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Meier vs. Boylan: a fraud? Plejarans are gray-related?

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 04:54 PM
Here we have a most interesting development: Boylan arguing with Billy Meier. Boylan says there's only one "galactic federation" (what about other galaxies?) while Meier says there is diversity, i.e. his Plejarans, and that Boylan is insane.

What's going on here? Is it an attempt by the so-called Plejarans to bolster their claim to be an alternative to the abducting gray alignment? That seems to be the case. (Meier just repeats what he hears and shouldn't be the issue here).

Let's address the issue: First they called themselves the Pleiadians, but when readers realized that the Pleiades (aka the Jewel Box) is a nearby cluster of very hot blue stars that only last for millions of years before they explode as supernovas, the "Plieadians" had to change their name. A concentrated cluster of supernovas would kill nearly all life on planets in the entire vicinity. Actually, life wouldn't even have had time to evolve there yet!

Our own oxygen (the basis of water for life) came from a supernova that seeded some 1000 stars in our vicinity, say astronomers. It arrived in a superheated mega-blast of gas and dust that, if located in the Pleiades, would strip atmospheres off of planets in some cases, and kill life near surrounding stars.

The radiation would be so deadly it would kill you on the spot. So then the Pleiadians said they'd only used the name (and supposed origin) in order to be able to identify hoaxers who'd later say THEY were Pleiadians. Now Billy Meier's aliens call themselves the "Plejarans"---they say you go to the Pleiades and take a right turn, then go some 80 light years from the Pleiades! Sounds like one of those old Burma Shave schemes...

Why the jumble of contradictions? Is it possible that the Plejarans have told other lies? At the Bay Area UFO Expo two weeks ago, one presenter showed rarely seen photos made by Billy Meier. One shows the old Soviet Soyuz craft photo'd up close by Billy Meier from the Plejaran craft, and another photo shows Meier and a Plejaran wearing space helmets while standing on the surface of Mars. It looks fairly real and the Plejaran has a narrow face with gray or Verdant-like big head and features---like that of a hybrid made by mixing human genes with the grays, or Verdants (see Phillip Krapf).

I wrote Boylan telling him to be on the watch for a set-up when he announced that Talassian Namoor would soon pilot a starcraft that would appear all over the globe above major cities with mass visibility. At the time, Boylan was sending out notes saying that it had all been delayed because the cabal had been targeting said Talassian (actually a guy named Mario living in Toronto). I suggested that Boylan's reported insistence that the gray alignment come clean from their secret doings with the cabal might backfire, hence the Talassian story could be a setup intended to not occur, thus embarrassing Boylan--who may have pushed the gray alignment too far by trying to swear them to a break with the cabal.

The abductor-cabal relationship is too lucrative, promising perpetuation of slavery here on Earth, plus some control over this star region's resources (and us) to the abducting alignment. They won't break with the cabal anytime soon. Boylan is being duped---if his contacts are as he says. It's a setup.

Which brings us to the Plejarans. Now Boylan and Meier are deriding each other, as if we're supposed to think that those Plejarans are actually an alternative to those nasty, destructive abductors. What if they aren't?

The fact that the Plejarans have humanoid features means that they probably borrowed human genes (part of a breeding program, perhaps THE breeding program of the gray alignment), and are being used as the controlling equivalent of the tall gray vs. the grays, but over us, in this case. The whole Billy Meier-Boylan debate may be an attempt to make it seem as though there's no connection between the Plejarans and the gray alignment, when in fact they are one and the same. The abductors wouldn't be so simple-minded as to put all their eggs in one basket. They surely use multiple prongs in their approach to humankind, who they consider laughably simple-minded. It's a little shadow play on a mini-scale, and the only reason some here fall for it is because they're new to exopolitics and alien taxomony.

First the Plejarans lie about their origin. Then they say just happened to wander in from some distant part of the galaxy and guess what? They found humans who look almost exactly like they do... What a coincidence!!!

They're obviously part of a breeding program, and the Boylan-Meier tiff may be just another way to rub dirt in Boylan's face for presuming to outrank cabal narco secrecy in the eyes of the abductors. He clearly doesn't. The gray alignment is corrupt, overgrown and sometimes destructive (i.e. the original gray planet, casualty of their previous intervention). They appear to be using the recent tiff to make humans think the Plejarans aren't aligned with them. It's most suspicious.

Aliens evolve in starkly different circumstances. Different biomes lead to different animal evolution sequences that favor different features. We've already seen how their skin color and fingers, internal organs, frame and brain physiology are different from our own. Evolution favors different branches on what, in each case, is a different animal tree. So when Plejarans come along and look as though they've been hybridized from us, they are probably being used as a filter population, a surrogate on a mini scale. Humans were taken like animals and used to create them. Some were probably never returned. Not an empire of laws; instead, it's a technocracy of fear-based manipulations.

Billy Meier is ancillary. He may be honest in his reportage but he certainly doesn't have a comprehensive grasp of exopolitics. If he did, he'd provide us with a much larger picture, specific names and locations, an exopolitical survey of our native neighbors vs. the incursion of the gray-related abducting collective. Meier's case has a big WOW factor: photos from inside alien craft, numerous multiply witnessed sightings, photos, films, and more. Such experiences tend to overwhelm humans, who tend to think that whatever that is, it must be definitive. Billy Meier rules!

Meanwhile, we live in a universe of 50-100 billion galaxies, probably quadrillions+ of inhabited planets. It's vastly more complex than the gray alignment. And numerous alien sources have cautioned us to be ready for major, shocking exposures about infiltration of breeding program operatives into the human lineup. It's much worse than most would suspect. It will shake you--when you learn, but it has revolutionary potentials. The only question is, who will control the outcome: independent humans, or the Intervention?

Boylan is over his head and has been for quite a long time. Now that it's blowing up in his face, some of the ugly ironies of the abductors that he has fawningly ignored for so long are becoming evident. They aren't fooling around, and they don't care if our idea of laws is violated by their intervention. To them, Boylan and other casualties of the intervention are just road kill---the end justifies the means. Many of Boylan's worst moments (targeted by energy weapons, his house robbed, and internet sabotage) are probably the work of men who serve what are, in the end, elite human operatives of the Intervention---breeding program products who lack depth of human emotion.

The Plejarans abduct and appear to use the same procedures as do the grays. Both populations move together, in concert, and are surely aware of each and every one of each other's craft. They speak the same way, even about the same collective entity. They appear to be connected. They don't conflict, nor do we see that. If they did, the Plejarans would have been gone, long ago.

It's like Halliburton pretending that Brown and Root is a major competitor in the Mideast, when it's actually just a subsidiary. The gray alignment appears to use the Plejarans as just another finger on the same glove: the same intervention.

We should expect to see more staged, fake disputes between the little mouse fingers of the gray-IFSP glove. Worse yet, we should expect to see staged disputes between their infiltrated breeding program operatives right here on Earth. When you see monstrously reckless ignorance that jeopardizes the whole planet, remember: some of it may be the Intervention scheme, the work of the IFSP's direct operatives. Would they do such a thing? Consider the stakes, and their investment, to date...

Think beyond the little box, both in terms of the physics AND the larger exopolitical ironies. Take larger perspective, even if that is disturbing and requires a deeper humility, a transparency. The road is bumpy ahead, BUT YOU CAN LIFT YOURSELF RIGHT OFF OF THE GROUND. The new physics, the new science and awareness isn't structured in terms of the concretes and thing-like qualities of 19th century tabletop superficiality.

Probe those aliens, in return, remotely check them and their networks. Become familiar with their basic characteristics so that you can recognize them. My own probings indicate a connection between the so-called Plejarans and the gray alignment. I've checked and rechecked it, based upon years of interactions and cultivated awareness (thanks to non-IFSP aliens who remain critical of the IFSP). I've tested it from a variety of perspectives and both groups always come up IFSP. But don't take my word for it; check it yourself. It's easy. *See also, Greer's new book, any of Russell Targ's books, and other studies of basic remote sensing. Anyone can do it.

Meier vs. Boylan? It's a freak sideshow that belongs in a Ripley's museum of the near future. The supposed clash between two titans... it's just an illusion. It’s the same, abducting alignment.

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 09:58 PM
Meier has consistently over the years railed against any other "contactee" no matter where theyre from. It's more or less his way of ensuring his "members" or followers dont leave him.

His photos which were presented to you, are nothing more then simple and some detailed models (which I've shown here more times then I can count). Most of the photos have been proven fakes, such as the Asket and Nera photos, the dinosaurs, and alot of the craft photos (we cant say all, because ALL of them have never been made available.

In my opinion the entire case is riddled with half truths and some outright fabrications. But the one notable issue is the lack of judgement and endless excuses for the case made by it's followers and proponents. Question them, and you'll not only face venom laced replies, but such a twist of logic it will spin your head. These are not people who are about discovering truth, but ones that hide or turn the blind eye to the downfalls of their "new age prophet". It's their belief system, and they cannot be reached.

So as far as I'm concerned there are no Plejarens, and there never were. Did Meier have any experience? No one can say for sure. Are his photos and films and countless pages of writings evidence of anything in that direction? Not as far as I'm concerned. It's more about starting a religion, by a man who disagrees with any theology but his own. But not aliens from another world. Thats just the "hook".

So as far as this Boylan/Meier argument, it's more then likely 2 parties trying to preserve members and argue their baseless points for show. Neither one has any real footing to begin with in my opinion.

posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 10:07 PM
Ok, I admit I have no idea what's going on, I could'nt read past the
first paragraph.

So, let me see if I have this correct..

There are semi-official researchers of aliens who argue over the
existance of giant galactic U.Ns?

posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 10:16 PM
Outstanding post I believe gl2. I have had some contact with Dr Boylan through his site. But none with Billy Meier, less his intermediary months ago.
I feel there is something to Mr Meier's experience exaggerated or no. As for Mr Boylan.. the man's into a lot of theories outside the usual. But I think, in terms of UFO/EBEs, for now who they are and which planet their from is the same kind of question -- where's the proof they exist? Though I feel their here and have been since at least 1897 Aurora, Tex.


posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 11:49 PM

Let's address the issue: First they called themselves the Pleiadians, but when readers realized that the Pleiades (aka the Jewel Box) is a nearby cluster of very hot blue stars that only last for millions of years before they explode as supernovas, the "Plieadians" had to change their name. A concentrated cluster of supernovas would kill nearly all life on planets in the entire vicinity. Actually, life wouldn't even have had time to evolve there yet!

Just to clear things up on this account....... none of the stars of the Pleiades cluster are large enough to explode as supernovae. The largest of the stars, Alcyone, is only around 5 solar masses. Too small to become a supernova. It will, however, when it dies and sheds its outer layers as a planetary nebula, become an oxygen-neon white dwarf. Which are fairly rare. Also, the "Jewel Box" moniker is more closely associated with NGC 4755, a.k.a kappa Crucis (which is the brightest star of the cluster) in the constellation of Crux.

As for this.....

Meier vs. Boylan? It's a freak sideshow that belongs in a Ripley's museum of the near future.

You're right about that. Both of them need serious counselling. Both have been shown to be frauds, especially Meier. Both are lost in their own little realities. You can't rely on anything they say, it's delusional fantasy.

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 02:12 PM
The Pleiades is only between 60 and 100 million years old, nowhere near old enough for life to have formed there. Strike one for those Pleiades aliens—they couldn’t possibly have evolved there. Secondly, Alcyone, the biggest of the 9 giant blue stars in the Pleiades, has been reported to have a mass between 7-10 solar masses. 10 solar masses is about the limit needed to go supernova. So, although the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters (not the Jewel Box—you’re right), is about 500 stars, most of which are smaller (some are white dwarfs), it has hot giant blue stars throughout. The Pleiades is an open cluster that will disperse with time. Some sci info below:
Alcyone (eta Tauri) is a significant example of a nearby multiple star. It is a giant star of more than 10 Solar masses and is almost a thousand times more luminous than the Sun. It is orbited by 3 faint companion stars. The entire cluster contains numerous double stars and a few triples.

The nine brightest stars in the Pleiades are all B-type giants. The largest is Alcyone, approx 1000 times as luminous as the Sun and 10 times the size. The remainder of the cluster straddles the whole extent of the Main Sequence, down to faint red dwarfs at mag 16. (By way of comparison, the Sun at the distance of the Pleiades would shine at mag 15.0 - barely visible in the Tomline Refractor!)

The Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, is a conspicuous object in the night sky with a prominent place in ancient mythology. The cluster contains hundreds of stars, of which only a handful are commonly visible to the unaided eye. The stars in the Pleiades are thought to have formed together around 100 million years ago, making them 1/50th the age of our sun, and they lie some 130 parsecs (425 light years) away.

At a distance of about 440 light years from the Earth, the Pleiades are one of the nearest galactic open clusters. The brightest stars in the cluster (Alcyone is magnitude +2.8, and Pleione +5.1) are distributed over about seven light years and although faint to naked sight these stars are from 40 to 1000 times brighter than our Sun.

Its youth is also indicated by the absence of red giant stars in the group. None of the stars has yet had time to reach that stage of maturity, although the brightest member stars are hot B-type blue-white giants.


The cluster is dominated by hot blue stars, which have formed within the last 100 million years. Dust that forms faint reflection nebulosity around the brightest stars was thought at first to be left over from the formation of the cluster but is now known to be an unrelated dust cloud that the stars are currently passing through.

posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 03:15 PM

Originally posted by gl2
The Pleiades is only between 60 and 100 million years old, nowhere near old enough for life to have formed there. Strike one for those Pleiades aliens—they couldn’t possibly have evolved there.

No matter what pretense (in this case one of scientific sanity) you negate the "Plejarens" cosmic home, Meier will find a way around it. If I recall correctly his "Plejarens" are from a different dimension/time then the Pleadies we know. This of course wasnt said until your points were well known...go figure.

As I said, there's always an excuse when it comes to inconsistencies and impossibilities in every avenue of the Meier case. It's riddled with them, and some still believe it.

They (Meier supporters) also have a severe distain for a man who's last name is Salla. I dont know anything about him other then he supports some other contactee. The funny thing is the way the US media representative for the Meier case says:

"And Salla, a former diplomat of some sort, certainly doesn't like being
challenged on substance, any form of anger (very politically incorrect
and non-New Age, to be sure), etc. He absolutely refused to answer my
repeated challenges pertaining to his support for Collier. So don't
expect too much from people who prefer the rose colored glasses to
20-20 vision."

Number one, why mention he's a former diplomat? Meier's case has a "former diplomat" as a asks why one former diplomat is considered such a great witness, and the other is delusional? Oh, right, one supports Meier and the other doesnt.
As for the rest of the comment it also sounds alot like projection. The US Media rep. for the case has continually been challenged on substance, shown venomous exchanges when no one believes his tripe or even so much as questions it, and doesnt address the tough questions, such as on the Paracast and even here at ATS. It's projection to the extreme.


As far as I go, I'm content to watch them play in their dirty little sandbox like delusional children. We got more important things to work on then watching this sort of thing.

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 07:43 PM
Firstly, your reported mass for Alcyone is in error. Why??......a B7IIIe type giant would not have 7-10 solar masses. As a Main Sequence star, Alcyone wouldn't have been any brighter than a B2 or B3 star and the standard stellar models for stars of that size put its mass at around 4.5-6 solar masses, at the most. A 7-10 solar mass star would make it O9 to B1. Another reason for their error is they've used the Hipparcos satellite measurements and they've been found to have substantial errors in them. The most recent measurements of the distance to the Pleaides cluster is around 395 ly+- 5%.

That seriously affects the measurements of luminosity and size of the stars.

However, Alcyone is 1400 times brighter than the Sun, as you've said and it's about 6-8 times the diameter of the Sun.

None of the bright B class stars of the Pleaides will become supernova, they're not massive enough. They'll all become Oxygen-Neon white dwarfs, which are rather rare. Alcyone may even have enough mass left to become a Neon-Magnesium white dwarf which are even rarer.

Given the estimated age of the cluster (65-100 million years) all the G and some of the upper K class stars of the cluster have become stable Main Sequence stars. However, any planetary systems which haved formed around those stars are far too young to support anything but the most primitive life, if any at all.

So, unless they've done some major terraforming of suitable planets in the cluster and have come from elsewhere, the chances of any advanced alien civilisations coming from the Pleaides natively are zero.

posted on May, 12 2017 @ 05:08 AM
Dear gl2,

Did you mean John Michael Greer or Steven M. Greer by saying "See also, Greer's new book"


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