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Details Regarding the Confiscated Security Videos Of Pentagon Attack.

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:04 AM
On our trip to DC we also did some investigating in regards to the confiscated video tapes.

We conveniently stayed at the Sheraton National on the 14th floor with an amazing view of the pentagon and all the potential flight paths.

This made it convenient to look into the situation about the video that was confiscated from the Sheraton.

Russell Pickering describes what we found out:

This is what we discovered about video cameras in the area. The first quote is from the FBI in regards to the FOIA filed by .

The documents can be viewed here too at full size:

Now the FBI says:

"I also conducted a search of the FBI's Electronic Case File System, Investigative Case Management System, and other evidence databases for any videotapes in the possession of the FBI from the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. I did not locate any such video tape." (Maguire Documents)

This is purely B.S.. Also, the notion that the FBI missed getting that camera after acquiring 85 total videos that they admit to having is B.S.. It would have had a very valuable view and would have been in the top two most obvious non-military locations to check first - the other being the Citgo (I'll deal with that in the next post). The following photo is to locate and document the video camera that was at the Sheraton.

This is the exact same location now. Note how the old camera is missing and the new camera appears to be the same model as the new camera at the Pentagon wall, the Annex and the same as we saw at the military buildings in Pentagon City (in the following posts).

This is taken from the room. The importance of this is that the camera would have been nearly the closest one and would certainly have been able to confirm or deny what all of the eyewitnesses on Columbia/Pike told us. But it is mysteriously removed?

Trying to give the benefit of the doubt we attempted to investigate this. Dylan and I both had tried many calls to the general manager Paul Giovanni prior to the trip. Then while there in person I went to his office 3 times. Once Dylan and I went together and left a handwritten note with his assistant explaining the request to see him.

I watched his assistant go talk to him and he lied and made excuses just 40 feet away from us. She finally ran into me in the lobby and said he refused to talk with us. She was very nice. He knew what I looked like and I was in a situation twice to catch him out of his office but he avoided me.

I tried the security manager too. He had only been there two years and referred me to the offices upstairs. So I went to the offices for a forth time and was able to catch the assistant manager. I can't remember her name right now. She was very diplomatic and guarded. I told her after my refused phone calls I had gone to Sheraton corporate and legal departments and was also refused even an official statement. She told me that the National Sheraton was a franchise Sheraton and that Paul Giovanni was the highest level of authority there. That might be a research path for somebody to investigate - who the franchise holders are and their affiliations!

I explained to her the implications of Paul Giovanni appearing to be hiding something in such an important situation. I also explained that the FBI had published documents regarding the video and all I was doing was trying to do was confirm the veracity of the statement.

Really all he had to do was meet with me and lie and say they had no video taken. But the fact he took the avoidance path makes me 90% sure he didn't want to tell the truth and conflict with the FBI. Then I said I would ensure this information and Paul Giovanni's name was broadly disseminated via film, radio and articles. She wrapped up our conversation with his business card and suggested I try writing him. I will do that registered mail later to see what happens.

I then asked her if it was possible to go to the roof of the Sheraton to get an overall photo. She said I would have to gain permission from the Pentagon police. I thought that might be bull but it was later confirmed when we were detained by the Pentagon police and their special agents. One of the things they were most concerned about was what photos we had taken from the Sheraton. That is supposed to be a civilian location and none of their business. That is why I think it would be interesting to see who holds the franchise. The ridiculous thing about their obsession with photos of the area is that the Pentagon website itself has more photos and details posted than we could have recorded ourselves.

My assessment in regards to the Sheraton video is that we are being lied to. The camera is well documented to have been there before and after 9/11. The tape is "missing" now and the camera has been physically removed. The general manager Paul Giovanni is terrified to talk about it and everybody there is tight lipped and don't even want you to take photos from the Sheraton. It is all wrong and does not add up.

Something is being hidden without a doubt!

Now if one "missing" critical camera isn't enough for you, then read the next post coming up. Because the next most critical camera is also gone.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:16 AM
I must congratulate you on excellent field work, I truly wish I could have been there with you.
Now hurry the # up with the next post.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:17 AM
According to the manager of the Citgo who was very kind and informative with us, their video was not actually taken away in minutes as the famous quote has told us. They were evacuated for about two hours from the Citgo and minutes after they reopened the camera was taken. She never viewed the video herself. Her account was interesting as an audio witness. She recalls the rumbling sound and 3 distinct explosions. Merc has a lead on an employee who was outside the station and may place the aircraft for us.

*NOTE* Merc has followed through and this witness corroborates the account of William Legasse who puts the plane to the NORTH (left) of the citgo which is on the OPPOSITE side that it needs to be if it's going to hit the light poles!

(red is official story path blue is witness path)

The Citgo manager physically took me out under the canopy and showed me the location of the removed camera. It was pointed at pump 2.

ALL of the cameras are under the canopy. I did not see any that were external. The manager described this one as having had a clear view of the Pentagon wall and quite a bit north as well. You can see where the impact was and the higher angle of the camera that may have captured it.

You can see here on the south canopy that they have two cameras. So now on the north they have only one? The two most critical cameras in proximity to the flight path and the impact are denied by the FBI and mysteriously missing?

"Among the eighty-five (85) videotapes described in paragraph 11, above, I located one videotape taken from closed circuit television at the Citgo Gas Station in Arlington, Virginia. Because of its generally poor quality, the tape was taken to the FBI's Audio-Video Image Analysis Unit (AVIAU) determine that the videotape did not show the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001." (Maguire Documents)

Full sized documents here:

Note that they use the word "impact" as a word game to comply with the verbiage of the original FOIA. They don't say whether or not the film showed an aircraft!

Coincidence that both cameras are gone?

Next we'll look at THE most critical camera.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:19 AM

Originally posted by Astygia
I must congratulate you on excellent field work, I truly wish I could have been there with you.
Now hurry the # up with the next post.

Thanks man.

I encourage EVERYONE to check things out in real life.

I can't tell you how imperative this is to get answers.


The amount of information we obtained is mind boggling.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:23 AM
Did we only have cheap parking lot cameras from the Pentagon?


There was a destroyed piece of equipment on the Pentagon facade just north of the impact area. I have had a hard time finding and analyzing close photos of it from that time frame. Some people had suggested it was a light or something else.

It was a camera.

Here it is and its proximity to the impact zone.

Here is the replacement today. I was unable to get a good context photo of it because we were driving and the Pentagon memorial construction was obstructing the wall from the road. But trust me when I say it is the same camera.

I am now 100% sure that they have footage from right above and to the north of the impact. This is also a high quality piece of equipment - not a cheesy little camera from a parking booth.

Where is this footage???

Since it does not technically show the wall of the Pentagon because of its placement, it may not have showed the "impact". I'll bet 10-1 that it would have showed an aircraft though. It probably sees all the way to the Citgo from my guess and would have had more time to catch frames than the security shack cameras.

If this is released in the second wave of FOIA releases then we might have an image or if it is suppressed then we will know they do not want to show clear footage of any aircraft in the area that morning.

But I think that this has already been established since it's been 5 years!

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:27 AM

Excellent write up! Well researched! I'm astounded that they would actually leave the camera's footprints so visible at the Sheraton!!!

I'm headed to D.C. tomorrow but won't have any time to look into this.

Keep up the excellent work!


posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:27 AM
Excellent work Jack! This is a prime example of why the 9-11 conspiracy theories keep gaing momentum. Why would he be so reluctant to talk with you? Did he feel that it was just a waste of his time or was he generally concerned? Could you see any "body langauge" from that distance to give you any clues? Facial expressions? Also, if what i'm seeing is correct that camera looks like it was almost "ripped" from the top of that building, leaving wires and all just laying there. If the camera was just innocently upgraded or replaced that is a pretty sloppy job if you ask me. Great job Jack and I look forward to the rest of your story. Now go grab Larry and head over to the Regal Beagle for a drink you deserve it

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:28 AM
Jack Tripper, while I totally disagree with much of what your investigation trying to prove. I still gotta give you credit for a great post and some awesome field work

I tried to give you a WATS but got an error message (from my end). But I'll make sure you get it


posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:38 AM
Now for the Navy Annex.

Photos of the annex on that day are hard to come by since obviously everybody was facing the Pentagon. But here is one showing the same model of camera on the north side of the building that was on the Pentagon wall.

Then Russell took this shot on our trip of the south wall of the Navy Annex showing the same model of camera that was on the Pentagon wall as well as the replaced one at the Sheraton.

The front part of the Annex has been demolished since 9/11. They may have had a camera on that corner too since it was lower and more forward. The blue monstrosity thing to the right is a new memorial sculpture they are building.

There were several other cameras at various locations on the Annex as well but this is a very sensitive area to photograph.

In fact Russell was detained for a while taking pics there and then we were ALL detained the following day at the citgo station for taking video footage there. It was a matter of seconds before they had about 5 pentagon police cars and 2 unmarked SUV's with feds in suits. They basically searched everything we had, confiscated our video tapes, and interrogated us for a couple of hours before letting us go.

Luckily we were smart enough to change the tapes back at the hotel before going there to film so all they got was the 30 seconds we took up on the hill at the Citgo!

Here is a still shot of the view we were taping that got confiscated:

But back to the security cameras:

This same model of camera was all over the military buildings in Pentagon City. There were two buildings we saw with military security and armed guards. Those two buildings had no less than 12 cameras between them. They were also the same model as on the Annex and the Pentagon wall. They were up high and would have had clear views.

I don't know if the video from them would have been confiscated or not. The footage might have just vanished since they were under military command. I can see the Citgo footage being taken because of "civilian" employees. But then again we saw the footage from the parking cameras at the Pentagon so I don't know.

The point I am 100% convinced of is that there were multiple views that would have at least caught an image of an aircraft. If these are included in the rewrite of the 85 (now 83 undisclosed) video FOIA request, we may see them or not. If we don't see them it is because they don't want us to or the footage is destroyed.

Doubletree Inn next.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:49 AM
Thanks everyone but this is not about recognition.

It's about solving the most heinous false flag terror event in history.

For those that don't understand the the layout of the area here is a map with the official story flight path.

The "comb" like structure next to the flight path is the Navy Annex.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 12:55 AM
I'm sure the Truth Movement will be knocking on your door with that big $1 million check!! Great work.. can't wait to see if this gets attention from the popular guys trying to prove this CT

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 01:28 AM
That is an excellent example of some great footwork there Jack. You get a WATS for this thread. I dont give them out much but for that detective work, hassling by the feds and great picture taking with references, you get one buddy. Keep up the great work.

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 01:30 AM
Russell wrote:

We went to the Doubletree Inn since it is rumored that this is the location that employees actually watched the video prior to it being confiscated. The quotes about employees watching the film never names the Sheraton specifically. It has just been assumed to have been the case.

Dylan had heard suggestions it may have been the Doubltree Inn and I confirmed this to my satisfaction in a phone call prior to the trip with a security employee. Their video according to my phone call was confiscated on the 12th and the FBI "canvassed" the area through the 13th. So we went there to see for ourselves.

We actually got our foot inside the camera office and I scanned all of their monitors. There was no camera showing the Pentagon at all now. But the security guy we talked to indicated there may have been camera changes since 9/11. This would make total sense in light of the fact that cameras have been removed from the Sheraton and the Citgo. My guess is he was correct.

He was helpful and called the security supervisor who could not meet us at the time. Then while on the phone in my opinion he toned down and ushered us out of the office and shut the door on us. After he was off the phone he said the security manager would call us and took my number. NO CALL BACK!


posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 02:22 AM
Ok, my WATS button works now. Well deserved

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 02:24 AM

You have voted Jack Tripper for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Jack you should immediately back up everything you have and give a copy to somebody close, trusted, and anonymous. A loose interpretation of the new anti-terrorism laws could feasibly get you guys in hot water and they could take all your research right down the memory hole over taking some pictures.

Also while the various video footage from that day may be very suspicously unavailable, it may be interesting to have a look at footage from several days before as well, thought you might find this interesting...

Originally posted by twitchy

The London-based firm AMEC, ranked by Engineering News Record magazine as the world's largest firm , oversaw the actual management of the debris removal at both the Pentagon and the WTC.

AMEC was the only construction company working at both disaster sites, the company's website says, AMEC is managing Hudson River barging operations to transport the rubble from the entire WTC site to a landfill on Staten Island and to steel recycling operations in New Jersey.

AMEC had just finished the renovation at the Pentagon when it was called to manage the removal of debris there and at the World Trade Center....

AMEC had just completed a project to strengthen and renovate a section of the Pentagon, Wedge 1, when the building was attacked. The damaged area is between Wedges 1 and 2.

Great research man, when I read something like this I find it very uplifting somehow, and I absolutely salute your efforts! It may sound cliche, but I wish I could be of some help. I'm dirt poor and underprivelidged, but I'd just about paypal you a couple bucks for gas to help you out, U2U me if it ever comes down to that for sure! You're actually getting out there and doing what alot of wish we could do, Way To Go!

It was nice knowing you
(just kidding)

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 02:36 AM

You have voted Jack Tripper for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have one more vote left for this month.

I,m gobsmacked..
EXCELLENT field work,EXCELLENT pictures,EXCELLENT post..

Speechless with admiration

[edit on 13-9-2006 by AGENT_T]

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 03:17 AM
Every so often I come across posts and threads and people who validate my liking for this site. Jack, you are definitely one of those people. Can't help thinking you're getting this months WATS... you got my vote, for sure. Yeah, it's not about the WATS, it's about getting the information: but you bring the information to this site and get it to people who really want to know... and we show our appreciation in the ways we can.

Go Jack!

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 09:00 AM

You have voted Jack Tripper for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Thanx for sharing this great work!

Why did Lloyd need a new cab? Since when did the red cross replace cars for broken windshields? None of this taxi cab story makes sense.

Could the new cab have been, or part of, Lloyds pay off?

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 09:34 AM
I am very interested in helping out this fight to get a hold of these video tapes. I have begun to do independent research myself of everything surrounding 9/11 and have just spent the past hour looking for records online of Franchise holders of Sheraton Inn's in the Washington D.C area, but have come up unsucessful. If anyone finds any information about this, please post it ASAP, as will I.

If anyone has any suggestions to point me in the right direction, too, that would be great. Thanks!!

posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 09:35 AM

You have voted Jack Tripper for the Way Above Top Secret award. You have two more votes this month.

Just wanted to give you your props as well. Keep up the good work Tripper.


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