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Global Anti-Semitism Report

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posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 04:21 PM
Global Anti-Semitism Report
As you all know, Congress asked the State Department to prepare this report in response to concerns about increased incidents of anti-Semitism.
I can guess what gorup asked them to make such a report at tax payers expense.

AMBASSADOR KOZAK: Thank you, Adam.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Today, my colleague Ambassador Ed O’Donnell and I are pleased to present the State Department's Global Anti-Semitism Report. This was mandated by the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004, which was signed by the President in October. Section 4 of the Act directs the Secretary of State to submit a one-time report to Congress documenting acts of anti-Semitism worldwide.

This office which really no one knows about or what it it doing really makes so rather strange tidbits. In my work as Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, I've learned an important lesson from the past: Bigotry and intolerance must be opposed forcefully by governments and other sectors of society.
What if we do not want to believe that Jesus was just another person trying to fool people as the jewish faith speaks. What if I want to believe he was the son of God and he was put to death without reason by jewish authority, what would become of me. I could be in prison for thinking such things, but its true these things are going on.
And the other thing is, you don't touch on the UN, do you? And I wondered if there's any feeling, any findings, any review of the torrent of abuse and condemnation that is put on Israel's back and head by people at the UN all the time, even a UN official saying, I think at least once now, maybe twice, that Israel is the cause of all its problems -- a senior UN official. Is the UN a little bit guilty here of what you're saying a lot of countries are?

When the laws of America are turned against it citizens and the world there can only be suffering and war. Why should america have fallen so law as to allow a intell team from a foreign country setup terrorist activities on this soil and blame it on another country and come out so sweet smelling, even when 200 of its agents were arrested the day and weeks preceding the 911 murders.
As an american should I worry and think about every word I speak else I might end up in the gulag that are being built on american soil.

Why is there not a Global anti-native american Report or any other such report, it really shows who controls our congress that is suppose to benefit us the American
Citizen. Is it right to say indians are all bad and everyone laughs yet to say all jews are bad get you jail time. Something is very wrong here in america for our laws to enslave us too a foreign country. As for Israel being a ally that I cannot believe.

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posted on Sep, 20 2006 @ 07:10 PM
Here is some more info:

The reason why the government does a review report specifically on anti Semitism is because your government (like mine) is controlled by Zionists (extreme supporters of Israel) from within.

For example it is illegal for Americans to boycott Israel:
Government link:
Or see this

And in places like Austria it is illegal to deny the holocaust (even if you denied it abroad) so I could deny it here on ATS, visit Austria on a holiday (some years later) and be tried, arrested and imprisoned for my views.

Israel’s lobbying works in many ways but most famously recognised through the Friends of Israel Organisation, lobbying congressmen and the mass media, backed by Israeli government cash, it would seem it is and also a significant part of our governments brain.

Personally I Believe…
There is not a worldwide Jewish conspiracy but there is a worldwide Israel Conspiracy (its not even covert). It influences our politics and our media and I believe it is the only reason why we are allied to Israel and therefore at war with so much of the Arab world.
I speculate that if Israel (a country of 6.25 million) did not exist we would not be facing the possibility of a war with Iran (even if they were a few weeks away from having one). But then our relations with Iran (and most of the worlds nearly one billion Arabs) would be so much different.
The American government has commissioned this Jewish specific report because modern anti Semitism tends to come from one spring Israel & its action. Studying anti Semitism is rather like studying anti Israeli sentiment (just a more extreme reaction to it). Personally I have no problem with Jews but I have a big problem with pro Israeli Jews. If they want to play by the rules of democracy like not outlawing boycotting, or peoples expression of their personal views then I respect them. But regarding the others; I wish Hitler had gassed the lot of them; authoritarianism to the authoritarian is what I say; and surely those people (Jews and non Jews) who are pro Israeli authoritarian cannot use fairness as a remedy to their own medicine.
Of course it would be nice if everyone could use the evolution and persuasion of ideas to win their arguments; sadly some people are ether too incapable of doing that; or have arguments that are too lacking in righteousness-quality to do that.
But is lacking these things really a good mandate for securing victory to your arguments through authoritarian-laws actions?

Let’s hope for their sake their isn’t an afterlife? Because if there is; god may well p*** on them (or certainly be p*****d with them). Then again to some god is a pile of propaganda on religious bits of paper; to others it’s an interpretation of the evidence. For the primary I recommend another religious essay.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 09:06 PM
Like the trees of the earth, it is not the trees that chop each other down, but the understanding of the woods usefullness if it is cut down.

Thus is how the common jewish person lives, they are but a token to be used for something bigger. THere is that call to Israel, of being there it is safe. To be any where else is a danger you must flee.
We in america have stood in our own moment of judgement before our lord, and found that doctrine drives us also to the Kingdom of Jersuelem. If people believe that if the cradle of rel;igion falls, so does our souls here in america. Maybe thats also being used to our disadvantage, just like the thoughts of horror that is protrayed to the jews so that they may return to Israel to fulfill the rulers dreams.

Hitler was a dark occult follower, that dreamed of thrones that man could not see but could understand. For Israel to be created there must ffbe suffering of such a great magitutide that it would for eveer be burnt into the minds of mankind for eternity. Any means to do as such was the price expected by the ruling class of zioniest.

What price freedom for the human race when such a small precentage of a race of people or cult like politics.
Why is the world still suffering under the religious holocaust of WWII and the children of this day and age, being the victims is there race is not of the hebrew
worship. What if some day I wish to buy a car and the only dealer is jewish in my town. The law states you must buy at the nearest dealer without regard. The jewish man knows this and is double the normal price to me. Should I feel happy to support the jewish man or should I dream of being free to make my own decisions. Even if these decisions are not perfect, we find that in normal day to day activities nothing is perfect. I am not perfect and nor is the jewish car dealer, we are just human and not at all that special.
But, why should I be forced to do something by a foregin power that bribes and sets up honey pots for use to drag out representives down to there level and not to the levels of expaction demanded by the American people.
What about the holocaust of the Native Americans, you ever see any laws passed to totally put the native american abbove any other american, heck no and you never will.
But, why is america policing the world about anti-semitism if it has not been taken over from within by something so powerful and evil, we dare not speak its name.

posted on Sep, 21 2006 @ 10:25 PM

What if some day I wish to buy a car and the only dealer is jewish in my town. The law states you must buy at the nearest dealer without regard. The jewish man knows this and is double the normal price to me.

Same thing as if he’s non Jewish; you get ripped of.

But with everything else you said I more or less agree with you. And it is interesting how people dare not speak (the evil)s name. Trouble is once you (and you’re government of Holy Sand) has enormous influence over the Western media you can pretty much decide what exactly political correctness is.

The Solution…
What’s going on with Israel is very simple; they are a parasite. America’s constitution should never have let foreign governments play such a big part in U.S politics; but then if someone haden’t been sleeping at the table it’s quite possible that financial lobbying (as we know it) would also be prohibited in law.

I would be prepared to stop calling Israel “an America-Western parasite” if (this small country 6.25 million) didn’t play such a big role in America’s political affairs (mostly through its cash and support of fanatical Zionists).
Of course right now it’s not good enough to get rid of just Israel; ban Israeli lobbying (an unnecessarily weak argument), and it will only be replaced by say China; or whatever country happens to have it thinking cap on at the time.
This mistakes in the constitution need to be corrected; pure and simple. One of the reasons why so much lobbying is necessary is because the scale of political advertising. But because of freedom of speech they can say whatever they like however much others don’t have the cash to put another point of view across).

In my view once a political party crosses a certain threshold of support its political advertising should be strictly allocated (free of charge). I hate it how Americans think they can’t afford to pay the few cents of taxpayers money to separate the political system from the private sector that the it’s the billionaire sector (and not the people) that end up running it.

The Situation…
Yep its funny how the creates a anti Semitic act and duly funds it. Personally I think its almost a good thing; all this anti Semitism is a waist of time. If you want to know the truth look up “racial differences in intelligence” on the internet; that will put you onto scientific enquiry as you will see there are Black geniuses, just as there are Jewish morons. What’s changes between one race and the next is the frequency of people with these characteristics; but even so the frequency is fairly small.

So to be anti Israel; to reclaim our country of foreign influence, we do not need anti Semitism. All we need is…
A. A Understanding of what Israel does wrong
B. What we do to support it-make it possible
C. What Israel and other foreign governments do to corrupt American politics.
And conscious awareness of the peaceful political solutions-changes to these things. With that we can liberate America; and in some ways more importantly the other people who suffer.
]he absence of that: I'm happy if Ayatollah gets the nuclear bomb; and once more uses them. Why did people move to Israel anyway (if they were aware the lands not theirs?) And if they have “a right” to receive compensation for the holocaust after all these years; the Palestinians certainly have a right to receive compensation from them.

P.S Sorry mondegreen about taking the topic of course a bit; but hopefully it goes some way to answer the question on how it is America is controlled within; after all I'm only of topic to give solutions, and arguments against the current state of affairs (so hopefully I'm not actually of it).

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posted on Sep, 23 2006 @ 10:19 PM
America has had a lot of outside influence in its politics, we even had england pushing us in many directions. We have had the french in just the same position as the Israelis. But, we have not had such spying on america as we have had from such an ally called Israel. Why do they do this, and when caught, they call us racists if we try to charge them!
Even if the Israelis did 911 , you cannot discuss it, even on ats without someone calling you a nazi, or racist. there is no discussion of what a American should do if they encounter such acts by such so called allies. How in the world did theyf ever get to their position whitout bribs to our elected officials. We had the people that setup, ran and filmed and danced after pulling off 911. BUt, we let them go back to israel and safety to do again a terrorist act that will kill even more americans when the time is right.
What happened to the jewish-american that stands just for his country America and his one God. How can a American serve two nations and not be considered a traitor to one! Even our government has NOFORN handling instructions when information might involve another nation and its represenatives might come into contact with that information.

My heavens what has happened to America, when double agents tell us Americans how we are going to live our lifes, who we are going to vote for and what information we should hear and see. That is going on right know with 5th column traitors using the american tv and newspapers and radio to influence the American way of life through a dual citizenship agreement with the land called Israel.

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