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Presidents Phony War Article in RS Magazine

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 03:05 PM
Pretty much states what everybody should pay attention to. The facts not the emotion and the bumpersticker slogans of war drum beaters.
If you don't critically think this country has flatlined for good.

Wardrum beating is a sickness. Especially the hundred thousands or more who live in this alternate rereality that if they cheer loud enough it effects the performance of the military. Maybe they should get their ass out of their S.U.V and get some fatigues and fight the "Righteous Fight" instead of calling everyone "Wimps" who don't agree with them. The hypocrisy of the war drum beaters. It's just one big bad theatrical performance.

Read the article and listen to the major points.

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 07:39 PM
Thanks for the link, MRGERBIK. The sad truths.
Well, it made me think of a way to help pay for Iraq. Kind of like certain 900 phone services. Anyone who wants to hear the beat of the wardrums could pay for a call to the White House and have George, or Dick, or Rummi speak war talk to them. Charge by the minute. This would keep G, D, and R too busy to do anything else disasterous; and a lot of people would be so satisfied by this verbal exchange. And the rest of us wouldn't have to hear over and over and over again in speeches how we need to fight this War on Terror.
I'll bet they would earn more money than a $1000 a plate dinner. And only the money G, D, and R earned could be used for the war; taxpayers wouldn't have to foot the bill anymore.

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 11:45 PM
Here's another thing to think about. Radio and T.V. need to constantly talk about it because it's their bread winner "War on Terror" gets them spiked ratings. We will never have a honest discussion/dialogue as long as the media networks have to continue to feed the beast. Someone will always be singled out who goes against this war policy.

The fires must continue to burn. There is no stopping this and while we continue to debate and hammer/chisel our views on how we can help this situation. It's not even a issue anymore who is wrong or right. High Ratings or Death...

So Unless we can bring high ratings to the media conglomerations our "War on Terror" observations are just in vain and for further historical reference. Isn't that the most tragic of this all?

The Radio is in serious danger of echo chamber mentality moreso than any other war. No one who has another viewpoint hardly gets to be heard on mainstream radio. It's silenced by "Islamofacism" rants. If you try to call in you will be accustomed by a screener who will put your calls at the end of the line because you disagree with the water carrying. You see how this plays out,Desert? I don't think alot people understand that

Man oh man can't anyone see that all they are doing is promoting and doing official p.r. for Osama and Al Q? This is better than paid publicity firms what these radio dj's are doing.

That's a good idea about the 900 number. There needs to be something that deafens these drums. No one has any idea what they are getting into or even willing to sacrifice completely for this arabic labyrinth.

I have something for the war drum beaters to ponder over. What will they do when "Islamofascists" if they arent of the cause of the next terrorist attack and it's aryan militia? Will they declare a full on assault on their own country?


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