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President Musharraf Made A Deal With The Taliban

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 05:27 PM
I'm extracting this post of mine here from another thread as I felt it deserved its own thread. Musharraf has made a deal with the Taliban! Troops and equipment given to him by U.S. to fight the Taliban are instead being used against the Balochs. The result is that NATO is now having a hard time with the Taliban in Afghanistan and it may get worse. I wonder why the mainstream press is not covering this? Keep in mind that Pakistan has nukes. Pakistan is supposed to be an ally in the WOT, but may now ally with the Taliban/Al Qaeda instead...
They also get sophisticated weapons and equipment from the Chinese. Thoughts? Comments?

President of Pakistan Gen Pervez Musharraf

Musharraf apparently signed a peace deal with the Taliban on September 5th. Taliban is not a threat to him, but the Baloch freedom-fighters is. So instead of fighting a two-front war, he can now divert more troops and equipment (given by the US for counter-terrorism operations) to Balochistan. This move will likely lead to more Taliban attacks against the NATO forces in southern Afghanistan. Musharraf may even get help from the Taliban against the Balochs...


06.09. 2006

Osama bin Laden himself and his No.2 Ayman al-Zawahiri live separately. They keep moving between North Waziristan, the adjoining Bajaur agency and the Chitral area adjoining the Northern Areas (Gilgit and Baltistan).


They reportedly pointed out that the activities of the Baloch freedom-fighters posed a threat to Pakistan's unity and territorial integrity whereas the activities of the remnants of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban did not pose a threat to Pakistan's unity and territorial integrity. They, therefore, urged that Musharraf should reach a cease-fire with the tribals in the FATA area and divert the troops deployed there in support of the operations of the US-led forces in Afghanistan to Balochistan.

12. Since the beginning of this year, Musharraf started shifting some of the troops and equipment given by the US for counter-terrorism operations in the FATA to Balochistan.


14. This peace agreement was signed on September 5, 2006.


19. His first national security priority now is to crush the Baloch freedom struggle.He is hoping that the peace agreement with the Talibanised tribals of North Waziristan would enable him not only to divert more troops to Balochistan, but also to seek the help of the Taliban elements in Balochistan in his operations against the Balochs.


22. The Miranshah agreement should be a cause for concern not only to the Balochs, but also to the NATO forces in Afghanistan. It is likely to lead to an intensification of the Taliban attacks in Afghan territory from Balochistan.

Click the link to read the whole thing...

Mullah Mohammad Omar

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 09:32 PM
With Friends Like These...

Pakistan's duplicity throughout the "War on Terror" would be a dirty little secret -- if it was a secret.

The fact that the U.S. is willing to tolerate one treacherous act after another from Pakistan, including exporting nuclear weapons technology and apparent acts of state-sponsored terrorism -- all while propping up a military dictator when we're supposedly "bringing Democracy to the Middle East" -- suggests that the relationship is far more complex than President Bush would have us believe.

I strongly suspect that if one could unravel the nuances underlying the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan, much that currently doesn't seem to make sense would make much more sense.

This game is for all the marbles.

Of course, these are just my opinions.

Your mileage may vary.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:45 AM
hmm after hearing the story about the non action taken on a group of Taliban attending a funeral in a graveyard, I have to wonder who else made a deal with the Taliban.

Musharraf's time in power is limited, the man wants to still live after he steps down, he has to deal with the Taliban, because the a large part of his country support them.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:51 AM
As far as Musharraf is concerned i think we can trust him, the problem lies with other large parts of the goverment and inteligence community who seem to actively support both the Taliban and Al-Queada

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 08:31 AM
President Musharraf's a highly intelligent and dedicated Man I feel. He would not be anywhere near foolish enough to make deals with terrorists. Especially if it could ruin Pakistan's USA income.

This President may well be a US advisor to things Mid-eastern and beliefs according to the Quran. I really believe Musharraf's an extremely intelligent man. And willing to die in defence of Pakistan on a whim.


posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 04:28 PM
Here's an interesting article from today regarding Pakistan's desertion from the United States War on Terrorism. This article says the deal was signed on Wednesday, September 6th 2006 (not the 5th as mentioned in my first post) and they call it a "Black Wednesday" for the United States...



Pakistan, the only Major-Non NATO Ally of the United States in South Asia and much-vaunted “Staunch ally of the United States in the global war on terrorism” reflexively quoted as such by the US Administration, has deserted the United States War on Terrorism.


Pakistan’s desertion from the United States “War on Terrorism” against the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban has starkly manifested itself with the “Peace Agreement” signed by the military government of Pakistan with the Taliban, and by extension the Al Qaeda, both firmly ensconced in North Waziristan.


Pakistan’s deal with the Taliban and Al Qaeda over North Waziristan came on Wednesday, September 6th 2006 on what can now best be called a “Black Wednesday” for the United States.

Click the link to read the full article from SAAG...

Douglas Farah's made some comments in his blog regarding this deal.

Douglas Farah: Al Qaeda's Changing Strategy and Warnings of Attacks

Sep 13

As the Asia Times reports, the recent decision by Pakistan to negotiate a truce with the Taliban in several provinces has helped faciliate this by unblocking the flow of money to bin Laden and his network. While the Taliban may not be militarily active in those regions, in technical compliance with the terms of the agreement, the cessation of hostilities has made it far easier for bin Laden to regain his financial footing and project control further than he has been able to in some time. In fact, this consolidation has been going on for several months, taking advantage of the easing of Pakistani pressure during the negotiating process.

posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 07:00 PM
As of analysis it is of paramount importance to see some answers to this topic of Musharaff`s behaviour. First we have to put in light that the Taliban is hosted, supplied and protected by many various tribesmen and important political figures in Pakistan. Also we have to put in mind that some old bonds Taliban had to US intelligence during the Soviet invasion of Afganisthan is still intact.

1. We have to look at the benefit Musharaff will have to make an agreement with the taliban.
2. Another aspect is the immidiate impact an agreement will have on Pakistans politics in certain regions.
3. Chinese influence and further investments in the southern region of Balochistan is of high relevance, especially the port of Gwadar and its surroundings.

So, strap on your tin-foil helmets and hats.

First we have to make a distinction between Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Taliban is not Al-Qaeda and vice versa. The Taliban is hosting and protecting members of Al-Qaeda just like tribesmen and politicians in Pakistan are covering for the Taliban.
With that said we can continue.
So what does this say us?
We must also put in the back of our heads that the tribesmen i Pakistan is higly influencing their respective hamlets, small regions etc.
Those who sympathize with the Taliban in many border areas in Pakistan is also a source of conflict and is capable of putting quite a lot of sand in the infrastructural machinery regionally.
By giving the Taliban a "green card", Musharaff also gives the local leaders(elders) a more soothing relationship to Musharaff`s dictatorship. Allies is what Musharraf needs in a constrained grip of power in regional chain of command.
As for the region of Chitral where Bin Laden supposely hides occasionally, allies within the Taliban is of course evident.
With this short "explanation" we answered question nr.1 very superficial.

With question nr.2 it is harder to explain short term impacts on regional stability and commercial benefit. Is it out of range to ask a question like: Is the Taliban having a tight grip on areas in Pakistan that Musharaff don`t want to admit? Is Musharaff "blackmailed" in some ways by a combination of tribesmen, politicians and intelligence that may cost him his throne? Does the US through its channels know and have to much information on Musharaff`s regime which is fearsome in the circles of the true rulers of Pakistan, ISI and Musharaff`s henchmen?
Therefore by this it is plausible that it`s not so much of a "scandal" that Musharaff is making "deals" with the Taliban because it has been "understandings" with the Taliban and the US secret services for a long time already. So a competetive light in the background may be seen when we look and analyse the situation in this way. It is not to much to say that some strings can be seen between the US and Taliban. And what about the russians? That`s another question.

So about question nr.3
The chinese. Yes, what about the chinese? China is currently having some major projects in Pakistan at the time writing.
In the southern region of Balochistan the chinese is building a dry dock and is investing some hundreds of billions of dollars in a town called Gwadar. Balochistan is a troublespot for Pakistan and is harbouring terrorists and Taliban enclaves. The southern Afganisthan doesn`t have any border patrols and is an extremely fragile and porous border to both Iran and Pakistan. The activity in Balochistan is immense.
Through the chinese investments the Pakistan "government" is having a golden age in Gwadar. But, there are some extremely troublesome aspects of the chinese investments. China sent over 400 engineers to help develop the town of Gwadar. Baloch extremists have been killing, kidnapping and terrorizing chinese workers. If you sleuths out there read the news recently, we learned that a Baloch leader was killed, Bugti. The truth about his death is that Beijing had a contract on him. China is in play, Musharaff needs allies for the moneyflow.

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:25 PM
Well, the Waziristan accord doesn't seem to be going so well at the moment.

North Waziristan Council leaders have announced that they have ended the agreement because the government hasn't honored it.

The government says it hasn't done anything wrong, and is in talks with them to work it out, (on the one hand), and working to send thousands more troops there (on the other hand).

The U.S. says Pakistan hasn't contained the troublemakers like they promised, so they are sending them another $750 million to help.

The U.N.? Oh, it says its "concerned", and sorry bout your luck buddy, see ya later.

Meanwhile the suicide b0mbings against authority figures have started back up again in full force.

Nope. Not going so good at all.

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:34 PM
I've never heard of this until now, bringing up a good point to as why the media isn't all over it. It pretains to the war on terror, thats plastered on the news (which is why I watch seldom) so you woudl figure it would be on TV or in the papers. It seems that it's all part of Bush's plan.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 05:59 PM
I agree, there are some sever issues with this man. I agree it could be worse but I also believe he could be playing us. He does just enough to get the US off his back. He has had so many assassination attempts that I am beginning to think it was planned.

He has yet to close 1 single masadra! Not one!

Here is some more information on him and more questions that answers.

A Question about Pakistan's Musharraf "Terrorist or not?

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 06:10 PM

Originally posted by Dallas
President Musharraf's a highly intelligent and dedicated Man I feel. He would not be anywhere near foolish enough to make deals with terrorists. Especially if it could ruin Pakistan's USA income.

This President may well be a US advisor to things Mid-eastern and beliefs according to the Quran. I really believe Musharraf's an extremely intelligent man. And willing to die in defence of Pakistan on a whim.


I dont doubt it ... he was/is a Field Marshal in the Pakistani Army, no way an idiot can get that high.

My feeling (as stated above) is that he may be somewhat of a good guy but a significant amount of his military and police personnel support the Islamic radicals.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 02:03 PM
I wonder if he really was told "If you don't we will bomb you into the stone age after 911" It would explain some things for sure.

I do not think he is being very helpful at this point, at least publicly, but maybe through back channels he is helping more than is known. I am not sure.

posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 09:59 AM
Bill Roggio discusses the new agreement that Musharraf just signed with the tribal Mohmand agency. Its pretty much same accord that he signed with other tribal agencies, which completely failed, so no high expectations there.

He notes that Musharraf has agreed to remove the Pak army from the tribal areas by Jan. 2008. That agreement appears to be a political move to gain support for his re-election.

Doesn't really matter though. The army was doing almost nothing to curb Taliban and extremist activities.

posted on Oct, 11 2007 @ 09:02 AM

Looks like the Waziristan accords are officially cancelled.

Big Waziristan offensive before Eid

ISLAMABAD: The government has abandoned the hope that talks can restore peace in North Waziristan and given security forces the go-ahead to launch a major offensive on militants in the restive tribal region bordering Afghanistan ahead of Eid, which is some three days away, sources told Daily Times on Wednesday.

posted on Jan, 5 2008 @ 11:54 PM
A final note on the failed Waziristan accords.

The architect of the accord has resigned.

He is replace by the Govenor of Balochistan, who managed to quell rebellion in that area of Pakistan, to help facilitate China's multi-billion dollar investment in the Gwadar Port, and its related infrastuctures.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 10:46 AM
The Waziristan accords completely failed over and over.

But lets do it again.

Pakistan is negotiating a new peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud

April 24, 2008

Draft peace agreement is similar to 2006 Waziristan Accord

The latest peace agreement reads much like the failed 2006 Waziristan Accord, an agreement hailed as the solution to militancy in Pakistan’s tribal areas. The 2006 South Waziristan Accord required the Taliban to eject foreign terrorists and deny them sanctuary and to halt attacks against the government and military. The Taliban were also prevented from establishing a parallel government.

But the Taliban established the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan and subsequently violated each of the Accord’s conditions. The Taliban immediately began assassinating their rivals under the guise of calling them "US spies." The Taliban established a parallel government complete with sharia courts, taxation, recruiting offices, and its own police forces. The Taliban attacked government forces and captured entire units. Within one year, the Taliban and the government were fighting pitched battles.

The Taliban expanded its power base into Tank and Dera Ismail Khan and threatened Peshawar. Al Qaeda remained in the region and built 29 training cams in North and South Waziristan. Numerous terror plots against the West were traced back to camps in Waziristan.

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