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richard branson puts 1.6 billion pounds of his money where his mouth is

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 11:43 AM
richard branson has pledged to give all of the profits from virgin atlantic and virgin trains over the next ten years to helping to fight against global warming.

thats an estimated 1.6 billion pounds! ($3 billion)

yes, you heard that right.

the money will go towards virgin fuels, aiming at new and renewable energy sources which will help get rid of our dependancy on current fossil fuels and coal.

i dont care what some people say about richard branson - i have nothing but respect for what he has achieved and the good things he has also tried' to do (remember the uk lottery bid anyone??).

heres someone who CAN afford to do something about the world for the benefit of others actually DOING something about it!

the greatest shame is that it should be our politicians taking these steps for us. instead, they just syphon the publics money to fund endless wars to steal other peoples resources to profit only themselves.

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