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Congressman blames opponent for taking money from jihadis, then does the same

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:45 AM

Peter King (Republican Representative from NY) is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. His opponent is Democrat David Meijas. King states that Meijas is supported by violent jihadis, terrorist sympathizers, anti-semites, and conspiracy theories, because he accepted campaign donations from some people.
King accepted campaign donations from precisely the same people, even getting more money from them then Meijas.
In thousands of letters to constituents this month, King (R-Seaford) criticized "American Muslim leaders" for failing to adequately denounce the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. He took specific aim at the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury, saying the mosque's leaders "have publicly stated that the CIA or the 'Zionists' may have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks."

"Because I have put aside political correctness and spoken out against these radical leaders, I have been denounced as ... a 'Muslim hater,'" King wrote. "Now they are actively supporting my opponent."
The Westbury mosque's current president, Habeeb Ahmed, wrote a $200 check in June to Nassau Legis. David Mejias, King's Democratic opponent. But on Dec. 10, 2005, Ahmed gave $500 to King at a luncheon in Massapequa with other Muslim leaders. The congressman collected a total of $5,500 that day.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Clearly, King is a lying hypocrite who deserves to be voted out of office, if not forcibly removed by the government itself. The fact that such a liar is on the Homeland Security Committee, let alone chairman of it, is utterly distrubing. King also made a direct mailing of this letter jewish consitutents, according to him. This was done because they were the most likely to be personally threatened by the possibility of Meijas being supported by violent anti-semites.
Meanwhile, King is embroiled in a scandal over security at chemical plants, where he's seen to be accepting money and influence in exchange for preventing security measures that would be a nuisance to the Chemical Industry. Go figure, a liar and manipulator in one arena is a cheat and a crook in another.

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 12:40 PM
I agree that this type of accusation being used in politics is scummy, reprihensible... and alltogether riding the lines of libel and slander...
but its republicans... so what did you expect...
they have already anounced that they intend to portray democrats as terrorist sympathizers, and even terrorists themselves if neccessary to win this election...

Personally... I feel that people are smarter than that, and it will backfire...
particularly if situations like this are seen by more people...

and BTW... why would a politician try to make a statement such as that, over a very small donation...

I am quite sure that both parties accept money from far worse people than american muslims...
afterall... they accepted money from jack Abramoff...

politics should never be about who contributes...
it should be about who contributes enough to buy influence...
and $300, or $500 aint gonna do that...

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 02:00 PM
Don't you love how low and dirty our elected for the people politicians are

This is the people that are running our country to the floor, corruption rules our political system and people needs to get off their political ideologies and get this slime out of the seat their represent in our name.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:54 PM
Here's his website:

and email:
This is his DC office phone number:
202 - 225 - 7896

But he can more likely be reached at his homebase office phone number:

This dolt is also on the International Relations Committee. No wonder we have so many international relations problems!

In all honesty though, this seems to go beyond the norm in terms of politicians being assinine, corrupt, and manipulative, actually acusing people of being terrorists for no good reason, and then slandering people that accepted their perfectly legal donations, while taking MORE money from the EXACT same people!?!?!

Thats gotta be one for the books. Hell I hope it is anyway, frightening to think that everyone would be like that.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 09:27 AM

"Newsday wrong about Islamic Center"
[The report on King accusing others of being terrorists for taking muslim money that he himself accepted]is bereft of reason and establishes [the paper that reported it] as an apologist for radical Islam.
[emph added]

More hypocrisy. Looks like King isn't worried in the least about people actually paying attention here.

The entire response completely dodges the main thrust of the article, that King nearly called his opponenet a terrorist, all because he accepted money from muslims, while King himself accepted even more money from those exact same people.

Then King, again keeping in mind that there is a good Jewish portion to his constituency, re-iterates the slur that Meijas, his Democratic opponent, is an anti-semite. If there wasn't a jewish vote out there to manipulate and grab, he wouldn't be the least bit concerned.

King's article focuses on a member of a Mosque, called the Islamic Center of Long Island, that had in its offices a man named Ghazi Khankan, who supported conspiracy theories about what happened on 911 (including the infamous "Atta is still alive and in the UAE" theory).

For that, King decides that the man himself is a terrorist. Nevermind that Khankan did not give any money to Meijas, Meijas is also a terrorist, for associating with people associated with an legitimate and vetted community organization that used to be associated with Khankan. Nevermind the details, there's political expediency at stake here.

Compounding his previous errors, King again states that Faroque Khan didn't condem the conspiracy theories.
From the initial article:

He said he has written many letters to King, including with one the text of a speech he gave at a synagogue in October 2001, condemning the attacks. "If he chooses to ignore that, I don't know what other statements he's looking for," Khan said.

Clearly, he's not looking for any statements, other than ones that he can use to his own political advantage, regardless of whether or not they're true, ethical, or sensible.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 10:27 AM
I appreciate your effort here, especially as you provided the means to reach this man...

In the interests of "giving enough rope" lets all support this King, in his assertation...
that any congressman, or politician that takes money from muslims, is a terrorist, or terrorist sympathizer

that ought to backfire quite nicely... and i cant think of a nicer guy to help out

If we all contribute comments like "your a twit" then he will just write us off as "terrorist sympathizers" since he seems to associate natural opposition with "terrorist"...

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 11:31 AM
There's a separate matter we should be looking at here also. King accuses Meijas of taking money from people who believe in the conspiracy theory that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. King is apparently using the recent White House view of conspiracy theorists as being "terrorists." I feel this is just the initial step into what politicians will be thinking (or at least promoting in order to get more advocates) and will lead to a major problem with free speech. He is viewing conspiracy theorists as terrorist sympathizers (or at least the ones who believe the 9/11 attacks were an inside job). In the coming year, my worries are that there will be laws in place that will negate any promotion of conspiracy theories/ideas that the governmet will view as a threat.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 01:22 PM
Indeed, he hasn't cited anything that shows that the people he is labeling as 'terrorists and their sympathizers' are anything other than conspiracy theorists promoting alternative theories. If anything, a person that truly beleives that the CIA carried out 911 is not a sympathizer with al-qaida, al-qaida sympathizers beleive that bin laden did 911 and that it was a good thing, not that someone else did it and it was a bad thing.

IOW, King can't distinguish, at a basic level, between good and bad.

posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 01:43 PM
...and people wonder why voter turnout is so low? Gee, which hypocrite is less nauseating, I'll vote for that one. Not really a good way to choose a countries leadership, IMHO.

Rampant hypocrisy...rampant croneyism...rampant corruption.

My campaign slogan (free to which ever politician wants it):

I'm Less Corrupt...

Isn't that a killer campaign slogan?

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