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Good art skills-any way to make money?

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posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 01:33 AM
I draw real good, in case you guys havn't seen how I draw. It is REALLY good. Yeah, very very good. Its fun and easy for me. And within short periods of time I create masterpieces. I can draw black and white pictures, sketches, and color pictures.

here is a poor, fast drawn, not too much effort put in example of my work:

Remember, this is not even close to being my best, and as you can see I used the simplest tools-simple pencil and pen. I put the picture to give you a bit of an idea, so you won't think of me drawing "kindergarden" style

Now, to the point. Many people tell me I'm hella good. They tell me not to waste my talent. I myself know I could make some cash from drawing. But the problem is "everyone wants a college degree or something!" I don't have one. Besides, I am the one who helps myself perfect my skills. The more I draw, the better I get. And I am really good. I am only going to be around for 7 months, after which I'm going to get into a long career with the Russian army. I need a job now! One where my artistic talent can be put to use! I know there has to be one.

The most I've done was put a "I'm an artist who needs a job" ad on
my friend also mentioned that I could make money going to rich people's houses, drawing their houses, and then knocking on their doors and saying "here, I drew your house!" I will consider that too.

Anybody got any suggestions/ideas/websites/advice?

All replies will be greatly appreciated
Peace out! I'll be loggin in and out and checking for replies

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