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There's more evidence for UFO's than there is for black holes

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 04:22 AM
Let me first quote an ABC article about black holes.

Although scientists haven't directly observed a black hole (since a black hole swallows light), they have observed the effect of a black hole on surrounding material. Astronomers say the first sign of a black hole's approach would be subtle changes in the night sky. The gravity from a black hole would distort Earth's orbit and we'd begin to notice differences in the orbits of other planets and stars in the galaxy.

First, let me point out that we know black holes exist because of the effect they cause on surrounding space. In other words, we use reason to come to a conclusion based on the evidence. With U.F.O.'s, you have both direct evidence and circumstantial evidence.

U.F.O's have been recorded throughout the history of mankind. In cave paintings, ancient manuscripts, paintings, picture and video. They have also been witnessed by people with impeccable records like Presidents, military, police officers, govt. officials and astronauts. If you were to go into a court of law with all this evidence, you would have a slam dunk case. There is no "REASONABLE" doubt that U.F.O.'s and the beings that fly them do exist. You couple all of this with scientist who talk about parallel universes, extra dimensions and the multiverse it stands to "reason" that a civilization about a million years ahead of us in technology, is located somewhere in the multiverse. They probably even terraformed our planet because we would do the same thing if we could.

This is why I believe that the Bible is a communication from an advanced race of beings who are directly involved with why we are here. Throughout the Bible they talk about clouds that glow in the dark, that take people up into the clouds, the cloud hovers and a voice comes out of the cloud. During the transfiguration on the mount they were overshadowed by a bright cloud and they entered into the cloud. It says the Lord rideth upon a swift cloud, in acts when Christ ascended into the heavens it said a cloud received Him, you couple that with Chariots of fire, Ezekiel's wheel and many other things it becomes obvious. Also, look at other ancient text and the picture becomes clear.

Why do people resist reason? Why, if there's more evidence for U.F.O.'s then there is for black holes, that black holes are much easier to accept as truth? It's because black holes doesn't threaten ones belief system and U.F.O.'s do. This is why a picture or video will go up of a U.F.O. and the first thing a skeptic is yelling is fake. That's a belief system talking. So wether the skeptic is a secularist or a religious individual, they ask for some super evidence to show that these things exist when all you need is "reason". See they start with a priori that a U.F.O. can't be a plausible explanation for these things, so any answer, no matter how silly it sounds will suffice.

I kind of feel sad for them because the day will come when we will step outside and the sky will be covered with what the Bible calls clouds(U.F.O.'s) and you will have to deal with these things in that instant. People will lose their minds when this occurs and there's gonna be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the Day of the Return. See, these beings know that we will destroy ourselves before we can become technologically advanced enough to traverse the multiverse, so they will take some of us with them. I know when the Return occurs I will be ready to join my bretheren and traverse the multiverse. Remember, one of the things that can limit your mind is your belief system. It tells you to stop thinking when something disagrees with it.

Peace and Thank You, Lord Jesus!!

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posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 02:28 PM
Here is a man that wrote on the mechanism of stellar collapse into
a white dewarf star, the center star of nebula.

S. Chandrasekhar

He won a nobel prize for that monograph.

The black hole may be from the collapse of larger stars.

Yet the ufo which clearly has an opposing force to gravity has no aerodynamics
and just a glorified heliocopter.. but fast and has lightning bright spots.

The jet plane mass is opposed by the hot gasses moving it forward, it can't
stand still.

Two diferent things. We know about the aeroplane but not the ufo, so the ufo
is the black hole of earth flight.

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