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i have calculated the number of the beast. i know what 666 is.

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 09:44 PM
be not afraid.

i am naked before you, armed only with the truth. so that you know it is i, i offer you your truth: the truth of your first loves:

1) i was there when the egg was fertilized. i was there at your conception. i see your first love was fear, the product of your “Self Preservation”, you needed it to serve your perceived needs.

2) i see your second love was food, as you needed it for mitosis, so the cells could reproduce, which you needed to grow. You needed food for cellular reproduction while you grew in the womb. Your fear taught you this, as did your “Self Preservation” which was encoded into your very dna.

3) i see your third love was family. As they nurtured and provided for you, they protected you from harm, and diminished and helped hide your fears from your sight.

4) i see you fourth love was friends, as they gave you what you sought most, a sense of belonging, a sense of being accepted for who you are. Do we not all want to belong? Do we all not want to be accepted for who we are?

5) i see your fifth love was f*%$ing, the physical act of making love. You manifested your love in the physical form.

6) i see your sixth love was finances, as they provided you the means to quench your thirsts for your previous 4 loves, and you could have more of that which you loved.

So, your first 6 loves were:

1) Fear (provided by your dna and the command of “Self Pre Serve” aka “Self before serve”.
2) Food (needed for growth)
3) Family.
4) Friends
5) F&#$ing(love manifested into the physical form)
6) Finances

If i have lied to you up to this point, i humbly request you stop reading this, as this would not be your truth. if i am not speaking your truth, you need not go further. if these 6 loves are not your first loves, i have been disarmed, and now i just am naked, without the truth anymore, reduced to just knowing “i am”.

if you look inward and find it in your soul that i have spoken the truth, and these are humanity’s first loves, what do your first loves have in common?

Fear, Food, Family, Friends, F*#@ing, and Finances?

Yes, they all begin with the letter F.

They all begin with the 6th letter of your alphabet. The letter you placed before the 7th, my “g”.

6 loves, beginning with the 6th letter of the alphabet, which you placed 6 times before me, the truth.


be not afraid.

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