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So you've discovered a political scandal. Give it away or sell it?

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 01:19 PM
Case in point, on an established author and former member of the Society of Professional Journalists, says he's stumbled upon a major political scandal in the U.S. that could cost one side tens of millions of votes. I guess that means also the information could affect 2008, since it appears to be a presidential scandal. Nothing illegal or personally embarrassing, some kind of weird but effective scandal in a class by itself.

Without revealing the contents and offering few clues, he's put his material, stored on a flash drive, on the open market. I say go for it. Maybe he should hide the flash drive somewhere in America and write one of those treasure hunt books.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way (make money in a free speech, free market society, isn't that the A-W?). Should he give the scandal away for free or make some money?

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 04:38 PM
selling a mysterious flash drive makes the info worth... about as much as the flash drive...

money is made off the book, following the release of the scandal...
not off the release of the scandal itself...

sorry... no buyers for that one...

it actually seems more like he is hoping that a political party buys it, to use for protection, or for influence...

that my friends is extortion, and is illegal...
otherwise, it appears to be a publisized version of black mail...

Sort of like me saying "i know something about Bush, that could loose him the election"
and then saying that $10,000 will buy the exclusive rights to that info...
and then sending them the investigation result of the diebold voting machines...
which has already been doing damage to the bush administration since it was publicized...
I would be guilty of not only attempted blackmail, but fraud...
so why isn't this guy in jail?

this is flaky
I hope whoever buys it, releases the info... otherwise, this guy has earned a butt kicking from every patriot in America...

"I have info that the country needs to know, to fix a terrible situation that is causing havoc in our system, and you can find out what it is, by sending me a check for 100K"
I hope he makes so much money on this, that he chokes on his caviar...
why cant he write a book like everyone else?

and BTW, i am fairly sure it is related to the election scandals, and counting methods...
the "innaccurate tallies" is the only "IT" that makes sense...
and we do know that there is much still being investigated there...
and it fits with all the other hints as well...

[edit on 20-9-2006 by LazarusTheLong]

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 09:34 AM
The website says that the scandal information can be found in the public domain, I think it says even by children. This doesn't meet the legal definitions of blackmail or extortion. I looked those laws up before I started this thread. It doesn't violate election laws either. There are more serious attempts out there trying to influence elections--just visit the DNC's or GOP's websites!

I see this more like a paparazzo looking for a media buyer of a scandal photograph taken of a public person in a public place. That goes on all the time. It's the big money break those photogs dream of. I'm sure that photog made some money (and is still making royalty money) with that Bill-shakes-hands-with-Monica photo printed and telecast worldwide. He wasn't accused of blackmail or extortion. It was newsworthy.

Or this is like an author shopping around a major story to publishers or movie producers. Again, happens all the time, just behind the scenes. I think this guy's just trying a new way to get the word out in the Internet age. Maybe he's wants to see if a curious billionaire out there might take it off his hands.

I'm not so sure it's about election laws. That's pretty much been covered with a million eyes watching. If a law was passed publicly that caused something to happen that is now considered scandalous, it's got to be something a little more discreet to have gone unnoticed. A scandal involving religion could cause major loss of voter support. People are on the lookout for new environmental and food safety laws, so I don't think it's those. Science is a complex topic and a possibility.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:43 AM
Information of this nature (that is supposidly detrimental to our "blank"), that is being sold exclusivly with all rights extended... means he is selling the right to cover this up...

If he truly wanted to help the country, he would write the story himself, or have a caveat in the sales contract, that whoever bought it, needed to expose it...

posted on Sep, 22 2006 @ 09:22 PM
The IT title to me would suggest something about “Intelligence Testing” (especially as he gives reference to whatever it is being made legal).

But does he have a scandal? Or just a way to swindle?
I go for the latter particularly in light of what LazarusTheLong just said. If he wanted to make money he would publish it, or sell the news rights; or whatever.
I think whoever pays his ransom will discover something really boring, that just about makes the legal grade through his description.

Also why pay?
Couldn’t someone just abduct him?

It could be cheaper; and anyway from what he says he’s ether a blackmailer who’s potentially also one of the most unpatriotic-selfish individual you can think of; or he’s a conman.

So anyone get any names in the CIA-FBI?

Yep they’ll do that abduction legally and for free. After all from what the guy says he’s of interest to the CIA; or FBI as a conman.

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