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Dangerous Laws

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posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 12:19 AM
I should mention right off the bat that Im fairly new here around ATS, but I am very interested. It was here that I learned about REX 84, and that I started to realize that one day, the citizens of this country might be in real trouble if the Government decides to enforce some of the laws already on the books.

I was hoping that the ATS community could create a master thread of Laws that have been passed in this country (or Executive Orders, special commissions, things of that nature, etc.) that could be dangerous to the citizens.

I dont think an explanation is necessary, unless it is impossible to find it conveniently on the internet.

Heres my top three (In no particular order)

Rex 84
Project Northwoods
Executive Order 11921

Remember, I am hoping that this thread will only include things that there are documentary evidence for, not theories.

Thanks for your help everyone! Hopefully this will be enlightening!

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