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He saw a ghost and did not even realize it

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 06:21 AM
This is just plain spooky, and has evolved over time to the realization that it was a ghost.

Hubby was on his way to work and drove by an accident scene (rural area) beside an acquaintance's house. He was late or he would have stopped, he did slow down to see if it was a case of anyone needing help, but since people were already down around the truck working he figured the situation was being handled, he saw the acquaintance standing off to himself staring down at the accident scene.

Hubby thought this was a bit strange since this guy was a real hard working caring type of person who would have been down there helping, obviously it was being handled or his friend would be down there helping, so hubby hurried onto work.

The next morning hubby was shocked to hear that his friend he had seen staring down at the accident scene was the victim in the accident and had died never leaving the truck. Hubby could not believe this and said it had to have been a case of the news media getting the story wrong, maybe he got out of the truck and died later because he was definitely standing there watching the people around the truck.

We then found out that he did die in the vehicle and never got out of it. Then hubby said it had to have been a son or family member who was the spitting image of him, but then we found out hubby came through shortly after the accident happened ( we know the people who first came upon the accident and called for help and also found the victim in the truck and can vouch he never left the truck at all) and no family members were there, as they had not been notified, hubby drove by within 15 minutes of it being discovered.

Hubby still refuses to believe he saw a ghost as he does not believe in such things. We are still trying to verify 100% conclusively that no family members were at the scene of the accident which is what hubby swears has to be the case.


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