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First Evidence Of Chupacabra In Russia

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posted on Sep, 6 2006 @ 08:28 PM
The mystery bloodsucker has appeared in the area of Orenburg Russia. On a farm two families lost thirty-two turkey. The bodies of the birds found in the morning had been completely drained of blood. Sheep and goats have also fallen victim to the beast. In one case the door to a stable was propped shut with an iron bar, the beast threw off the bar to get at the sheep. Because of this it is being said that the beast has some intelligence.

And now a mystery bloodsucker has appeared around Orenburg. The worries began at the end of March 2005 not far from the regional centre of Saraktash. On the Sapreka farm two farming families suddenly lost 32 turkeys. The bodies of the birds, found in the morning, had been completely drained of blood. None of the farmers either saw or heard the beast that killed them.

Then in the village of Gavrilovka sheep fell victim to the night-time vampire. The unknown animal was also in the hamlets of Vozdvizhenka and Shishma. In the course of the night 3-4 sheep or goats perished. All together the losses in the region amounted to 30 small horned cattle.

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