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Fujitsu Develops Barcoded Embedded In Picture.

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posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 05:59 PM
Another great development from the Land of the Rising Sun.

On September 13, Fujitsu unveiled a new type of “invisible” barcode, called FP (Fine Picture) code, which allows data to be embedded directly into color print photographs. FP code consists of a series of faint yellow lines — said to be invisible to the naked eye — which are overlaid on the photograph during the printing process. Once encoded, a photograph can retain its original quality while serving as an “object hyperlink” to websites that users can access via mobile phone.

To use FP code, users must first download special free software to their camera-equipped phone. Then, when the camera is used to take a picture of an encoded photograph, the code is sent to a server where it is converted into URL data, which is used to connect the user’s mobile phone to the corresponding website. Text, video and audio content can then be delivered directly to the user’s phone.

Pink Tentacle

This is got to be one of the greatest developments in products and
marketing so far this century.

No more ugly barcodes, and ebing able to take a picture of someth-
ing with your phone and find its website and info, definately cool.

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