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G.W. Bush's REAL State of the Union Speech

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posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 10:18 AM
Here is some satire for the masses:

GW Bush, State of the Union Speech

My fellow Americanites and Do-Gooders,

Let me be the first to congratulate me on a job well done.

In the time since I have been immersed in National politics, I have managed to change the world.

Not only did I manage to attain the office of President, but I did so by losing the popular vote. I want to thank my Daddy for appointing those supreme court judges that guaranteed me the office I hold today. Thank you Daddy.

I also want to thank Katherine Harris.....errr...I mean congresswoman Harris, for guaranteeing my win of the State of Florida by scrubbing so many "useless eaters" from the ballots. Thankfully, the person in charge of the elections in florida was also co-chair of my election campaign in the state. Thanks Kathy, check is in the mail.

Where would I be without my brother, who also had some input on the florida debacle, seeing as how he governs the state of florida.

Many of you voted for me thinking I was a moderate. Wow, those commercials sure do work don't they? Guess what, I'm a hard right wing idealogue who was appointed by God.

During my administration, I have created thousands of other countries. I have given enormous the people who need the money the least. Now those trust-fund kids will never have to work again, thanks to god and my administratering abilities.

Many of you (I'm not talking about my friends, the mainstream press but the real terraists, independent thinkers) have criticized my wealthy and politically connected family and for having financial ties to the bin laden family. During wartime, its unconsionable to question my motives for not holding the bin-laden family for questioning after the attack. I quickly whisked them out of the states to protect YOU, the american people. Its only coincidence that wherever osama bin-laden goes, whether afghanistan, Iraq, wherever, government contractors and elite family wealth benefit. The patriot act only applies to people who don't do business with me, or my family...or other muslimoids...terraists all of them.


#, I'm tired of writing and I've barely scratched this mole hill. Someone help me finish.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 10:29 AM
Heres my continuation.

On the topic of National Politics, I have brought peace and freedom to the Iraqi people by ensuring that U.S. soldiers will be there for a long time. Without our involvement they might think about putting together a new government with their existing infrastructure and become a civilized nation. We don't want terrorists to do that. I also signed executive order 13303 to make sure that those pesky terrorists can't make any money off the oil in their country to rebuild after we blew them up, we don't want them to become another nation that hates America.

The Patriot act is single-handedly protecting this country, but it's not doing a good enough job. We need the Victory act to pass, to make sure that freedom can endure in our homeland. We need the Universal National Sevice Act of 2003 to pass so we can replenish our stock of soldiers, since we're enforcing freedom in 120 countries around the world right now. Without more soldiers, I can not give out more freedom and liberty and justice. It's a problem folks.

that's my input.

posted on Nov, 5 2003 @ 01:42 PM
republicans are the reason this country is falling apart

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