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What Conspiracies are tied to Race, Ethnicity and Culture?

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posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 11:32 PM
After my proposal for a forum was turned down because of the lack of conspiracy ties to race, ethnicity and culture, I decided to play ball with the theme of this board. It's time to turn to question the very erudite members on this board on what you think.

This is what I would like to ask:

1)Name any conspiracy related to race, ethnicity and culture

2)Please give specifics and explain why it is a conspiracy.

3)Any conspiracy in this area is welcome.

4)How can conspiracies related to race, ethnicity and culture gain more respect in the Conspiracy realm?

As always, everyone will try to be civil (*including me*). And please, no hate speech or espousal of hatred is allowed. Instead, I would ask if people would give all these theories the benefit of the doubt, bring up evidence and discuss them in a serious fashion. No attacks on personality, heritage, behavior and parentage will be tolerated.

And please mods: do not move my thread to "Social Issues". It has nothing to do that it might be come a "scream fest", but of reasons of my own I want to keep discreet. I would rather my threads stay here. Thank you very much.

And I'll start it off by asking a question: Can anyone tell me the specifics of the CIA bringing drugs into the Black neighborhoods? This has been exposed by the San Jose Mercury newspaper at the time, but the government had its hands full trying to explain this off. Can anyone clear up this conspiracy?

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posted on Sep, 19 2006 @ 10:07 PM
I found a somewhat old thread by truthseeka that touches on your question. LazarusTheLong also has a link on the topic in his siggy.

Why are certain drugs illegal when the govt brings them in in the first place?

Just to start you off...

but I don't think too many people will argue. That's just one prism of the conspiracy, though, I think. Here's the biggie: In the dawn of this US history, the Truly Rich, who were white, found a method of importing free labor, thereby driving down wages, I would assume, but avoided a revolution by conning the Average White Guy. By thoroughly dehumanizing the 'scabs' and inviting the Average White Guy to join them, the Truly Rich re-framed the issue into a 'race thing,' which accomplished two goals: 1) it was no longer a labor dispute, and 2) the proverbial 'carrot of whiteness' convinced the Average White Guy that he, too, could share the fate of the Truly Rich, by virtue of his day... soon... just not yet. The con is so effective that, every once in a while, the Truly Rich dust it off and try it again.

Flame away.

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 10:10 PM
Thank you HH for bringing up truthseeka's thread. It does deserve a lot of exposure because it is a deeper issue into conspiracy. It also proves that conspiracy has its heart right into the social structure, politics, history and the race. I surely hope that people keep up truthseeka's thread because we need to find out what are the deeper issues here at the forefront.

The drug issue has been on the minds of a lot of people and deserves to be discussed a lot more. These are the threads that deserve a great deal of more respect in terms of bringing race into the conspiracy culture.

Yet, one has to ask, who makes up the major group of conspiracy theorists?

And why aren't these theories discussed more and integrated into the major conspiracy crowd?

The other question reflects on whether there are two different types of worlds that make up conspiracy culture?

Or are people more lax in this area because of introduction of aliens and UFO's?

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posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 12:27 PM
I'd like to add to the list two more conspiracy theories tied to race. These are theories that I will simply name and hope that people would add some more about them as the thread goes on:

1)The plot to assassinate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

(Even the King family took the position that James Earl Ray was not the only person involved.)

2)The infiltration of civil rights groups of color such as AIM, the Black Panthers and others during the Civil Rights Era to keep tabs on them and to cause "events" to turn the public against them.

3)The plot to assassinate Malcolm X.

These are just some ideas that have been written about in the conspiracy community. I hope that others might point the direction of threads which have covered these subjects and more.

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