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Venezuela possibly pursuing Nuclear program

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 05:43 AM
Interesting link I found on BBC, few days old but in light of his anti-Bush comments at the U.N. is quite interesting...and worrying.

"And then he had this warning for Washington: "We don't want another war, but there will be disastrous consequences if Iran is attacked."

In terms of Venezuela's own nuclear ambitions, President Chavez said all countries needed to develop alternative sources of energy, including atomic power.

He then confirmed that Venezuela's energy ministry had its own department for nuclear affairs.

"We're looking into the whole nuclear subject at the moment," he explained."

They had a nuclear program back in the 1950's but it was scrapped later on due to lack of funds...They just recently made a purchase of about 24 new Russian fighters and about 30 attack helicopters.

If you read that last article his behaviour on that trip was quite strange, I honestly don't understand why he insults Bush so much because they are so alike! Bizarre and undiplomatic behaviour infront of the world.

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