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Aftermath of Pope's Speech

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 10:51 AM
After looking at the other threads I cannot seem to find what i'm looking for as far as info, ideas, and opinions on what I see is the most important item that is coming out of the controversy with the Pope's speech.

I also will ask to close this thread if it starts to get derailed. Speak here as if you were in university lecture hall, civility is all I ask for. We all should have read the rules, guidelines, etiquette, and more thread. If you can handle that please continue reading. I read his speech there since I think that is a good source.
The Pope quoted an Emperor of Byzantine in his speech.
The speech was not an attack on any religion or person.
A certain quote got spun around and used as a tool to inflame Muslims.
Here are some of my questions.

Who started the spin on what the Pope said?
We know what the early results are, but what will result from the truth getting out?
Will it cause understanding or emphasize the lack of understanding?
Who will spread the truth?
Why haven't all the spiritual leaders made comments on this yet?
All the people who already made negative comments did so for what reason?
Were they unable to read this speech?
Do they understand his speech if they read it?
Are they under so much pressure that they have to vent this anger somehow?
Are they misinformed so much that they can't see right from wrong?

If you read the speech you will know that many people are misinformed as to what the Pope was trying to say. Is this because the entire speech wasn't translated correctly? Do they have an agenda that feeds off spin? Do those people feel threatened and have to act this way? When do you make comments on something without doing a little research? Do these people even have the ability to do this research? If so, are those resources reliable or used as a tool to control behavior?

I see one of two things happening as a result of this.
1. The people who created the spin will be held accountable for their actions and the truth will be told causing a understanding between all groups involved.
2. More people will get killed and possibly start a war between the groups involved.

Some of you may think that his speech was part of a plan to start a war and the spin was a crucial item to get the ball rolling. I won't put this past the poeple who have the power in this world. Is this all part of some world wide conspiracy and we are finally getting to a major fight scene?

I hope for the truth to get out and get everyone to understand what was said. This can also show how the public can be easily swayed by disinformation. Since there is so much disinformation going around maybe more people will start to ask questions. Maybe they will start to hold those who provide this disinformation, the original source or those who spread it, accountable for their actions.

I also remember something that President Bush said when he first took office, "We will wage an information war against our enemies". I can't find that speech anywhere, but it is something that I won't ever forget him saying. It goes to show that guiding the public's behavior is a weapon that can be used, a very deadly weapon.


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