under stringent new guidelines, and this doesn't just affect mesothelioma victims themselves. As it was, the corporations responsible for the widespread use of asbestos have just dragged lawsuits out, knowing that mesothelioma sufferers were likely to pass away before the suits ever got to court. But the new tort reform laws are aimed at preventing large damages from class-action
lawsuits. That means that they're directed toward the bereaved loved ones of people who die of mesothelioma.

How many are going to die? Expect hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions.

The ultimate beneficiaries? Bush has to do something to protect his buddies in the
insurance industry. Imagine their cost if they had to pay for cancer treatment, even just palliatives, for mesothelioma victims.

I suspect that the cost for the New York victims alone would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. And that money is needed by Halliburton.


How many more people will become victim of this terrible disaster?

By the way, has this subject ever been covered by the US mainstream media?

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