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Hugo Chavez for President

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 12:51 PM
Hugo Chavez so far is the only person with any brains who the Democrats could run for President in this country. It is kind of sad that the Democrats can not come up with any good canidates that are not already so corupt like Hillary when this next election could be theres. Minorities are to lazy to vote unless someone brings the ballot to them so then the only hope will be Illeagles voting.
Our country is done as we know it because both parties are so corrupt they are falling apart and taking the rest of us with them.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 05:57 PM

Hugo is nothing more than an animal with clothes on...RED clothes, as in communist.

He's a burro, still one tiny step above he can actually carry on somewhat of a normal conversation without wiring devices....

Castros lap dog.

President? We have many candidates (Democrats) who could handle the job, thank you. And even follow Bush's agenda- which is the trend. Democrats are only there for the purpose of making Americans and the world think we still have a two-party system.

Lets at least find someone (there must be someone) who can speak, and play the part of the presidency better than what we have now.

Is there such a person? Maybe we should look to Hollywood to find the ideal "actor"

El Diablo is for sure.

[edit on 21-9-2006 by dgtempe]

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 05:59 PM
Yes I definitely want the US to become like Venezuela!!!

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 06:53 PM
is this really serious???while i dont usually agree with dgtempe, i would have to say that is the best response that could be givin in this situation.the whole thread seems to beg for attention!!!

posted on Sep, 24 2006 @ 07:10 PM
My friend, you are not only wrong, you are making racist remarks.

Originally posted by factfinder38
Minorities are to lazy to vote unless someone brings the ballot to them so then the only hope will be Illeagles voting.

Yes I could explain that Chavez does not qualify for the Presidency of the United States, but you already know that. You have merely started this thread in order to repeat the talking points of the flappy heads you see on your TV box. Flappy heads, I might add, that do not have the best intentions for America.

Nice try

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