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Felix Baumgartner Jumped From The Turning Torso Today

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posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 05:40 PM
Felix Baumgartner did a remarkable stunt today. He jumped from a helicopter with an extra parachute in his hands. He landed on Scandinavia's tallest building, the 190 meter "Turning Torso" in Malmö, Sweden. On the roof of the building he switched parachute and jumped again. When he landed there was a friend with a motorcycle driving him away. He escaped from police in a rubber boat from Sweden to Denmark. The Turning Torso is guarded 24 hours a day and one of the reasons are to prevent stunts like this. He tricked them by jumping from a helicopter.

There's a video of the stunt at this norwegian link.

Dagbladet: Landet på skyskraper - basehoppet videre (in norwegian...)

Photo: Wikipedia

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