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Thankyou Kofi.

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 08:15 PM
So that’s it, Kofi Anans time as head of the UN has come to its final curtin.
Undoubtedly, there's going to be 2 sides of public opinion to his completion,
One is that its good riddance to bad rubbish and that he did nothing constructive in helping the US achieve its goals.
Or two, that he is a great man who did what he could, when he could all in the name of peace.

I for one am the second grouping. The world might be in turmoil at the moment, but is it really the UNS fault?
If countries leaders, along with the citizens cannot sort out there difference to ensure the peace and survival of there OWN
Children... what good can one man make, when the only tool at his disposal is dialogue?
How do you expect the man, to broker peace, between religions that have been at war for centuries?
Previous men at the helm have been unable to secure world content, so I feel it is unfair to brand Kofi weak, and iecisive... When you’re handed a puzzle that no one prior to you could solve.. Why should you be judged because you, along with everyone else cannot solve all the worlds’ problems?

Irans President is right, that the UN is an unfair system at which to dictate world peace.
What do you do when two permanent members, both agree on a course of action that benefits no one?
Who has the ability to protest this in open dialogue and actually cause an effect?

The shameful attempts by the US Administration to smear a man whose intentions rest with making sure children sleep in warm Beds, eat decent food and avoid bombs falling on them is disgusting.

Any man who accepts such a Burdon as to govern world peace through dialogue should never be ridiculed regardless of the outcome.
HE shouldnt be publically repremanded simply because he doesnt agree a military plan is the ANSWER to violence.

THE USA Showed its colours in the treatment and public media towards Kofi.

In the last 10years the world has come major steps in terms of technology, communication, military ability and deep rooted hate for one another.
I feel he has done a remarkable job and ensuring mankind can wake up and breathe fresh air this day, compared to the very real ability that we could of destoryed each other many times over in his time.
The next leader of the UN has some big shoes to fill, and some major crisis to tackle. Will he figure it all out? more than likely NOT.

I feel saddened today remember people such as Mandella, Kofi, Steve Irwin.. peopel whom had a major effect on the community, with passion, hopes for happieness and equality.. knowing full well when there time is up, there efforts would be in vein.

Why, Why are we continuing to saturate our air with pollutants causing global enviromental damage?
Why are we continuing to destory the planet by depleting the worlds lubrication, simply for a means of transport?
Why are we killing people with tanks guns and bombs, in retaliation for them murdering our people?

Surely, the better answer would be to directly approach these parties find the reasons they are willing to kill themselves and there families simply to change our outlook on dominance?
Surely spending all the money on finding a means of removing the additcion to oil would be money well spent, instead of making more bullets, more guns and more tanks?
Surely praising a man and thanking him for a decade of service for the women, childern and men of this planet who have had there rights or liberties removed from them is better, than smearing him because he wont give you unrestricted ability to wage war?

I look out the window and see a beautiful blue sky, with green tree's flowers, people walking to work and a glimpse of bliss in the air..
But I fear for the future as all the goodmen are dissapearing.. and all the evil men are continuing along there way.

Kofi, thank you for your services, thank you for your devotion and hopefully some seeds you’ve planted in civilized man will emerge after the nightmare we are approaching, and be the ground work for a new civilised way of life.

[edit on 20-9-2006 by Agit8dChop]

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 08:23 PM
This is the first i heard of this and i'm sad. Kofi is the epitome of grace and of an educated man. Soft spoken, yet powerful.
This man is a true diplomat in every sense of the word.
I will miss him.
Who's taking over his place, Clinton? I thought i heard somewhere that he had dibs on that job.
This world is a changin' too fast for me.

Mr Anan did everything he could in the name of peace. He's no war monger and there is no room for him now that warmongering is the in thing.


posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 08:52 PM
Well many will see his departure with pleasure after so many propaganda geared to discredit the UN.

But as any other diplomat grace and good manners are part of the job.

I wonder also if Clinton will take his place, is going to be a hard job taking into consideration how our own nation view and regard the UN.

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