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citgo gas station witness appeal

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posted on Sep, 16 2006 @ 09:14 AM
with the release of the footage alleged to be taken from the security cameras at the citgo station opposite the pentagon, i would like members to research witness statements of those who were at or near the garage at the time. (better still, would be to actually FIND a witness and ask them)

i have found a few which totally contradict what the footage shows - ie - no-one paying attention to what is going on outside. these include....

Sgt. William Lagasse, a pentagon police dog handler, the son of an aviation instructor, at a nearby gas station:
”I saw the aircraft above my head about 80 feet above the ground, 400 miles an hour…I thought the plane was about to drop on top of me, it was that close. I knew the plane was not going to land. The 757's flaps were not deployed and the landing gear was retracted… It was close enough that I could see the windows and the blinds had been pulled down. I read American Airlines on it… I got on the radio and broadcast. I said a plane is, is heading toward the heliport side of the building.”

Jose Velasquez, supervisor nearby gas station where a security tape had been confiscated:
"It was like an earthquake…(The engine and the vibrations)”

Penny Elgas, looking from her car from a nearby road:
”Traffic was at a standstill. I heard a rumble, looked out my driver's side window and realized that I was looking at the nose of an airplane coming straight at us from over the road (Columbia Pike) that runs perpendicular to the road I was on. The plane just appeared there- very low in the air, to the side of (and not much above) the CITGO gas station…

Sgt. William Lagasse
"Dear Sir rest assured it was a Boeing 757 that flew into the building that day, I was on duty as a pentagon police sgt. I was refueling my vehicle at the barraks k gas station that day adjacent to the aircrafts flight path. It was close enough that i could see the windows had the shades pulled down, it struck several light poles next to rt 27 and struck a trailer used to store construction equipment for the renovation of the pentagon that was to the right of the fueselage impact point.

taken from


does that sound like the same garage that is on that film footage?

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