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Doin' Some Thinkin' About Astronomy

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posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 09:44 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'..........
Hmmmm, I says to myself, Self, I really want to join an astronomy club!
I really like astronomy. Like I look at the moon and stuff at night - even when it's just a little sliver.
Man, I can even point to the sky and see the big dipper! Now that's some good astronomy stuff!
I went to an astronomy club meeting, and they told me I needed a telescope, and that most of the members make their own telescopes. So I really did some good thinkin' about this.
It took a little while, but my brain did some REALLY good thinkin'.
I ran into the kitchen and ripped all the paper towels off the roll. Then I took that tube. Then I went into my den where I have this really cool magnifying glass. I used to burn stuff with that really cool magnifying glass. Then I took a pair of old reading glasses, and pooped out one of the lenses. Oh man, wait til you hear about this good thinkin'! I duct taped that really cool magnifying glass to one end of that paper towel tube, and then duct taped the reading glass lens to the other end! Then to finish it off, I painted that tube black, took some glue, and glued some silver sparkles to it! The kind of sparkles that are in the shape of stars.
Now that's a telescope!
So then I put that telescope into a nice shoe box, and put lots of tissue paper in it and stuff. Then I closed the lid on that shoe box, and wrote TOP SECRET on it.
Man it looks SO COOL!
When I went back to that astronomy club the next week, they were so surprised when I pulled out that really cool telescope!
The President of the club was so impressed, he told me "You don't belong here."
He was so jealous because of my good thinkin', and that really cool telescope. He knew I was able to do better thinkin' than him. I think I'm gonna contact that guy in the wheelchair - Hawkins I think his name is. He can do some good thinkin'
Hmmm..... Yeah that's what I'm gonna do.
I even have some really cool theories about astronomy. I did some really deep thinkin' about that...... So if you have any questions about astronomy, I'll do some really good thinkin' and I'll get back to you!

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 01:35 PM
So, I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin'.....
That Hubble telescope in the sky always is breakin' and stuff.
Maybe I should make NASA a really cool top secret telescope.
Yep, but instead of a paper towel tube, I'd make this a REALLY cool telescope. Hmmmm........... how can I make an even cooler telescope?
Hmmmmm, even cooler? Man I gotta do some good thinkin'.......
Hey wait! I got it!
This time I'll use a really big tube. Yep, not a paper towel tube for NASA! I'll use a big tube, like the kind that wrapping paper comes on! Oh man that's good thinkin'!
That Hubble telescopes mirror broke - not my telescope. I have this really cool hand mirror that I keep in the bathroom. I dropped it a couple times, and it didn't break at all! Yep, I'll duct tape that mirror to that really big tube, then I'll duct tape a magnifying glass to both ends of that tube. Oh man this is gonna be so cool!
Then I'll glue a couple wings onto that tube, and paint it red white and blue. Then I'll write NASA in really big letters on the side. I bet the people at NASA will be so surprised when I give it to them!

Man that is such good thinkin'!


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