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Possibilities of 9/11

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 04:12 PM
link are 4 things that could have been possible on abt 9/11

1. Osama ordered the attacks and destroyed WTC.

2. US gov. did it.

3. Aliens did it.

4. US gov and Osama did it in league together

1. Not possible. I think Osama would not order such a huge attack on US and then openly take responsibility for it knowing full well that US would obviously retaliate and attack back. And knowing the US army he would not have risked getting his country destroyed and his ass killed. If he was a true muslim he wud not attack the US and then say on TV that he did it for his religion knowing full well that this wud affect muslims worldwide. So eihter he is not a true muslim, in which case, the world should stop blaming muslims of being terrorists. Or he did not attack US.

2. They wudn't do it unless they had someone they could pin this on or atleast try to show that they punished the one responsible. Maybe the US did order the attacks themselves. lots of theories and eyewitnesses out there that wud agree. Maybe they attacked and then blamed the 'muslims' for doing it so that they cud attack mideast and control the countries with lot of natural resources. Also to built base camp and control the countries in mideast to eventually control the entire world (NWO). They also carefully targetted the countries which could have been possible threats to (not their safety or their homeland) but a threat to their goal of world domination. makes much more than sense than point one. which wud bring me to point 4 later which completes the puzzle.

3. Quite possible. I mean afterall they are resposible for lot of wierd # going on in the world.

4. But more seriously, continuing from point 2......maybe US did it with help of Osama. US needed a country to attack first to begin 'Operation Anal Fcuk The World'. Why not attack afghanistan since Osama controls it and Osama is 'their guy'. He was trained by CIA and is very capable of carrying out such intelligent attacks given the 'resources' from US. And obviously if the US wants him to attack then it makes it very easy. The difficult part is to convince the public that US didnt do it.

Also dont forget both Bush and Osama are billionaires. They both have enough money to hire scumbags to do their dirty work. Not to mention they both had the power too since they both are/were leaders of their respective countries. So both of them scheme up the whole 9/11 thingy. Maybe Osama doesnt tell his men that he planned it with bush and convinces them that they are fighting a holy war and they must sacrifice themselves so they can go to heaven. Also Bush and his administration make sure all the evidences are wiped out (not too good at it though). They plant bombs and let osama's men hijack the planes and fly them into WTC. everything goes almost perfdectly and they launch strike on afghanistan. Base 1 set-up. Now they are scared Saddam might do something abt this. Also they dont like Saddam anyway. So why not setup base camp 2 in Iraq. They claim Saadam has WMDs and is linked to al qaida. they attack Iraq then Bush says "My bad, ours claims abt iraq were wrong. no WMDs, no links to al qiada but hey look at the bright side. they were extremists muslims and potential therats to US freedom. so its kinds good they r dead. ofcourse thousands of innocent people died and lost their homes but that was just 'collateral damage'. who cares abt them anyway, they r not human, look at the bright side, americans have their freedom". large round of applause.

and the story goes on....

Wake up America. I know racism and stereotyping is fun. But only on TV and movies. In real life these things are causing some major problems. Muslims r 'terrorists', chinese people cant drive, indians smell of curry. When is it gonna end. Maybe once NWO is extablished. God knows. By God i mean the illuminati.


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