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State of the World

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posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 06:45 PM
This is the first time I ever created an account on a forum site and I have done it because I feel I need to say something.

- The power of the world lies in the hands of the people ( that includes people in
the government as well but they're smarter emotionally because they are playing one
big emotional game ) and not the government or governing bodies ( trust me without
us they could not be).

I feel that I need to explain things and break things down to a great level of detail since I have noticed a great level of naivety happening everywhere in the posts I have come across. I have been in the North American continent half my life and I chose to remain true to the facts at hand and not be brainwashed or steered towards nobody's opinion or standard.

I believe we let them choose the standards for us and ultimately our needs. This has nothing to do with being Israeli or American or blue with yellow polkda dots because if I remember right, we're all humans ( well some of us are aliens but I won't get into that ).

To correct NWObringer, the CIA can't stop the Bushes because they are owned by the Bushes, etc etc... open your eyes. Actually close them and look into the Bush family history where Bush was a member, and probably still is, of the Skull and Bones society. Then you'll see that him and Blair are now members of the highest order Freemasonry and members of the Illuminati.

Now open your eyes and see if you like the truth. I cannot say that some of the things presented here are all facts but I do have a strong inclination to believe that when you have that much power to control the minds of the people, why not keep things from them and do certain things... I know I would

The answer to that question must be found inherently in us. We must ask why... we must ask the Americans or whoever why they want to be blind. Why are they letting others control them and seduce them to false idealisms. It's not about if, what, when, where, or how... it's Why. That's all we should care about.

More ideas that I can't possibly cover in here are that the Rothschilds started a banking empire in the last century or so in order to control people's money and to set standards which WE DO NOT NEED. They are there so that others get rich etc etc.
Why must we accept anything they give us? Penalites? We're afraid of fire and lightning when the only thing that could possibly defeat us is ourselves.

I am disgusted at the world I am living in. Pictnation you quoted a passage from the Bible regarding the Anti-Christ. It is said that the bible 'prophesied' the coming of Anti-Christ or the return of Christ. I thought that the Bible was written by humans and as far as I know humans don't have the ability to see the future, unless... the Bible was written by aliens.... nice gooey aliens.

We believe there will be a third world war because we believe in a book that was written by others - maybe dave down the dirt street from john's hut - in order to make people think something's gonna happen. I believe we are either going to destroy ourselves or realize we want to live and colonize planets and just relax on the grass from time to time.

posted on Aug, 18 2006 @ 05:10 AM
you are right on most things, but seeing that we don't know whats going on, I don't think you know that people can't see the future, it was god who told the guys, at least that's what it sais.
The first thing you need to do is why, no it isn't the first thing you need to that you know NOTHINGGG, ABSOLUTALY #!, that is waht you know, allllll, AAAALLLLL things alive, can have other goals then you think.
The bible for example, it could be written by humans who where contacted by god, aliens, leprechauns, talking mushrooms, interdemensional beingsm etc.
It could also have been written by the elite to keep the people in line, they shall not kill

It can also have been a fantasy story, a verry old lotr or something.
It can also be that the bible wasnt ment to be written literly.
Well, this could go oooon fooreeeveeerrr, but i think you got the point, in this alone we don't know what is going on, it CAN all be, probably half of it isn't true, but if you find out, that you know nothing, you can't hang on to some idea, and you can finally broaden your mind.
Look at the christians, most if not all, never red a koran, or the books about other religions, and that's true of the other ones also, so how can we tell our viewpoint is the correct???? you can't you hang on to the fact: all other religions are stupid, mine is the good one, and then you may start looking into something other then yours, but still your mind says, this is the right one.
That is also true with all other things, so you first need to get rid of this, THEN you can ask yourself why all things are happening.

At this point i also would like to bring the point up of us doing something about it, we can ellect other governments, but who is to say they actually are good ones?

And also, i agree with you saying that we are all humans, been trying to tell people here that for soemtimes now, but in the next line you say they are high freemasons, are you suggesting freemasons are not humans or evil? cause they are humans to aren't they?

witch brings me back to: FREE YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN TOTALY FREE OF AAANYYTTHINNGGGGG, so also the religion facts and facts you THINK you know, like the mason stuff.

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